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16+ Product Designs That Will Send You Into A Rage

It just makes me so mad how marketing can be so tricky these days.

How many times did you buy an item only to realize you were paying more and getting less? This seems to happen more and more these days.

These examples really take it to the extreme. But on the other hand, they will give you a good laugh.

1. Just when you thought you were getting a giant box of your favorite Toblerone, guess again.

It's actually just a bunch of mini bars concealed in a huge box!

2. Here's another example of clever packaging.

I would expect the whole box to be filled with treats but not so much here. Should he request a refund? LOL!

3. I don't suppose you wanted to put some spread on this bread?

Maybe some peanut butter or jam? Well, good luck with that one. Looks like a hole-in-one.

4. Hmm, is it just me or does this look a little backward?

Is this a case of just bad design or can you work with this? I'm confused!

5. Am I the only one who has a problem with this?

Instagram | @biggi3xan_sav4life

I loved my old Apple earbuds just fine. I admit I'm scared of losing these ones though.

6. Don't you find it extremely irritating when you purchase a product in a bigger package then you open the package and the product ends up being much smaller?

Why do they do this to us?

7. Did you spot what's off about this?

Last time I checked you should definitely not be marrying your cousin. Talking about a questionable affair. Who designed this?

8. OMG, am I seeing this right?

Instagram | @thealchemsit

Are people supposed to use this bathroom or is this a joke? I dunno about you but I need privacy when using the loo!

9. Speaking of badly designed bathrooms, how about this one?

This looks like someone hired their drunk uncle to put up the wallpaper. Get your money back now!

10. Using kosher salt or sea salt over the sodium packed table salt is a great idea.

But you have to get the salt out in order to use it.

11. This bus should have come with a warning for "short people only".

Can you imagine getting up in a hurry to get off your stop here? Good luck!

12. Wow, way to crush some kid's hopes and dreams.

Reddit | SirSqueep

This container of markers is full of nothing except lies! I would be so mad if I bought this.

13. This bottle with a literal hole in the center.

Reddit | mcpi2018

Imagine this person's confusion when they realized there was a hole in their shampoo bottle. What a rip-off. It's genius, but also so evil.

14. Doing laundry does take a long time now that I think about it...

Reddit | kevinowdziej

Maybe a mid-cycle snack isn't that bad of an idea.

15. IKEA sells chocolate bunnies for Easter that you have to assemble yourself! WOW!

Reddit | Sir_Wheat_Thins

Because delayed gratification is truly worth the wait, isn't it?


16. Tattoo and makeup artist Kat Von D has been selling her large and travel sized liquid eyeliners in Sephora for years now, but it was just revealed that the ink cartridge in both liners is the same size.

The full size is sold at nearly double the prize of the travel size!


17. This Popsicle has 3 wooden sticks!

Reddit | jamieF1604

Aren't you just so uncomfortable looking at this?

I'm gagging.

18. This bait and switch approach is really getting tiresome to me.

Reddit | u/NarplePlex

In one area they're promising you Egyptian cotton sheets and in the other, they're clearly saying it's only microfiber. Which one is it then? Don't play with my mind.

19. Sometimes what's new is not that new at all or not what you expected.

Reddit | u/raghu972

In this case, the 'new' refers to just packaging but you wouldn't know it unless you flip the package to the back. That's just deceiving.

20. This company blatantly states on the front of their brownies that they're both gluten-free and organic.

But then when you flip the package they fess up that they're not either of them. And they give you pure attitude about it too.

21. These guys weren't kidding when they said their product on the package was enlarged to show texture.

Unfortunately, this person didn't realize how small they really are. That's quite a difference if you asked me and pretty dang sad too.

22. Correct me if I'm wrong but if the piece of meat is this small why all the extra packaging?

I know what they're trying to do here. They're trying to make it appear bigger to seem more attractive while just making more waste. Shame!

23. Who came up with this sink? How does this even make any sense?

If you want hot water you need to wash your hands in one corner and if you want cold in the other. What about lukewarm? Ever thought of that?

24. Okay, yes let's package a banana that has its own skin in an individual plastic wrapper.

Like that's really necessary here. If I see more stuff like this being done to fruits and vegetables I'm seriously going to lose it.

25. Don't you hate it when companies package things like this?

They make you think you're getting a whole jar when in fact it's just a bait and switch. And I'm really getting sick of putting up with it. Are you?

26. Oh wow, how can this company get away with these absurd clams?

They actually want us to believe that simple wipes can kill viruses like the coronavirus, Zika, Ebola, Hepatitis, and HIV? WTF? I mean, really? We're all saved then, lol.

Wow, I can't believe that so much garbage is actually out there.

You really need to watch out for your own skin or you will get taken for a ride!

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