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14+ Genius Ideas That Should Be Everywhere By Now

Just about everything we do can be streamlined or made better in some way. We're used to seeing innovation in our phones and other technology, but that doesn't mean that there aren't any creative, original ideas in the real, physical world. There are — but you have to look.

A simple solution to a serious problem.

Reddit | GallowBoob

Just about everybody's seen how much garbage can come out of a city's drainage systems. This Australian drain filters out all garbage above a certain size — and it requires nothing more than a durable net.

The best of all worlds.

Reddit | DavidMaspanka

Buildings need accessible ramps along with stairs, but it can be hard meshing these together smoothly. This building manages to incorporate both stairs and a ramp in an incredibly elegant way.

Handy sheets.

Reddit | ThePlayfulPython

This is another example of a super simple idea resulting in something awesome. I'd absolutely love to have a handy phone pocket along the side of the bed.

Best pizza topper ever.

Reddit | Theowlhoothoot

Lots of pizza places include various spice and sauce goodies with their pies (even if you have to pay extra). But I've never seen one that includes Tabasco sauce, let alone three different varieties.

The lazy delivery driver's worst nightmare.

Reddit | 5exyJe5u5

If you buy stuff online, you've probably experienced smashed-up boxes due to careless delivery people. This simple stick-on tool gives you an immediate idea of how carefully your package was handled.

Weird, but I like it.

Reddit | gostoney

Golf courses are usually pretty invested in removing wayward balls from water hazards, but this one actually encourages the practice. The balls are made out of biodegradable matter that keeps the fish happy.

This is the dream.

Reddit | caspii2

When I move into a new place, it takes me about five years to learn the local grocery store's layout. Maybe that says more about me than it does about the store, but regardless, I'd love a handy-dandy map right on the cart.

Making parking garages safer, two lines at a time.

Reddit | Krzyygamin

With their dark recesses, blind corners and infinite pillars, parking garages are pretty much the worst when it comes to scratches and dents. This one helps cars stay within the lines by repeating them on the wall.

The soap that justifies itself.

Reddit | silevran

Any bottle of soap includes an ingredient list, but it isn't much good if you don't know what tetrahydrametasodiphosphate is. This bottle has the complicated names, but it also lists their function.

The tax return that justifies itself.

Reddit | heapsgoods

Everybody wants transparency from their government. This Australian tax return includes an explanation of exactly how an individual's tax dollars helped. $21 a year for recreation doesn't sound so bad, really.

An accessible swing.

Reddit | kittenblack

Take the perspective of a kid in a wheelchair at the playground. It can't be much fun looking at all of the rides you can't do. But in at least one case, there are options.

Great use for grey water.

Reddit | Flupsy

This Japanese toilet/sink not only saves space, it also uses the water used for handwashing to help flush the toilet. It's in our best interests to conserve fresh water, so this is a great idea.

This is a flat floor.

Reddit | roadtrip-ne

You can yell, you can put up signs and you can threaten. But if you really want kids to stop running in the hall, there's only one solution: create a mindbending tile pattern that convinces them they're about to wipe out.

On the level.

Reddit | cawclot

I've never seen evacuation routes at floor level before. But if hallways are thick with smoke, the floor is exactly where you want to be. Exit signs at this height would make a lot of sense too.

This airport knows what's up.

Reddit | co1063

Lots of airports give you paid distractions for when your flight gets delayed. But at this airport in Paris, they do away with the gouging and offer these arcade games, free of charge, for bored travelers.

A honey of an idea.

Reddit | awusuwah

This mess-free single serving ball of honey is tailor-made for tea. I'd much rather plop a perfect honey pearl in there than mess around with the sugar-encrusted bottle of Billy Bee.

Stay in the green zone.

Reddit | Blackborealis

Libraries are quiet zones. But they're also quietly collaborative zones, and it can be hard to know how much sound travels or how loud you're getting. These guides give perfect guidance to respectful patrons.

This Chicago building has a giant "You Are Here" map on its side.

Reddit | FriendoBoyoHermano

Guys don't have to worry about asking directions now!

Coolest cast ever.

Reddit | xventriloquist

It wouldn't work for all breaks and bumps, but this lightweight, 3D-printed cast seems to be miles ahead of the traditional plaster kind. Apparently you can even take a shower with this kind of cast.

Who doesn't love that delicious milk leftover in the bowl that has been soaked in sugary cereal?

Reddit | BigRedHair92

This product helps you skip the trouble and get straight to the tasty milk.

I've seen a supermarket have this offer, but it surely should be policy in all stores.

Reddit | scrambledeggs

So cool!

In Asia, they have Pringles flavored ramen noodles. This is obviously super cool and all — but it really makes me wonder if we should be calling them Proodles or Ningles, amirite?

Reddit | officer_rupert

I don't know why these aren't in every gas station in the world!

The Dominos pizza boxes in Australia not only hold gorgeous, cheesy pizza — they can also be folded out and turned into a game of cricket!

Reddit | Skinja

The printed cricket stumps on their boxes allow you to play a game of backyard cricket after you've finished the pie with your friends!

This bathroom stall had a phone holder screwed into the wall.

Reddit | chicana15

I wish I could say I was a better person than this, but I'm really not. I totally need this in every toilet stall I enter.

The U.K has beer for dogs, because they really are a mans best friend — especially across the pond!

Reddit | fatboyslick​

The description? "Give your dog a real 'tail swagger' with this non-alcoholic, non-carbonated doggy beer."


Everyone needs one of these soap dispensers in their lives, simply because it's so stinkin' cute!

Reddit | Guggoo

Who doesn't love a little sink inception?

This pet food company always delivers a human treat *alongside* the dog food!

Reddit | Pmil92

As loving dog parents, we more than deserve this.

If only this zebra crossing design was around for the Beatles...

Reddit | dasrita

Optical illusions? An aesthetic essential for all major cities, IMO!

Because really, who looks at wash and dry instructions anyway?

Reddit | 2ii2ky

A recipe for French pastry? Now THAT'S much more enjoyable and much more useful!

This pen is a level, stylus and a ruler all in one!

Reddit | GlitterPixi3

This pen has everything a handy(wo)man could ever desire!

These nifty tires have a tread wear monitor to take the guess work out of knowing when to replace your tires.

Reddit | Gloryboy811

There you have it, which of these did you find the most genius?

Need a larger bag but only have Ziploc bags?

Reddit | Vega_128

Well, you can do this by flipping one of the bags inside out and connecting their plastic zippers.

Definitely a genius life hack!

I honestly just opened my mouth in amazement when I saw this.

Reddit | randomusefulbits

I'm seriously doing this next time I move. Saves a lot of packing stress and you don't have to really unpack your clothes!

Okay, WHAT?! This is amazing!

Reddit | WaWaCrAtEs

I can't even deal with this level of genius right here.

PB&J sandwiches are awesome, and now they just got even awesomer.

It's lunchtime, and I'm definitely doing this.

This is 100% mean, but 150% how it needs to be.

Reddit | tht1d00d

If you have a stubborn child who refuses to take their medicine, conning them into thinking they're about to chug their favorite drink while you hide the straw in the actual medicine should do the trick.

Say goodbye to pantry disorganization!

Reddit | Lars_El

And also to waking up your whole family and block at 1am while trying to find the matching lid and pot when it's time for a Kraft Macaroni & Cheese midnight snack.

A germaphobe's dream.

Reddit | bennettlevaton

With this handy invention (no pun intended), you open the door without touching it with your hands.

Hopefully no one's wrists are dirty lol.

You no longer need to head to the Apple Store with a broken laptop hinge.

Reddit | griffinonthego

Tape the backing of a photo frame to your laptop and it will stand up straight no problem.

Do you suffer from seasonal affective disorder which isn't helped by the fact that you live in a basement apartment without windows?

Reddit | ZZbrew

One Reddit user solved this problem by buying a couple old windows, frosted the glass, and installed them with LED lights.

Voila! Problem solved.

This person is from the year 4028!

Reddit | thecatunderthebed

Flipping over a metal dish drying rack keeps plastic containers and lids from flying all over the place in the dishwasher.

It's only a matter of time before Lego phone charger holders make their way into Urban Outfitters stores.

Reddit | angstyteens

You can make your phone charger setup tailored to your own individual interests! So cute.