We're More Than A Little Confused By These Very Literal EARrings

You know how it is; you're surfing around a relatively normal area of the internet when something absolutely baffling crosses your screen.

Maybe you don't even register it at first, continuing to scroll until your brain catches up and goes Wait...what?

That's what happened to me and I needed to scroll back and confirm that yes, I did see earrings that look like ears.

Imgur | pandapig

Literal earrings. Ear-rings? EARrings?

Whatever you call them, I stared at this image for far longer than anyone should. I can't decide whether I'm intrigued, delighted by the pun, or grossed out.

So I saved the pic and started a very unfortunate Google search.

Fun fact: it's really hard to communicate to the Google Gods that when I say "earrings" I mean it literally.

Also, I should have turned Safe Search on first...

Eventually, I did find a single other reference to these things existing.

This Is Why I'm Broke

Aside from the fact that this EARring is wearing an earring — shudder — they look pretty much identical.

This image is from a listing on the novelty goods site This Is Why I'm Broke. They cost about $45 USD, but sadly, the listing says they're discontinued.

When I clicked through, it took me to a "listing no longer available" page on Etsy.

I did find another set of ear-rings that are possibly more upsetting to look at.

Nadia Burrendorf

These ones are large and dangle, moving around as you do and completely grossing me out. But, they also come in a wide array of skin tones, so yay diversity!

Nadia Burrendorf is an artist and jeweler who seems to like making people feel squicky.

Nadia Burrendorf

She's also made a "Fingerring" that's quite distressing.

On her site, she says:

"The human body is a constantly changing situation, depending on the social conventions and subdued to economical bodypolitics. The works Yes, it's a real EARring! and Fingerring are a tool to set the human body free of a stereotyped, repressive normbody."

Which is a neat idea, but I just can't with those EARrings.

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