15 People Who Are Simply Crushing It

It's easy to be sarcastic and crappy on the internet, but sometimes it's nice to celebrate people who are just straight-up crushing it.

Maybe you're looking for some inspiration — or just a little faith in the universe. Either way, I hope that these pictures and these folks can provide.

1. Because sometimes, you just feel like making a portrait of Jackie Chan out of, like, 33,000 buttons.

Imgur | oligarchy

And if you happen to have 33,000 buttons lying around with the right shades, you can make one too!

2. Romance is whatever you decide it is.

Reddit | Paper_McGibblets

I've got absolutely no idea why someone would set up a dinner date on an overpass, but I honestly don't feel like it's any of my business. Either whoever arranged this is just an awful partner, or this means something awesome to them.

3. I've got a special place in my heart for hipster restaurants.

Reddit | cruel-ko

But a quesadilla served in a sink? That's hitting levels of pretentiousness that I don't even think I can handle.

Who am I kidding? I can totally handle it. I just can't afford to get into restaurants this cool.

4. When you've got a brand and you know it.

Reddit | mr_nonchalance

Either that or the thing on the back of his neck is a birthmark, so he's just kind of decided to roll with it. Yeah, I think that's actually gonna be my new theory.

5. That feeling when you take over a KFC, and you decide to make the bucket work for you.

Reddit | sheldoc

I've got to think that it would have been cheaper to take the post down, but nah, Tim's was like "This kind of looks like a coffee cup, right?"

6. When you're really, really into the lecture you're giving about waves.

Reddit | Ultramen1

Maybe I don't understand physics, but I don't know of any situation in which 1+1 equals "Tube." Maybe I need to learn from this guy.

7. Halloween is basically the one time of year that people can let their most ridiculous creativity soar.

Obviously, she's taking that age-old advice that you should mech yourself before you wreck yourself.

8. Wanna know how I decorated these scars?

Reddit | -sUBzERoo-

I'm never going to criticize somebody for not embracing their scars, but I definitely think it's awesome when people decorate them like this.

9. We all use Tinder to find love, but she uses it to find other people's.

Reddit | jroddey7

She seems like a lot of fun and like she has clearly spent some time studying kissing. 10/10 would swipe right.

10. Can't make fun of somebody who's just owning it.

Reddit | its-ya-boi-uhhh

Besides, it's 2018. Who cares if anyone's a virgin anymore? Let people live their lives!

11. I've heard of a pumpkin loaf before, but this just seems a bit ridiculous.

Reddit | waffle_toaster

It's not often that a food pic grabs my attention enough to share it, but come on! That's pretty genius, don't you think?

12. It's just like taking candy from a baby.

Exceptit's way harder and way more likely to result in you getting your eyes pecked out. So really, it's not like that at all. Plus,ravens hold a grudge. Really, it might have been better to just let the bird have the money.

13. "Here’s the time I texted my grandmother one of my snaps, which she printed and eventually framed." —Masta-Blasta

Reddit | Masta-Blasta

In the future, if photo albums still exist, they're going to be covered in Snap filters, aren't they?

14. Just about the rudest possible way to give your friend $10.

Reddit | GingerrAdam

I actually did something like this to my brother once. Except it was with larger denominations of coins, and I just wrapped them individually. But still, I think that says a lot about my relationship with him.

15. I don't think I've ever bought anything on one of these apps before, but I might just have to start.

Twitter | @krush_loko

But what, exactly, are you willing to do for my hard-earned $60, huh?

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