23 People Who Tried For The D-I-Y But Wound Up With The D-U-H

I can appreciate wanting to do things yourself. Maybe it saves money, maybe it makes you feel handy around the house, or maybe it just allows you to indulge your creativity.

Speaking for myself, I am not handy at all. I'll always pay somebody else to handle something for me if I can afford it. And if I can't, well... it just doesn't get done.

But these people have more wherewithal than I do. They're doing their thing their way, and frankly, I don't think we can stop them.

So, let's just enjoy them!

Take these two fellas who decided that an above-ground pool was just too darn convenient.

Imgur | danarino

Of course, this hand-dug mud puddle/pool is almost in the shape of a heart, so maybe they just wanted to customize it (which is kinda sweet).

2. Of course, not everybody's projects work out as smoothly as that one. Tossing out insane garbage is a DIY project all its own.

The Chive

I mean...dude. The blue bin ain't for glass, plastic, and nautical devices.

3. On the other hand, there are definitely times when you should've thrown something out, even if you had no clue which bin to use.

Reddit | UsherTechs

I mean, if you're gonna use a mounted head for rabbit ear TV antenna, use a rabbit.

Going for TV customization is more than the desecration of animal corpses, though. It's also about...convenience?

Reddit | Blarnigan

Like, maybe this is convenient because you can change the channel and scratch the small of your back right after. I'm actually a bit lost here.

This one's a lot easier to understand. It seems like a pretty simple setup.

Step 1: Play game. Step 2: Vomit uncontrollably. Step 3: Mop floor. Step 4: Repeat until no friends remain.

6. Listen, I know you've enough bad news, but I should tell you that any pair of Crocs that's been worn is now landfill material.

Reddit | lowhangingfruit17

Also, any Crocs that haven't been worn and ones that haven't been made yet.

So, I figure that the pasta is probably soft enough that it'd be sucked up through the straw while this "innovator" is driving.

Imgur | danarino

The question, as usual, just becomes "Why?" Why have you done this?

8. This sign, on the other hand... could you be any more vague? When are you hiring?!

The Chive

This is why graphic designers and marketing people exist. You wouldn't think you need them for a sign... until you do.

I couldn't figure this out for a while. It seemed like a really dumb way to have your mouse set up.

Reddit | Tomsta17

But apparently, it's just a super ugly setup for wirelessly charging your phone. Less exciting.

10. So, this is basically an arms race for sugar and stealth, right?

Because I gotta tell you, parents: You're never gonna win if this kid has this one DIY that is bona fide smart.

11. Hey, now. That's making a pretty big assumption. Maybe the light post just needs a little confidence boost.

The Chive

Or maybe to hear that this sort of thing happens to every light post once in a while.

This person was feeling their creative oats.

Reddit | DiemSomeCarpe

Hey, you can't knock their perseverance! E for effort?

You would think this wouldn't be that difficult.

Reddit | SuperPup

And maybe it's not. But for this individual, it is.

Look away, kids!

Reddit | ILoveJPGR

This unicorn cake is sure to bring some recurring nightmares.

Baby Yoda cookies are having a big moment right now in pop culture.

Reddit | opinionatedtay

As long as it tastes good, right?

Nothing like a fender bender DIY.

Reddit | jmvriefox

Looks good as new! Until you need a new piece of cardboard...

Note to self: Don't DIY stairs.

Reddit | IAmSnort

This is going to bother a lot of Virgos.

Didn't hate clowns before?

Reddit | BoomNasty5150

You sure do now!

Don't be surprised if this is the only item from the potluck that didn't get dipped into.

21. Okay, the Baby Yoda stuff is officially done.

Reddit | ImWritingAStroke

Baby Yoda deviled eggs just hit different, and it's not good.

I mean, as long as there is a working headlight.

Reddit | nitengale329

Just have to make sure the batteries don't run out!

You know those hidden compartment books?

Reddit | [deleted]

Yeah, this ain't it.

But it's trying to be!

24. See, this is why I don't trust Tinder anymore. I have literally been fooled by potato chip bags on so many occasions.

The Chive

To be fair, I had "likes ruffled and crinkle-cut" on my profile.

The thing about the sign is that it's either completely useless or oddly effective.

Like, if you put up the sign just to distract the swan? Genius. Otherwise... make a taller sign, bruh.

25. Ugh. Never mind, I'll just wait to use the bathroom until later... or never again, maybe.

The Chive

I figure by the time they're halfway through that basket of hand towels, the air freshener in there is gonna be stretched to the limit.

Your car is your steed, and you are its knight.

Reddit | Blizzfan347

Medieval is the new vintage for this folk.

DIY garlands have been trending for quite a few years now.

Reddit | MuchComputerWow

Look around and you may have some common materials, like soda cans, laying around your home to easily make one yourself!

You can also make wind chimes with them!

Reddit | Miskatonixxx

Ahhhh yes. The beautiful sound of tin and a phone call from your dentist to book your cavity appointments.

Razor could never!

Reddit | The-Quantum-Man

Check out this pure example of innovation.

Wooden scooters ARE the future of transport!

OK, I'm an easily distracted person, so driving around with this tiny Jurassic Park on my hood would be dangerous.

Reddit | frenchPressedFolgers

I feel like I could lose an hour staring at them right now, and...

Aw, man, I missed lunch.

31. I wonder what those two babies did to have to forgive...

Reddit | slothmk1

Imagine going to an open house and this is what you see. Sold or nah?

If you could put anything in a DIY jar lamp, what would you put in it?

Reddit | Kabullyaw

This person thought the scent, colors, and textures of coffee beans and crayons would work very well together!

Not gonna lie, this is pretty sick.

Reddit | dztyb

You can imagine your car as anything you want it to be as long as you fix it with the appropriate accessories.

This certainly takes "foot stool" very literally.

Reddit | ensyfrenzy

I have nothing more to say about this other than that this is particularly disturbing, and I'm sorry to all of us who've had to witness it.

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