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Sit Back And Relax To 19+ Soothingly Satisfying Pics

For me, nothing brings harmony to my life like cleaning the kitchen. When the chaos of the world gets to me, bringing order into my home becomes paramount. Considering that the kitchen is usually the messiest, stinkiest, and yet most heavily used room in my house, it seems like the ideal place to start.

But outside the house, you have to find order and peace whenever the opportunity comes up. Good news, the internet has plenty of that, as well as all the chaos and sloppiness, too. So feel free to indulge in some of the internet's more satisfying fare.

Whoever arranged the candies at this store seems to be angling for a raise — and we're thinking they should probably get it.

Reddit | solituderequiem

Come on, that is a gorgeous candy display, almost too beautiful to take any — which is really the only thing going against it.

I'm not sure the inviting nature of a red carpet is based on a cranberry farm, but I'm also not sure it's not.

Reddit | WhiteShaneDiesel

I just want to sink right into that blanket of rich red goodness.

As someone who has spent far too many hours sweating over a dish pit, I'm flabbergasted by this arrangement.

Reddit | Felixvonpusspuss

I mean, kudos to their dish stacking superpowers, because I never could have loaded a tray so perfectly.

Chicago isn't all noise and chaos, as this sunset shot of the harbor proves.

Reddit | nido77

The unlikely orderly organization of all the boats moored to buoys there just brings you some peace, amirite?

If you absolutely have to break a mug, you could only hope it would break into three neat pieces, just like this one did.

Reddit | Noisylyrebird

And, as a bonus, it has to be simple and straightforward to glue back together — or at least safer to throw away.

Is there any season like autumn for providing these soothing, peaceful moments?

Instagram | @sukiicat

I don't want to imagine how long it took to set up this photo, or to get the cat to cooperate, but the effort clearly paid off.

And then there are times when nature does all the work for you, like making a big red heart from a tree.

Reddit | dauntedbox376

Guess the randomness of the natural world is bound to provide such things every now and then.

Autumn showed up at different rates for these trees, or at least they reacted to it differently.

Reddit | yeoldeging

But either way, it has created a wonderful gradient from green to orange.

And this isn't even a tree, even though it looks like one!

Reddit | spagettyo

It's a vine that decided to crawl up a wall before sprouting a bright display of leaves.

If anything makes autumn less fun, it's the chore of raking leaves — unless you treat it like an opportunity to create art.

Reddit | pod_mo_thoin

Then you get to enjoy this creation! At least until the wind comes along — which is why it's best to get a pic!

If any season can challenge autumn for its quiet grace, it's winter.

Reddit | Bag_of_cake

Even though you're not using your patio, you can still enjoy it when a snowfall does this!

Okay, I'm not giving up my garage, but it does mean missing out on cool melting patterns like the one on the hood of this car.

Reddit | verdango

It's like nature's Rorschach test.

I could get used to landscape like this, where the water is so still and calm and clear that it's basically a mirror.

Reddit | EmeraldEvergreen

And there's plenty around worth reflecting.

Peeling something out of a mold is always a great feeling, but it's even better when it's a found thing, and it's not supposed to work that way.

Reddit | Itz_Tripzz

Now if only this ice leaf wouldn't melt, amirite?

I don't know how long this bonsai tree has been lovingly tended for, but the results are spectacular.

Reddit | Catveria77

Apparently it's supposed to resemble a Chinese character for luck and prosperity, and it at least represents care and patience.

See what can happen when you combine boredom and a box of Q-Tips? Something wonderful.

Reddit | itzerror_

Also known as the beauty before the storm if there's a cat in the room.

The only thing harder than making such a perfect rainbow cake would be cutting into it.

Reddit | nteiken

Do you cut across the lines or along them? How do you even slice into something so well done?

You know the universe is in your corner when you're making a sandwich and your meat and bread are the exact same shape.

Reddit | GellyPenguin

After devouring that sandwich, better head out to buy a lottery ticket!

There's just something cozy and peaceful about the way the light streaming in through the blinds lines up with the railing on this staircase.

Reddit | [deleted]

It's like these are aligned, so the planets must be, too.

You could make just about anything from this piece of lumber and end up with something gorgeous.

Reddit | 6tothemax

You can get lost staring at the hypnotic swirls and layers and depth of the colors in the wood grains.

Another store stocker with a passion for organization went at this ice cream freezer and absolutely rocked it.

Reddit | doctorsixto

Now I have a new appreciation for job postings asking for "attention to detail."

If only every soft serve ice cream cone could be twirled with such precision!

Reddit | biggestspooker

I always thought hard ice cream was inherently superior to soft serve, but you can't make something like this with a scooper.

Okay, this level of craftsmanship is absolutely bonkers.

Reddit | Jd_Hungerford

I can't possibly fathom the amount of time and skill and patience it would take to get all the ripples into that steel.

You don't have to be a fan of spicy food to appreciate this arrangement of chili peppers.

Reddit | moddie

Heartburn has never looked so inviting or artistic, but I do fear what's going to be made from them.

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