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24 Simple Ideas That Pack Enormous Potential

The things that make the greatest impact in our lives aren't always the grandest ideas. Which is more important: the Brooklyn Bridge, or the shovels that allowed it to be built?

Now, sure, way more people can get to and from work with ease via the Brooklyn Bridge, but those shovels built many more bridges, and other stuff, too.

The ideas below might not be quite as ingenious, but they're definitely cool all the same.

1. This vehicle has a jack specifically for a Nintendo 64.

Reddit | Bitcoin_Charlie

I don't know for sure what kind of vehicle this is, but I'm going to assume it's a minivan, for no particular reason. This must have been an absolute lifesaver on family road trips.

2. This calculator comes with a built-in chessboard. 

Reddit | EngrAhmedEssam

I know what you're thinking: My phone has a calculator, and I can play chess on it. But can you play chess on it when the battery is dead? Checkmate.

3. These chairs belong to a ski resort, and they have storage underneath for things like gloves, goggles, and helmets.

Reddit | kazarnowicz

You know, all that stuff you have to juggle when you're just trying to warm up with a hot chocolate. And frankly, couldn't we all use a little more storage in our lives?

4. This store has two varieties of hand baskets, and they're color coded to show the staff whether you want assistance or would rather browse on your own.

Reddit | feladirr

Because the only thing more annoying than being approached by pushy salespeople is not being able to find help when you need it.

5. This bathroom uses pedal power for flushing to help keep the spread of germs down.

Reddit | bluntildaWasTaken

Hey, it's a bathroom, so it's not going to be perfect, but step-flushers are definitely a step in the right direction.

6. This parking lot uses lights above the stalls to indicate whether it's occupied or not.

Reddit | boh_savage

Because everybody hates rushing for a free spot only to discover a tiny compact was hidden behind an SUV.

7. This elevator's buttons include one that will hail a taxi.

Reddit | sonofabarbara

Great for those tall towers in big cities: Get in on the 32nd floor, hit the taxi button, have one waiting out front by the time you hit the lobby.

8. This city bus has USB ports on the backs of all the seats for all your on-the-go charging needs.

Reddit | triXtr

And it's about time. Is there even such a thing as too many chargers?

9. Instead of bagging large, awkward, square-shaped products, some stores will stick on a handle.

Reddit | shaddeline

You know that the corners will just rip the plastic bag if you try to carry it normally.

10. This European gas station sells bathroom vouchers for half a Euro.

Reddit | Chewbakistan

But they're not strictly pay bathrooms — the vouchers get you 50 cents towards any purchase at the gas station.

11. This decanter has a separate section in the middle for ice.

Reddit | proto-metheus

No more diluting your tasty beverage in the name of keeping it cold! This is amazing if you're shelling out for some of the fancy stuff.

12. This package of chips has multiple perforations along the side so you can tear the bag open with ease as the level of chips inside gets lower.

Reddit | tastydolphinbabes69

Who wants to dig around in a chip bag up to their elbow?

13. This ramen restaurant offers free, disposable hair ties on each table.

Reddit | bonswell

And it's not just ramen, it's a great idea for any eatery specializing in messier foods, like wings or pasta.

14. These stops signs have solar panels that power LED lights, allowing them to be seen with ease at night.

Reddit | TSDTomahawk

Definitely worth the investment to help reduce collisions, especially on dark, rural roads.

15. This coffee shop offers free coffee for people who help to keep the beach clean.

Reddit | awkwardlondoner

And they even provide the buckets for people to put their trash into. Nice work!

16. This bar has a strip of chilled metal running along the top.

Reddit | Essassin-

Instead of using a coaster, you rest your brew on the metal to keep it frosty! So smart!

17. This public bike stand has a built-in tire pump.

Reddit | andreadams17

It doesn't seem like much right now, but when you're out and about and your bike tires run low, this will seem absolutely magical.

18. Haven't you always wanted a cup holder on your grocery cart?

Reddit | JeffLeafFan

Saturday mornings just got a bit simpler now that there's a place to store your coffee while you pace the grocery store aisles.

19. This store's changing room has hooks that help you organize all the clothes you're trying on.

Reddit | lenerz

I suspect "tomorrow" is a cheeky label for things you have to put off buying until payday.

20. This parking garage continues the lines for the spaces up the walls.

Reddit | Cindypi13

Because a lot of people seem to need all the help they can get staying inside the lines.

21. This hotel provides free Android phones for their guests during their stay.

Reddit | the_irrelevant_fox

Which must make finding your way around a strange town much easier, without having to worry about surprise charges on your phone bill.

22. This bridge has a built-in crisis hotline for anyone contemplating harming themselves.

Reddit | Crescent_Roses

Here's hoping it doesn't have to be used often, but that it does get used when it's needed.

23. This public water fountain is designed so that water can flow down and collect in a dish for pets.

Reddit | rubenmleon

And there's a tiny hole at the bottom so water won't just sit in the dish and get gross.

24. This park bench has an umbrella and lamp post attached to it.

Reddit | dope_out

Honestly might be more useful for shade on a sunny day than to keep rain off, but either way, it's welcome.