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Man Locked Out Of House After Smart Doorbell Mistakes Batman Shirt For Intruder

Google's smart doorbell system, Nest Hello, has one feature which automatically locks the door if it doesn't recognize the face on the other side.

This is a pretty remarkable safety feature to have and it likely gives residents inside the home a sense of comfort, knowing their doorbell system is watching out for them.

However, that doesn't mean the Nest's facial recognition software can't make a few mistakes here and there. No one's perfect guys, not even doorbells.

One man found himself inexplicably locked out of his home because his Nest didn't recognize his face.

Georgia homeowner B.J. May was rightfully confused when he was refused entry. After all, it's literally his house. What possible reason could his doorbell system have for locking him out?

As it turns out, it's all because he picked the wrong shirt to wear that day.

May posted the story to Twitter and revealed that the doorbell system actually picked up Batman's face on his t-shirt instead of his own. Since it couldn't recognize the snarling mug of the Caped Crusader, the Nest refused to let him inside.

May later took to Twitter to clarify some questions the people of the internet had about the whole situation.

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He was able to get into his house by using his pin, so it wasn't like he was stranded on his porch while the Nest rang the police to notify them that Batman himself was trying to break into the home.

Also, he clarified that even if Batman were smiling on the shirt, Nest still wouldn't have let him in. So May wasn't just locked out because a frowning face rubbed the doorbell the wrong way.

One Twitter user definitely solved the mystery as to why May was locked out in the first place.

Twitter | @lizzylynngarcia

Of course. It's the only answer that makes any sense. I'd just love to know how The Joker knew Batman would show his face in Georgia of all places.

In an update to the event, May revealed that the Nest seemed to have no problem with his Minions shirt.

Twitter | @bjmay

But maybe that's because Minions aren't exactly threatening characters. The worst they can do is annoy you, but that's a far cry from the worst Batman could do.