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18+ Easy DIYs From The Dollar Store To Help You Get Organized

I never fail to be amazed at the things you can get from the dollar store. Sure, some of the knockoffs aren't worth the (super cheap) price, but just as often, I see items that are basically identical to what I'd buy somewhere else, yet they're a quarter of the price!

This makes the dollar store the ultimate place to find materials for a DIY project, especially if you're trying to make your home just a bit more organized.

1. Did you ever imagine that those cheap dollar store bins could turn into chic bathroom storage?

Hometalk | Elizabeth at Country Peony

With a bit of contact paper and some gold paint, Hometalker Elizabeth at Country Peony managed to completely transform her inexpensive find!

2. If washcloths are taking over your bathroom or linen closet, pick up some file sorters.

Real Coake

Attach the file sorters together and add a sign or two like Real Coake did to show whose is whose. Then you can keep a whole stack of washcloths without them falling over.

3. Some cheap cake pans and candlestick holders from the dollar store can come together for a gorgeous tiered stand.

Prodigal Pieces

The antique white paint Prodigal Pieces used really creates a stunning look paired with the cake pans.

4. Hang a simple dollar store cookie sheet for a magnet organizer.

The Crazy Craft Lady

The Crazy Craft Lady applied the decorative wood paper with Mod Podge and then put magnets on whatever she wanted to hang. This DIY could become a makeup organizer or a great command center in your kitchen for notes and grocery lists.

5. Some simple plastic animals can transform into some adorable bookends.

Love Grows Wild

I love the bright blue that Love Grows Wild uses here. Just spray paint the animals and some spare wood and glue them together. You can try lions and tigers and bears...oh my!

6. These plastic bins are great for organizing your cluttered spaces, but they're not very classy.

Adrienne Elizabeth Home Style Life

Adrienne Elizabeth Home Style Life shows us that a bit of sanding and some metallic spray paint can actually make these bins look vintage.

Spray the bins all over and add some tags, and you'd never guess they came from the dollar store.

Adrienne Elizabeth Home Style Life

You can attach hanging tags like these ones by just poking holes through the plastic bins and feeding twine through.

7. Keep your spices uniform and tidy with some cheap spice jars from the dollar store.

The Social Home

The Social Home's touch of silver paint and fancy labels make these jars look far more expensive, and you can look for a riser as well for easy display.

8. Declutter your family's bathroom drawers by using cutlery caddies.

Little Penelope Lane

Little Penelope Lane shows how she managed to get her bathroom in order using nothing more than this standard dollar store item.

9. Never trip over a loose roll of wrapping paper again with this simple hack!

The Chic Site

The clever minds behind The Chic Site took a plastic garment bag, which are always available at the dollar store, and used it to neatly store their wrapping paper collection in one of their closets.

10. A magazine rack can be a lifesaver for your overflowing kitchen pantry.

PB & J Stories

PB & J Stories uses one to hold a bunch of canned goods, making them easy to see and access at all times.

11. A wire organizer and some zip ties are all you need to make one of these handy storage solutions for your home.

That's What Che Said

Let That's What Che Said demonstrate just how easy it is to keep all of your cutting boards orderly and out of the way.

12. If you take away anything from this collection of ideas, let it be that plastic bins are the key to success.

Homemade Ginger

Every dollar store has a wide variety of bins that can be used for pretty much everything, including a complete closet overhaul. Get all the details over on Homemade Ginger.

13. Earlier, we gave the perfect solution for storing extra washcloths, but what about bigger towels?

Making Lemonade

The answer is woven baskets. And you can thank Making Lemonade for figuring that one out!

14. Some simple baskets from the dollar store can make an amazing shelf.


Attach the baskets together with zip ties and then cut up pool noodles to create spacers. Hometalk says these spacers will keep the shelf supported so it doesn't buckle.

You'll glue on the pool noodle pieces and then put up your new shelf.


You can use this as a freestanding shelf by placing it on the ground or hang it up on the wall.

15. Clear your bathroom countertop and keep it that way with the help of a metal filing basket.

Dream Green DIY

Dream Green DIY used Command Hooks to secure a bin to the side of her vanity, which totally solved her tiny countertop dilemma.

16. Looking for somewhere to put your drinks while on the patio?


This simple patio table from Hometalk is just two wire baskets from the dollar store glued together with a dollar store pizza tray on top — a simple and effective DIY for less than $10!

17. It's incredible how much class you can add to a plastic basket from the dollar store.

Busy Bliss

To make this basket look like it came from Pier 1, Busy Bliss glued fabric over the lip, pleating it to create a fabric insert.

The finishing step is to wrap rope around the outside of the basket, gluing to keep it in place.

Busy Bliss

When it dries, you have the perfect solution to countertop clutter, the junk in your entryway, or the overflowing corners of your bathroom.

18. Start scouring the dollar store for the cutest mirrors to make this stunning jewelry hanger DIY.

Homey Oh My

Homey Oh My found octagon mirrors and simply glued knobs in the middle for a beautiful way to keep necklaces untangled.

19. Pick up some skinny wire baskets from the dollar store for this adorable mail organizer.

A House Full of Sunshine

The cheap white baskets look way classier with some matte black paint, and A House Full of Sunshine added chalkboard signs to keep it all organized.

20. I never would've thought of trying this with cake pans and marbles.

The Country Chic Cottage

The Country Chic Cottage created a ridiculously simple lazy Susan DIY by pouring dollar store marbles into a round dollar store cake pan.

Stick a matching cake pan right on top (no gluing required) and fill it with your items.

The Country Chic Cottage

The marbles help the cake pan on top spin easily, and you can easily fit the DIY lazy Susan into your fridge or cupboards.