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Trader Joe's Is Selling Colorful Sugar Skull Succulents For The Sweet Price Of $4

For most of us, the conclusion of summer and subsequent onset of fall typically only means one thing: Halloween is on its way.

But while we busy ourselves prepping our costumes and decorating our yards to try and spook some trick-or-treaters, there's actually another occasion that falls around the same time as All Hallows' Eve.

And that event is known as Día de los Muertos.

Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a very different occasion than Halloween. Rather than using death for fright and creepiness, Day of the Dead honors and celebrates deceased family members. Parades and parties are often held with lots of singing and dancing.

There's one feature of Día de los Muertos that many of us have recognize, even if we don't celebrate the day ourselves.

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Sugar skulls have come to be a major motif and symbol of Day of the Dead, with many people appreciating and loving its cute and colorful skull design around Halloween.

While Day of the Dead is completely separate from Halloween, it is a day or two after.

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So, many North Americans attribute its ubiquitous symbol, the sugar skull, with fall and Halloween.

It's not difficult to appreciate these colorful and cute sugar skulls.

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While skulls may traditionally be seen as eerie, spooky, and creepy, sugar skulls exude a greater sense of positivity, which definitely has to do with the Day of the Dead celebration itself.

Trader Joe's is selling sugar skull succulent planters to get everyone in the spirit.

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Just look at how sweet and bright these things are! They really make for the perfect little home for succulent of all kinds.

The small ones are only $4, and the larger ones are $10.

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And just to make your purchase decision all the more difficult, they come in a variety of colors — pink, purple, light blue, dark blue, red, white, and black. But how can anyone choose just one color?!

The plants that feature in this beautiful ceramic containers are totally easy to take care of, too.

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So don't worry if you weren't exactly born with a green thumb. According to Best Products, Tillandsias (or "air plants") really don't require all that much attention. Occasional mists of water and some sunlight will keep these plants happy and healthy.

Even better, they thrive both indoors and outdoors!

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So you won't have to keep your gorgeous sugar skull planters hidden away inside your home if you don't want to.

They're the perfect addition to any garden and will add a beautiful pop of color in these cold, dark autumn months!

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