Embroidery Tattoos Are The Latest Granny-Chic Look

Tattoos are nothing new but we have been treating them as more of a fashion statement in recent years. Embroidery tattoos remind us of vintage styles, perhaps of our grandma or embroideries passed down for generations. No matter what the significance behind the piece is, embroidered ink is a dainty, beautiful idea with a retro look.

Embroidered ink doesn't have to be all florals! How cool is this black and red design?

Instagram | @koralladna

Sort of reminds me of a pattern you'd see on a sweater or something. Love it!

Doesn't the faux stitchwork on this tattoo look so real? Those colors are brilliant, as is the shading!

Instagram | @freedominktattoos

Seriously, I had no idea tattoos could look this realistic.

Classic and simple, an embroidered pattern is a fun twist on a rose tattoo!

Instagram | @mammoth_man01

Anything but boring like a lot of typical rose tattoos, right?

Lovely line of red roses on the shoulder. So unique, right?

Instagram | @annatat_md

Seriously, this is so stunning!

Florals look especially pretty when tattooed in an embroidered fashion. Wouldn't you agree?

Instagram | @dinalitun

Okay, if I had this tattoo, I'd wear a ton of shirts like this just to show it off.

Shading has such a cool effect on tattoos like this, doesn't it?

Instagram | @mammoth_man01

You can get the stitches as big or as small as you'd like for these tattoos. Which do you prefer?