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20+ Random DIYs To Spice Up Your Home

We all get tired of the same old, same old. Especially whenever the seasons change, we're ready for a home that's entirely different, one that makes us smile when we walk in the door, one that's beautiful, tidy, and perfect.

That might not always be achievable, but these pretty DIY ideas can certainly give you a hint of that feeling.

1. Turn thrift store or dollar store glasses into stunning color-glazed stacked vases.

Sugar and Cloth

Paint and bake the different glasses, then tip the smaller ones upside down, and glue them as bases for the larger ones.

2. Organize your kitchen cupboards with a DIY chalkboard measuring chart.

Modish and Main

Grab some chalkboard paint and some hooks, and get started! The measuring conversions are so handy to have right at your fingertips, and this DIY will put an end to digging around in your drawers for measuring spoons.

3. Keeping your coasters in a pile is just boring.

Reality Daydream

Instead, make your own cactus coasters! Cut out [circles( of wood and notch each one so they'll fit together. Paint them and build them into a pot for a cactus that's ready to protect your furniture.

4. I love the idea behind this domino clock.


It's so clever! To make your own, just attach a clock kit to a board, and then glue on your domino pieces.

5. Use a saucer and an embroidery hoop for a boho hanging planter.

Beyond the Picket Fence

Glue the two parts of the hoop together in a sphere, and then glue the saucer inside, using twine to hang it all up.

6. Get some extra storage space for your toiletries with a DIY tiered caddy.


You just need to find (or paint) two cute plates and attach them to a candle holder with some secure glue.

7. Knot pillows will add a lovely twisted accent to your home.

Sugar and Cloth

To make the tubes, pull the fabric over an empty roll of wrapping paper to more easily jab the pillow stuffing inside.

Once you have two tubes, it's time to tie them in a knot.

Little Inspiration

It takes a bit of staring at a diagram, but once you've got it, it's simple! Also, how good do these pillows look in different colors?

8. Play around with mirror paint and vinegar to convincingly age the glass in a photo frame.

A Beautiful Mess

First, spray a mixture of water and vinegar on the glass, and then spray mirror paint onto the droplets, playing around with moving the glass for streaks.

9. More and more DIYs are being made with concrete, but what about a candle?

YouTube | eHow

These are gorgeous and super simple to make! Cut off the top of a water bottle or plastic container, cover it with cooking spray, and pour in the wet cement. You can keep the container level for a simple look, push the cement up the sides for an uneven edge, or tip the container on its side for a slant.

Once the cement is dry, melt wax and pour it in with a candle wick.

YouTube | eHow

After the wax has hardened, cut off the plastic container and sand down the concrete to make it smooth. You can try out different layers of concrete with different colors too, as shown in the bottom picture.

10. Some simple wooden dowels can come together to make a fun zigzag coat rack.

Almost Makes Perfect

Just cut some square dowel into the right size, and use wood glue to piece them together. Drill holes for the pegs, and then glue pieces of round dowel right inside.

11. Make silverware plant markers with some hammering and stamping.


First, hammer the utensils flat, and then use a marker to show where each letter should go. Use a metal stamping kit to stamp each letter, and then buff away the black marker.

12. Who needs to know how to paint to create stunning pieces of art?

DIY With Love

DIY With Love shows us how we can create a beautiful piece of artwork with some nails and string.

13. Make a pom-pom foot stool that will totally make your living space look bright and colorful.


Remobilia repurposes an old stool with pom-poms to give it a funky and colorful feel!

14. Do your keys seem to end up all over your apartment?

The Crafted Life

If you're like me, then you can't seem to find them half the time. Using a wood slice, some paint, and some hooks, The Crafted Life made this adorable key hanger!

15. Doilies might be super old-fashioned, but you can use them in fun home decor!

Victoria Magazine

Victoria Magazine shows us how you can imprint old doilies onto ceramics and turn them into plates and bowls!

16. You can make this fun art piece by heading to the craft store and exploring!

Lolly Jane

I can almost guarantee that you can get a heart-shaped wooden canvas and a cute cursive "home" sign. Lolly Jane adds them together for a stunning piece of art!

17. Adding string lights to mason jars is an easy way to add some spice to your home on a budget.


You can get both from the dollar store! And, if you're looking for something even more simple than this, you can just set them on a table!

18. These colorful plaster planters are a great way to show off all of your little plant bebes.

Paper N Stitch Blog

I absolutely love all the pastel colors that Paper N Stitch Blog used to create these!

19. Make minimalist foliage wreaths out of embroidery hoops.

Makers Society

These wreaths are super simple. Just use florist tape to wrap your foliage around the hoop, and don't be afraid to let the wood of the hoop show.

20. Transform a wall with a bit of DIY wainscoting.

Lovely Crafty Home

It's actually really simple to cheat your own. Just put up some light boards, and then paint in between for that elegant look.

21. Some thin paint and gold foil can create an absolutely stunning bowl.

Delineate Your Dwelling

Tape off the pattern you want, cover that half of the bowl with foil glue, and then apply your gold foil. Once it's dry, carefully remove the tape for a completely unique decorative bowl.

Don't you love these DIYs for totally upgrading your home?


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