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32+ Pictures That Are Confusing At First, And Then Confusing Again

If you're a fan of optical illusions and pictures that make you do a double take, then you're in for a treat. Make sure that you don't have any important work to do later in the day, because these photos are going to require all of your mental energy. If you're like me, you might need a nap after this one.

At first glance, it looks like he's standing against a tree, looking out over the lake.

Imgur | bankofamerica

That is, until you turn your head sideways. As the photo says, the lake is nonexistent.

What would you do if you were driving down the road and saw a giant grasshopper attacking the city?

Reddit | AhoffNYC

I personally would turn my wipers on to get him off of my windshield.

I've been staring at this photo for five minutes now, and I still don't know where the other half of the dog is.

Reddit | esquonk

Hopefully the magician comes back and puts him back together soon.

This meat looks out of focus, but it's actually slices of meat layered.


I still blinked a few times to clear my eyes.

Someone was making cookies and the reflection looked like a giant cookie!

Reddit | robije

Now this actually blew my mind a little.

What do you think? Is this the world's largest bird, or the world's smallest man?

Reddit | Iwishiknewwhatiknew

That guy better watch where he's walking, because he's about to run into his worst nightmare.

Who knew a human and a dog could make an almost perfect Grumpy Cat?

Reddit | inu_yasha

Too bad Jeff Goldblum isn't here, he could've mixed them up in a science experiment to check and just chilled topless for a couple hours.

I'll save you the 10 minutes of brain-melting jamboree I went through and just tell you what's going on here.

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

For whatever reason, this guy is tilting his head back super far and we're looking at his beard.

Is he freaking us out on purpose?

This kid will never in his life be asked for an ID when he walks into a bar.

Reddit | jaykirsch

What's the opposite of baby face? Because whatever it is, he definitely has it.

This one might take you a second to figure out.

Reddit | mythx21

But as soon as you see what it is, it can be never be unseen. Look around the man's legs.

The guy on the left has no shot at winning this fight.

Reddit | Mattho

He's up against Casper! Anytime he tries to punch, his hand will go right through that guy's face.

Even when I stopped seeing this as an impressive line of spit, I thought it was a big straw.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

So I just found myself getting even more confused until I finally realized I was looking at a railing all along.

If only I could read Portuguese.

If I were those people, I would back away, because they're standing way too close to the edge.

Reddit | starlinguk

Actually, this optical illusion is just caused by the pattern of the floor.

I've heard of a toilet-based art exhibit where someone mistook it for the real thing, but this seems like the opposite of that.

Reddit | robandadog

Even though it's in a bathroom, I feel like using this toilet means I'm defiling some sort of modern-art masterpiece.

This windshield frost looks like a bird's eye view of a wintry forest.

Reddit | tutandgroan

How did you interpret this picture at first?

Yikes, I think somebody's giving light bulbs way more responsibility than they can handle here.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

Like, I don't think the store will take them back just because they didn't alter my entire personality. Their only job is to light rooms, people.

This guy would never even need to leave the couch in order to get a drink out of the fridge!

Reddit | nakilon

I wonder if his arms are elastic, or if they're just always that long.

This photo is evidence that David Cameron can use magical powers to levitate.

Reddit | xenmate

This one definitely takes a little extra concentration in order to figure out what's actually going on here.

That baby's hand is as big as his entire body!

Reddit | Toberoni

Meanwhile, that man probably has a really tough time trying to find a pair of gloves that will fit him.

Someone call for help! This guy's about to fall to his death!

Reddit | Endless_Vanity

Wait a second... Just tilt your head in order to make this photo much safer and less exciting.

I gotta say, I'm really glad that whole planking craze is over.


That was a dark time in human history. Still — out of all the planking I've seen, this one ranks near the top.

Umm, I'm really having a hard time figuring out where one cat ends and the other begins.

Reddit | WarmTummyRubs

I said I wanted a Siamese cat, but I didn't ask for this.

This traumatized me upon first sight.


But then I remembered that cats totally destroy your furniture, and that's probably how this one got inside the cushion. Worth it for the pic, though.

Congratulations on graduating from kindergarten!

Reddit | Toberoni

They really do grow up so fast, especially their left hands. Next step, get a job in the skills trade. You know, somewhere where you can use your hands...hand.

At first glance, this photo doesn't really look that strange.

Imgur | OliverClothesoff70

But the longer you stare at it, the more confusing it gets. How many people are in this photo, and whose legs are those?!

So, this is the new iPhone Nano, huh?

Reddit | Rags2Rickius

What're we on now, XI? XXI? Oh, sorry. Just realized that the iPhone is on the floor. But seriously, the iPhone XI will be out next month.

Come on up and ride the carousel!

Reddit | SirBaconPants

PS. It's actually a cursed carousel, where your body morphs with whichever pony (or pig) you choose to ride. Have fun, and enjoy eternal damnation!

Evidently, you really need to watch your angles in cut-out-shoulder tops.

Reddit | Giesler14

Spread your arms out like you have wings. That's the go-to pose for one of these shirts, I think.

You rrraaang?

Reddit | MericRL

I bet more people would be overjoyed rather than terrified by the sight of a two-headed dog. More dog per square inch, you know what I mean? It's Cerberus' cousin, obviously.

These girl has to be a contortionist.

Reddit | [deleted]

I simply can't think of any other explanation for how her head is in that position. I would pay good money to see this photo from another angle.

The girl in black must have pretty strong abs to be able to hold a plank like that.

Imgur | akr007

The more I look at this photo, the funnier it gets for me.

Crashing into a building during your driving test is one of the worst things you could possibly do.

Reddit | Humzabin

But if you look closely, you'll see that the driver crashed into the driving school building, which is somehow much, much worse.

This dog seems a little displeased about having a tiny head, but that;s not what's going on here.

Reddit | meapxx

Instead, the grouchy one is apparently telling off the dog on the other side of this pole, which is making the poor pupper bow its head.

Play nice, boys.

This car clearly hit this post, but that's about all we can figure out here.

Reddit | Muscrat

Based on the yellow paint stain on the bumper, we can see where it made impact, but everything after that is a mystery.

Not only did it somehow end up on top of this thing, but it didn't seem to take much damage in the process. Weird...

Once somebody puts the thought in your head, it's very hard not to picture this as a floating T-shirt.

Reddit | fatimmehwish

In reality, somebody set a black T-shirt next to the pink one and made us think it was a shadow at first.

Fortunately, that tag gives it away.

This is either a dog or a plush, toy, but this picture doesn't make much sense either way.

Reddit | Zeeker

After all, no dog I'm aware of can run like it's in a cartoon and I can't imagine how you could position a plush like this long enough to take the picture.

It is a mystery.

Considering that some people will do some messed up things with their cars, this weird car-truck hybrid wasn't out of the realm of possibility.

Reddit | IllvisFreshly

However, what we're actually looking at is a weird reflection, since we can see the rest of the blue truck in the left window.

Believe it or not, what we're seeing here isn't the driver's nose.

Reddit | OliveBoobs

Instead, it's apparently the brim on a hat being worn by the passenger. Yeah, it's hard to tell that there even is a passenger.

Like many of you, my first reaction to this caption was "It's not?"

Reddit | jojonananas

Indeed, it's almost impossible to stop seeing that guy in the background as a dog, but it's really someone in a chair playing a video game while wearing headphones.

If the quality of this photo were better, it would be a lot easier not to see this as someone casually pulling up to the soccer field.

Reddit | Prince_Monty

Instead, we're probably watching the advertisement on this board change over, which also helps break the illusion.

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