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16 People Who Planned Things Out Perfectly

You know the saying, "when life hands you lemons, make a vodka soda to go with it"? (That is how it goes, right?) Wait, it's lemonade? Like, not even a Mike's Hard or anything? Ugh.

The point is, when things don't go your way, you can be upset or you can use it to your advantage. Take note from these folks who turned a bad hand into a winning one.

1. This genius kid who completely changed the way we use our phones. And our tables.

Reddit | arvzg

Who needs a TV when you have a glass table and a slightly outdated smartphone? When your mind's in the future, your phone doesn't have to be.

2. This restaurant that made brunch out of a less-than-perfect rating.

Twitter | @_erichu

You know what they say, there's no such thing as bad PR, just bad ways to utilize the giant score outside of your establishment.

Plus, now you know to avoid any place offering "drunch."

3. Anyone who knows that the secret to a successful life is a successful craft while intoxicated. 

Twitter | @dubstep4dads

I dare you to find someone more motivated than the person who posts "achiev" on their wall after a night out.

That "run" is a little suspicious, though.

4. This genius mail sorting system. 

Reddit | CyanogenHacker

"Yeah, just toss all of my bills up there! Or you can just throw them in the trash can, or a bonfire, or a giant shredder. Your choice!"

Because covering your eyes and pretending they'll go away is too basic.

5. Anyone who swaps their heels for fast food bags. 

Twitter | @martynhett

So, your night ended barefoot and with a bag of fried food? I'm sorry, is this heaven? Sign me up like, yesterday.

6. This skillfully crafted furniture layout. 

Imgur | Pablo1669

Why have your fridge in the kitchen when you can have it in your living room? I mean, isn't that where you want it anyway?

7. Anyone who innovates a new way to snack.

Reddit | anonymeowz

I mean, it's like a Snuggie, but instead of just being hands-free and comfy, you're hands-free, comfy and holding your own popcorn everywhere you go. Win-win-win.

8. This costume. 

Twitter | @ssnyder1835

In the cutthroat world of cosplay, it's hard to find a costume that will make you stand out. The best way to steal the spotlight? Dress up like something no one else would think of. Like, ever.

9. All the sneaky teachers who play cat and mouse with their students. 

Twitter | @josephxmorales

And the most important lesson you can learn in school is that if your teacher leaves during a test, DO NOT FALL FOR IT.

10. This cat owner who knows the true benefits of being an animal lover.  

Twitter | @kenya_fuentes

No Instagram-worthy white rug? No problem! Just grab your pet and let her luscious coat do the rest! That's what they're there for, right?

11. Anyone who can do the job better than the trained professionals. 

Reddit | Kdubsdubs

There's a 70% chance that John's genius stone gets the weather right more often than any of the local forecasters.

12. The dessert-loving creator behind this genius snacking system. 

Reddit | [deleted]

The only thing better than cookies and milk is not having to dirty a cup up for the milk and accepting that fact that you're going to eat all the cookies.

13. Move over, Best Buy. This is the television of the future. 

Reddit | Hemming17

All you need is that refrigerator in the living room and you'll absolutely be set for life. Hello, happiness!

14. When you want to get a tattoo of your favorite thing, but your favorite thing is cookies.

Twitter | @DeadSensei

Double points if your Double Stuf barcode actually works on the Target scanner.

15. Chantal.

Reddit | fugaziozbourne

There's nothing worse than your drunk alter ego messing up your perfectly curated Netflix algorithm. Now you can watch five hours of your embarrassing show after five vodka tonics.

16. This guy who saved thousands on a tattoo removal.

Reddit | kvd

Because if the most embarrassing thing you did at 17 was getting a tribal tattoo, you've done pretty well for yourself.

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