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15+ People Who Are Straight Up Living In 3019

There are time travelers living among us.

They seem as though they're people just like you and I, but really, their innovation and inventive minds put them 50 leagues above us.

We're just here chilling in 2019 while they're pulling a Michael J. Fox and going back to the future.

Not A Minute To Taste.

Reddit | dreamqueenz

Ever feel like a grilled cheese, but don't want to invest the time into waiting for it to properly cook on a stove top? Every toaster is a toaster oven if you're brave enough.



I want a board room of people to try and come up with innovation like this. We need a bib, but also a little personal table, like a human highchair hybrid.

Let's hope that there's pop in that bottle.


Reddit | tryagainmate23

Who needs ice? That tray is much better suited as a nugget case. You're welcome.

Swiper No Swiping.

Time is money, and we should all be acting like our precious minutes are worth the fortune that this guy's are worth.

Get Those Split Ends, Girl.

Reddit | 679425

Knife and fork? What am I, a peasant? Hand me the scissors please.

Bowls Are Cancelled.

Reddit | exciteme890

The key here is making sure the plastic bag isn't cut too far, as to lead to milk spillage. But this guy already knew that. What a champ.

Lending A Hand.

Reddit | redrowen

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who suffer, and those who bend the world around them to their will. This boy is the latter.

Taco-Bout Clever.


It is perfectly taco sized. That can't be a coincidence.

Or, are tacos perfectly utility holder sized? How many hours have I been awake for?



This is so clever that I don't even care about the giant imprints left on her face. Wear them with pride, girl. Wear them with pride.

No Reason To Cry Here.

Reddit | user895340

The year is 2040: All kitchen cutlery is obsolete. The human race is evolving in ways that are too smart for society to handle. We use fridges as book cases. Soap holders as butter dishes. We reuse things.


Reddit | gooper

The dog doesn't even look all that upset about the situation. He's chilling in a comfortable dog hammock.

Poop Shoes

Twitter | @PoloPiffington

Um, excuse me? You've never heard of Poop Shoes? Thank you, next.

Burrito Boy Becomes A Burrito MAN.

Reddit | foiledwhentimesits

Food storage innovation is getting wild folks.

Take a good long look, because these are the people who will survive the apocalypse.

The Best Of Both Worlds.

Reddit | flower56790

Not only does this invention increase speed and stability, but it also solves the historically horrific injury of "razor scooter ankle bite". He's changing lives.

Chill Out Bro.

Reddit | mostlymoms

This mom chills her glass in the fridge instead of putting ice cubes in her wine and consequently watering it down.

Maybe this is the person who was using their ice cube tray for nuggets, and thus was out of options.

Chips Ahoy!

Reddit | thuswithakiss

You put clothes on your clothing hangers? What are you, a poser?

Spa Treatment

Never thought I'd be able to combine doing my eyebrows with eating fondue, but here we are.

Optimus Prime Viewing Experience

Reddit | St0px

The world is your oyster— or your TV screen. Either way, it's your responsibility to use it to your advantage.

Pool With A View.


No pool? No problem. Anything is possible with a tarp and some bungee chords.

Maybe not the best time for a swan dive though.

Short Cut.

Reddit | 5676567

This girl wraps all her dishes in plastic wrap to prevent them from getting dirty. After she eats on them, she simply takes the wrap off, and never has to wash a dish ever.

Do we get to vote on Nobel Prize winners?

Taco-bout A Genius Hack

Reddit | DecafMakesNoSense

We've all been eating hard shell tacos since the dawn of time.

This photo actually makes me so happy that I might have to celebrate by eating some tacos.

Eating And Cleaning

Reddit | -HopelessCynic-

Whoever said you can't eat and vacuum at the same time because you won't have enough hands to do so?

They were wrong, and this is just so right.

Look Ma, No Hands

Reddit | Tom_focken

Don't throw out the burger packaging, because it proves to be useful to carry your fries in without finding an awkward place to put them.

Make-Your-Own Sangria

Reddit | southforsummrr

Plane doesn't have fun drinks? Problem solved.

Even though sangria might not be featured on your flight menu, it doesn't mean you can whip one up.

PBJ 2.0 Is The Future

Reddit | WaWaCrAtEs

This photo actually makes me speechless no matter how many times I look at it, which is ironic because I'm speaking right now.

In any case, I need to make one of these PRONTO.

Put Your Hood Up

Reddit | jigz2k3

In the future, hoods aren't for covering your head or providing warm and comfort. They are for holding snacks.

The added bonus is that you can't spill anything on the couch or ground. That's a win in my books.

More Light, Please.

Reddit | ZZbrew

This basement apartment dwelling didn't have windows or natural light.

That is, until this genius tenant installed old windows lit with LED lights.

And the crowd erupts into cheer!

Magic Eraser

This really makes you wonder why we've all been using those tiny whiteboard erasers this whole time.

There's some major forehead smacking and head shaking going on over here.

Pizza Pineapple

Reddit | -Jesus-Of-Nazareth-

This must really throw off pineapple-on-pizza haters.

I wonder how they would feel about pizza on pineapple? The debate continues...

Sneaky Cheater

Reddit | Erenie

This is one nice friend, I'll tell you that. I never thought to ask when I was in school, but I don't think any of my friends would ever do this.

Good Boy Walks Himself

This guy doesn't need to be walked by anyone. He's a strong independent good boy who can take care of himself.

Just wondering if he forgot the poop bags though.

Selfie Game Strong

This guy's not just working on his fitness strength in the gym — he's also working on that selfie game.

Got Table Space?

The worst thing about eating out is trying to figure out where to arrange everything, from the plates, to cups, to cutlery.

This girl knows how to solve that problem.

We're Doing Social Media Wrong

Four for you, William Thompson. You go William Thompson!

There are so many similar options we could be doing with our profile picture and cover photo, like swapping hairstyles.