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People Can't Get Enough Of The Buns On This Corgi Butt Mouse Pad

Mouse pads are one of those computer accessories that go relatively unnoticed. It serves a simple purpose and beyond that, why would we think twice about it?

The company 123Arts is redefining what one should expect from a mouse pad, one butt at a time. How? They have developed the super supportive and cute corgi butt mouse pad.

Let's take a look at the mouse pad people honestly can't get enough of, and you'll see why.

Tell me this isn't the cutest mouse pad you've ever witnessed.

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This person poking the squishy corgi butt provides some scale to the mouse pad but to be more specific, the dimensions come in at 8.6 x 10.2 inches.

You probably never thought you would be seeing a mouse pad with a squishy booty, but it's 2019 so get used to these kinds of things.

This thing doesn't just have a little butt, it's pretty endowed to be honest.

Check out this back shot showing just how much booty this corgi mouse pad really has.

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This bad boy is made from silicone and polyurethane fiber for maximum cushion.

They even offer a dark-haired version of the mouse pad if you want it to model your own corgi at home as closely as possible.

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I can't help but notice the added butthole detail they put on as well. Cute, but frightening, too.

OK, sure, corgi butts are cute, but let's get real about the level of wrist support this mouse pad provides.

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Sure, doctors aren't necessarily recommending this product for wrist support, but who wouldn't want their wrist wrapped by a cushion during work?

Go figure, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive as well.

Take this glowing review from Benny Wyatt McCann for example:

This is the best $%# I have EVER seen. Firm, yet squishy. Soft, yet supportive. Excellent wrist support. Best I've ever had. And not to mention, it is so frickin cute. As if it wasn't already fantastic, the cute lil corgi has just enough detail to make it even more spectacular. The tiny little tail: Amazing. The big corgi ears: Iconic. This corgi is the best corgi I have ever owned. And even better, a delectable surprise comes when you look under the little but, two tiny little adorable feet with TOE BEANS. An amazing addition to an already amazing product. The material of the mouse pad is also very soft and works very well. Absolutely no issues with my mouse at all. It's a great material for functionality and to feel on the wrist support...

OK that review was intense.

Check out this other review from LP:

I ADORE this mouse pad!!! I work as a software developer and was starting to experience the beginnings of carpel tunnel. This has totally stopped the numbness in my hand! And as a corgi mom of two bouncing corgi boys, this was a must have!

It's clear that the selling point for this mouse pad is the comfort it provides people with painful wrists.

Shelly Johnson had this to say about the corgi:

I was having trouble with my wrist while typing. I bought this to see if it would help. It helped right away, my wrist pain was gone and it is so comfortable! Highly recommend, good quality, cute and comfortable to use.

If you want more information on this mouse pad, check it out on Amazon!