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15+ Photos Of Situations EVERYONE Has Been In

Though our lives may seem inherently different from one another, there are some human experiences that are flat out universal.

Things like age and race and gender and sexuality don't matter here folks—ALL of these things have happened to you at one point or another.

HOLEy Cow!

Instagram | @bossbee569

Slushies are a wonderful summer drink.

Until they turn into a vessel for your unadulterated rage that is.

Duct Duct Goose

Reddit | moose_and_mouse

I took the time and effort and emotional strength to rip off a piece of tape for an extremely important endeavor and this is what I've been given???

There's No Way This Came First


We've all been a little too hands on with our hard-boiled eggs.

Repeat after me: They're not stress balls!

Check Your Products ACORDingly


We've all been plagued by the scourge of the dreaded charger cord bite. It strikes when you least expect it, and always when you don't have another charger laying around.

7 Rings

Reddit | more_overmate

Why are key rings built like this? The keys get stuck every single darn time.

We should start a Go Fund Me to solve this issue.

Baby Driver

Reddit | billyboop573

Have you ever encountered a reasonable or manageable amount of light reflecting off your rear view mirror? Of course not. It has to be absolutely blinding. Those are the rules.

THAT Shirt


RIP every t-shirt I've ever worn while trying to wash the dishes.

An honorable mention goes to my shirt sleeves, my jeans, and the soap-covered counter top.

The Robots Know

Reddit | tomas_349

How could you forget Uncle PAULL with two L's? If the internet remembers, why don't you.

Unless the robots, DUN DUN DUNNN, wiped your memory.


Bread & Butta

Reddit | yellowhell

Real talk: When are we going to start manufacturing lab bread that has the strength of will and physical capability to withstand a good buttering? Asking for a friend.

Bad Parking Job

Reddit | twoboysinthe_tree33

You know that one plug? The one that's just slightly too big to allow anything to be plugged in beside it? Yeah, that jerk.

Peter Paper Picked A Pair Of Pickled Paper Pieces

Reddit | moreplz

Looking at the photo is causing my frustration to bubble up inside me. I'm sure you can relate.

Bend And Snap

Reddit | juniper45

The Lift N' Peel is that one horror movie victim who doesn't just die a normal death, oh no— they've gotta take down everybody else with them.

Wrap God


Rolling chairs are out to get us. Change my mind.

Sweater Weather

Reddit | instasnapgod

Ah yes, the dreaded zipper bump. I hear that a witch in a cave at the top of a mountain deep beneath the earth on another planet in our neighbor universe has the antidote for that.

F For Effort

Reddit | 34575696

It's times like these where you think to yourself, "is anyone even trying anymore? Why do I even bother?"

A Massacre

Reddit | gummymum6u

Ever have a friend go "just borrow some of my toothpaste buddy" and then you open it up to find a legitimate blood bath like this? I'd almost rather the cavities.


Vampire Style

Reddit | torrmund239

This light ray is high key like those laser wires in the Barbie Spy PC game.

Not relatable enough? I'm trying my best here.

Throwing A Fit

Reddit | Cultic_Planet


There. I had to get that out of my system.

Ogres Have Layers


This is like one of those Russian dolls that keep appearing after you open each of them up. It's a struggle to get to an ending that just isn't that satisfying.


Reddit | govergrover444

Why do the people sitting behind me on the city bus always think that this is appropriate in any way.


Second Go Fund Me for bus seat foot guards?

So... Hungry...

Reddit | rafitamolin

There is no longer time on Earth than the time between when you order your food and when your order is called. It's like entering an alternate dimension where every minute feels like an hour and the number on your receipt just doesn't exist.

Leaving A House With Pets

Imgur | IAlwaysUpvoteDarkSouls

Pets can be wonderful, loving companions who brighten up your life, but they also leave a million strands of fur on all of your clothes, your family's clothes, your friend's clothes, and anyone's clothes who walks too close to your house.

The Chair

Imgur | IAlwaysUpvoteDarkSouls

You know the chair. The chair you always say you won't put your laundry on anymore. The chair that always, always ends up covered in laundry every week anyway. The chair.

Every. Single. Time.

Reddit | Eshiik

Can't they find a way to, like, glue the chocolate to the rest of the roll? Edible, chocolate glue? Please?

Swept Away

Reddit | Benjynn

That last line of dirt is impossible to sweep up. It gets smaller, sure, but it'll always be there.

Still... So... Hungry...

Reddit | kakos97

This is the worst, because then you have to get your fingers all yogurt-y to try to pull the last strand off the cup. Eugh. Why don't we have this technology perfected yet?!

This Is My Life Now

Reddit | elder_star

When your seat belt folds over like this, it's pretty much stuck like this forever. Or at least mine is, because I can not ever figure out how to fix it.

Now You've Made Two Mistakes

Reddit | ByTheWayGiveItAway

Looking at this picture is giving me the worst kind of high school flashbacks of making a mistake on a test and then panicking when I try to erase it and just leave this mess behind.

When You Forget Your Password

Reddit | GerardWayNoWay

There's nothing quite as frustrating as forgetting your password, trying to reset it, and then seeing this screen. I know we're not supposed to use the same passwords for everything, but this is why that's so appealing...

We Don't Need Labels

Reddit | Fattydog

When there's a frustratingly hard to remove sticker or label on a product you're trying to use, it can feel impossible. Like this watering can that won't let any water come out because the label is covering the holes.

For Fork's Sake

Reddit | austinjb555

It's heartbreaking when you drop your fork into your food. I swear it happens in slow motion too, but you're stuck there helpless to do anything but prepare for sticky fingers in your future.

Get The Lead Out

Reddit | kiaha

Another cause of high school stress-flashbacks. Please just sharpen in a way I can write with — I only have fifteen minutes to finish this test! And then, of course, when you do go to write with it, it breaks.

Can't Hear? Can't See

Reddit | Drunjkk

I'm just trying to both watch and hear a video, but apparently that is just too much to ask for from a lot of web players.

Excuse Me...

Reddit | roxath

This sucks for all parties — obviously the person with long legs can't fit their legs into the middle seat, but now the person on the end has to deal with their space being encroached on.

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