16+ Fantastic Ideas That Need To Be Everywhere Right Now

Our world is far from perfect, but humanity has come up with some pretty cool ideas. Unfortunately, many of these ideas aren't common yet, and we're stuck with dumb alternatives. Until then, feast your eyes on what could be.

Data for days.

Reddit | FindingDitto

So many of us rely on computers, and the data they hold, every day. These tear-off USB drives don't do away entirely with e-waste, but they're certainly more environmentally friendly than the standard plastic-encased thumb drive.

Plants + robots.

Reddit | GeorgiaaOKief

This cute-looking robot is an example of perfect fusion between nature and technology. The 'bot seeks out good sunlight and throws a little robo-tantrum when there's none to be found.


Reddit | Skeytv

Even if you've never pondered the idea of having a slide in your house, the idea becomes pretty hard to ignore after seeing an amazing concept like this one.

Better than a peephole.

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

This glass doorknob gives you a (slightly distorted) view of what's behind the door. It's an awesome idea, though it would work better in some areas than others — like, don't put one on your bathroom door.

The Keurig we all want.

Reddit | Krill_dude

Keurig machines are cool and all, but at the end of the day it's just coffee, y'know? This machine is literally a Keurig-style device that makes ice cream. Just shut up and take my money.

Never leave the couch.

Reddit | lProtheanl

Modern video game consoles all have wireless controllers, but sometimes those controllers need to be plugged in to charge. If you're a lazy gamer — and I am — a couch like this seems pretty cool.

Cars need this built in.

Reddit | _khanrad

Cars have cup holders, but why don't they have dipping sauce holders? This is an awesome idea. If only there were universal containers for dipping sauces.

Man or machine?

Reddit | ItsTophThatsWho

Motorcycles are small vehicles, and there just isn't much real estate on the back for big, visible turn and brake signals. This guy solves the problem by routing the signals, somehow, to his jacket.


Reddit | remydesp

This bunker-style TV room looks like the perfect spot for a Netflix binge. Even better, you can feel superior to your guests because you don't have a (visible) TV in your house.

No need for car mounts.

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

So long as the material is sturdy enough to not mess around with the connections inside the phone, this is a perfectly elegant solution to the problem of where to put your phone while driving.

Sometimes it's all you need.

Reddit | WhoppingRook09

As someone who sometimes likes to eat eggs, but lives with someone who rarely likes to eat eggs, the standard dozen is just too many. I wish I could just buy, like, two at a time.

The eternal candle.

Reddit | katyusha-

Candle wax can be re-used after it's melted, but melting it down and shaping it together is a hassle. A better solution would be this ingenious candle that creates a new candle as it melts.

The best kind of surprise.

Reddit | Hats_4_cats

This place gives out parking tickets, but the twist is that they're actually grateful the driver parked overnight rather than drink and drive. In gratitude, this 'ticket' gives the bearer $10 off their next purchase.

Lazy life goals.

Reddit | Nurvx

I think this spider-looking tablet stand could use another couple of legs to make it more sturdy, but I love the idea. You don't have to lift the minimal weight of the tablet and you barely need to move. Perfect.

I've been washing my veggies like an idiot all along.

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

Somehow, all of the cool kitchen gadgets that would make life easier seem to exist only online, rather than on physical store shelves. Like, why do I not have one of these things right now?


Reddit | ObamaCare--

Ben & Jerry's is a company that listens to its fans. They've created a god-tier snack in removing the ice cream from their chocolate chip cookie dough, leaving only delicious cookie bits behind.

So simple.

Reddit | KirenMoore

Formalwear tends to lack suitable pockets, especially for women. But everyone can appreciate a good pocket, especially on their wedding day. Why not incorporate them into the folds of the dress?

If there's water, there's power.

Reddit | HossDelGato

This waterproof Bluetooth radio does what most waterproof Bluetooth radios do. But it also doesn't need to plug into a wall, because it draws all the power it needs from the running water.

Pure brilliance right here.

Reddit | xMudxCrabx

"I just noticed my backpack's chest strap is also a whistle," wrote Reddit user xMudxCrabx.

This public bathroom is super efficient.

Reddit | CBinks

With this sink design you start from the left with the soap dispenser, wash your hands under the water faucet, and then dry them on the right side, where the air drier blows the water off and right back down into the sink.

Analog renaissance?

Reddit | tyranozord

While I've abandoned a wristwatch in favor of my phone, I still prefer the aesthetics of an analog clock on the wall. This one adds the one thing I still had to pull out my phone for: the say of the week.

This elevator is great for avoiding germs.

Reddit | rabexc

Elevator buttons are probably a big culprit in the office illness cycle, so being able to pick your floor with your shoe avoids the hand sanitizer. Great for when your hands are full, too.

However: they shouldn't completely replace regular buttons, which those in wheelchairs still need.

Crosswalk buttons are also kind of gross to touch with your hands.

Reddit | jawteeth

Besides germs, there's also dirt and other outside grime to think about.

Face it, selfies are here to stay.

Reddit | vastiethedank

The weird angle and reaching arms seem to be less awkward than asking a stranger to take the photo. So this fountain has a mat indicating the best place to stand to get the perfect selfie.

A braille sleeve for wine bottles.

Reddit | semk01

I definitely support accessibility wherever possible, but for things like glass bottles, it's cost-prohibitive for a manufacturer to need a different version with braille for every single product. This idea is a great compromise.

This crosswalk has an LED strip on either end.

Reddit | Oririner

The color matches the safety signal, making it another way to alert pedestrians who may not be looking up.

We may scoff at people who are always looking down at their phones, but we've all done it at least once.

Cheaper and more efficient LED technology has tons of great uses.

Reddit | toastergrape

Like this parking garage that uses lights to mark which spaces are free, saving you the back and forth crawl down every aisle. Though the set-up has an upfront cost, the low-power LEDs cana probably be powered with a few solar panels on top of the garage.

This detergent comes in a cardboard bottle.

Reddit | rhuguenel

The liquid itself is in a plastic bag inside, but this style cuts down a ton on the total amount of plastic and all parts of the bottle are fully recyclable.

Not all robots want to take over the world.

Reddit | AlphabetRescue

This one just wants to wander down grocery aisles and automatically check stock levels. I don't think this robot replaces a human worker, rather it allows the worker to spend less time counting shelves and more time actually stocking them.

Never pick-up the wrong empanada again.

Reddit | Castle0nACloud

This is especially helpful for the cook, since when you're making dozens per day with different fillings, it can be easy to mix up which batch is which.

An all-in-one heating solution.

Reddit | Odjur

Well, maybe not quite, but this microwave does sneakily incorporate a toaster into its design. Add an espresso maker or Keurig and you barely need any other kitchen appliances.

This hair clip is also a multitool.

Reddit | MyUglyKitty

Since the universe still refuses to give women pockets and purses aren't for everyone, this idea is genius. The only tricky part is how these sorts of clips tend to get lost easily.

Not a new idea, but may be new to you.

Reddit | MissQuickening

It turns out that a lot of ceiling fans actually mark which hanging string does what, meaning we don't need to do the random tugging thing we all do.

Mine are too high to actually see easily, so I actually painted the ends different colors.

Accessible for all.

Reddit | 100radsregular

Swings are a basic mechanic, and we've seen seats that can accommodate everyone from infants to adults. So why not attach a platform that allows someone in a wheelchair to enjoy it?

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