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Mom's Surprising Birth Photo Captures The Moment She Found Out Her Baby Was Actually A Boy

There's really no way to describe giving birth, even for those who have gone through it. It's scary, exhilarating, painful, weird... and in some cases, surprising.

One mom's birth story took an unexpected turn when she discovered her newborn was not a baby girl she had been expecting, but a healthy baby boy.

Take a look at this amazing mom's story.

Nancy Ray is a photographer and podcaster who also shares updates about her family on social media.

As the host of the podcast Work and Play, Nancy uses platforms like Instagram to connect with fans and share insights into her work and family life.

She's also the mom of two girls, Milly and Lyndon.

In June 2018, Nancy and her husband, Will, announced they were expecting their third child.

For first two pregnancies, Nancy decided not to find out the gender of her babies.

Some people like to know and some like a surprise!

When it came to baby number three, Nancy and Will decided to find out since they already had two daughters. After an ultrasound scan, they discovered a third baby girl was on the way.

Or so they thought...

After she and her husband came down with the flu right before the baby was due, Nancy drove to the birth center with her mom. After about two hours of labor, the baby was born.

Nancy was not only shocked at how quickly the baby came, but that it turned out to be a baby boy after all.

"... we went to cut the chord and I said... 'WHAT IS THAT?!? Is this a boy baby!!? Indeed, it was a boy!'" she said in her Instagram post.

Nancy's husband was just as shocked as she was.

"My husband @willrray quickly lifted his leg to check and then proceeded to literally fall on the floor," she said.

This photo, taken by birth photographer Lauren Jolly, captured the exact moment Nancy realized her newborn was, in fact, a boy.

Her face pretty much says it all. Talk about the surprise of a lifetime!

To add to the surprise, the doctors didn't tell Nancy and Will and waited for them to realize it on their own.

Hence the genuinely shocked reaction. Well, it made for a great photo and story, that's for sure!

Tons of people have seen Nancy's photo and story. They took to Instagram to comment and share their experiences.

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The same gender confusion happened to this woman's parents. She was supposed to be a boy named Tyler! Haha, hey it happens!

Others shared their experiences of giving birth to a baby that wasn't the gender they were expecting.

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Similar to Nancy, this woman was also expecting her third girl when — surprise! — it was a boy.

Many have connected to Nancy's hilarious and heartfelt story.

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Lots of well-wishers congratulated the family and thanked them for sharing their story. It's brought a lot of joy to people's hearts.

Nancy and Will named their little guy Beaufort and are enjoying life as a family of five.

Nancy's photo quickly went viral and has gathered more than 10,000 likes on Instagram. She's also been featured in publications like People since posting her story and photo.

It looks like Milly and Lyndon are settling into their new roles as big sisters, too!

These three look like they are so in love with each other. Too cute!

Every birth story is unique and beautiful, but I don't think many get as surprising as this one.

Congrats to the Ray family on their newest addition and thank you for sharing your story with us!