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This 'Oreo' Puppy Is Going Viral And Now Everyone Is Posting Pictures Of Their Own

We all loved 101 Dalmatians, and those black and white spots made every little puppy more adorable than they already were. And it's safe to say a lot of us love Oreo cookies, too.

So when you put two of our favorite things together, and get an Oreo puppy, you can expect the internet to explode.

After a photo of one adorable pupper went viral, it caused a huge outpour of Oreo-lookin' dog pictures to be shared — and they're all amazing.

Reddit | gettingzen

Many reddit users shared the stories behind their McFlurry-lookin' dogs.

Gettingzen said, "This is my glorious dog-child. I drove out of state to rescue him. He was returned twice by his previous adopters, and spent his first year of his life basically in a small kennel at a vet’s office."

Kezzie87 said, "I too have an oreo cloud!!"

Reddit | kezzie87

According to kezzie87, little Diego here is a Husky/Blue Merle Collie cross. What an absolute Oreo cloud!

Another person shared this adorable fur baby, captioned, "Mine is bigger!"

Reddit | AnnabelsKeeper

Honestly, surprised at how many people have lil' Oreo McFurries for pets.

"Similar coloring to my husky," said Madeinthemoment1954.

Reddit | Madeinthemoment1954

True, Huskies are so under rated — strong, fluffy, winter-resistant, and super intelligent! Their coloring can vary, but occasionally you can land a cookies 'n' cream pup.

BornAfromatum shared two photos, and we were treated to a five year challenge!

Reddit | BornAfromatum

Here's baby BW as a wee pup. Obviously cute, though ambiguously bred — it could literally be a mix of any type of dog with similar colors.

Fast forward about five years, and here's that same good baby all grown up.

Reddit | BornAfromatum

Lookin' like a bit of a Labrador and a bit of a Collie, I'd say. Either way, still looking like an Oreo-themed angel.

All of these gorgeous photos were shared thanks to one little puppy.

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On the famous subreddit, r/aww, a reddit user shared these photos of an adorable puppy that eventually led to one giant Oreo-filled thread.

So thank you, little Ripley the Oreo cloud, for gracing our screens and capturing our hearts!

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Because of you, we got to see so many little black and white cuties.

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