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Bride-To-Be Shamed For Sharing Photo Of ‘Tiny’ Engagement Ring

Here is a list of the most important aspects of someone's wedding: first, the person they're marrying. Second...

That's it. There's only one thing.

The list is short, but entirely accurate.

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Notice this list is completely void of some of the more materialistic aspects of a wedding, like the dress, the venue, and (most important to some people), the ring.

While all aspects of a wedding can be fun and meaningful, that's not the point of getting married.

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In the end, it should really just be about the person you're vowing to spend the rest of your life with. But some people disagree.

One bride-to-be joined a Facebook group for other brides to share in their impending marital bliss.

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According to Daily Mail, the woman posted a photo to the group to show off her minimalist engagement ring, consisting of a delicate 14k gold band and a single diamond.

The ring had been purchased from an online retailer.

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Known as the "minimalist band", the ring is sold by JSVConcepts on the website Etsy and retails for about $132.

It's simple, it's elegant, and for this couple, it was clearly perfect.

But the members of the woman's Facebook group had different feelings.

"Why even bother having a diamond there?"

They had a lot to say about the ring, particularly how small the diamond appeared compared to more traditional jewelry. It was a lot of opinions all at once, all from people who were not affected by the size of this engagement ring in any way.

"It's so pitiful, I just can't. It's too sad," one person wrote.

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Another compared the ring to a "paper clip" or a "smidge of tin foil on her hand." How incredibly rude to say to a stranger who's happy with their ring!

Some people got really nasty with their comments.

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Someone told the woman that they had put together a team of "world class physicists and astronomers" to build new instrumentation "so we can see your [expletive] ring."

"I guess neither of you want people to know that you're engaged huh," a person quipped.

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I'm pretty sure if that was the case, she wouldn't be happily posting her engagement ring to a Facebook group. The size of your ring doesn't equal the amount of pride you have in your relationship!

At the end of the day, these people's comments ultimately mean nothing.

The woman is clearly happy with her minimalist ring, or else she wouldn't have shared it to Facebook. And if she's happy, why shouldn't we be happy for her?

Who cares about the size of the ring? She's marrying the love of her life. She's already won.