Hairstylists Online Reveal The Annoying Habits They Wish Clients Would Stop Doing

How often do you visit the hairdresser? If it's a lot, I bet you probably know what you should or should not do during your appointment. Am I right?

However, we all can learn a thing or two from those hard-working hairdressers who shared some insight online in a now-viral Reddit thread. Therefore, let's take a few notes from these responses so your next hair appointment can go off without a hitch. Shall we?

"Don't cross your legs or arms while getting a haircut."

Unsplash | Noémi Macavei-Katócz

"You will end up with a lopsided haircut," another said.

Did you even know that? I have to say I didn't, but it's pretty much common sense. Isn't it? I never cross my legs when I get a haircut.

"Please be realistic when it comes to hair."

"Good hair isn't cheap and cheap hair isn't good. We need to work with what you have," one stylist said.

This one is hard, but it's so true. You can't expect a miracle if your hair is damaged.

Listen to this sound advice you probably didn't realize either.

Unsplash | Fred Moon

"DON’T WEAR A HOODIE or a turtleneck, if you can take it off, fine but they both get in the way a lot if I’m trying to cut/color your hair," one hairdresser revealed.

"Your hair doesn’t need to be dirty for me to style it."

"In fact, I would REALLY prefer if it was clean," said one stylist.

Do you hear that? I think it's one of those "old wives' tales" that we all thought was true.

"If we are done with a cut, please don't 'help' with removing the hair."

"You're not removing it; you are actually making it worse by patting it into your clothes, sticking it to your skin, and letting it fall into your shoes," said one hairdresser.


A lot of hairdressers get frustrated when clients don't know what they want.

"Once you show up to your appointment, you should already have an idea of what you want. You can ask the stylist for advice, but don't waste their time trying to decide last minute," one stylist wrote.

A hairstylist is not your therapist, so don't expect a "free" therapy session out of your haircut appointment.

"It's okay to vent to each other and have small-talk but leave the big stuff for the other professionals, okay? Thank you," said one stylist.

You're going to have to be honest about your hair history.

"Be 100% honest about what you've done to your own hair. Damaged or color-treated hair will react differently to products than untreated, virgin hair. So this is very important," another stylist said.

This one might sound obvious, but as it turns out, it isn't to some people.

"Please don't keep your eyes open when washing it's, kinda akward [sic] if you know someone is staring right up your nostrils," said one stylist.

Oh my goodness, I can imagine.

“'Please remember we are human' is something way too many people need to be reminded of."

Unsplash | Heather Morse

"If we run a little late, don’t be mean about it. We are trying our best, just trying to stay healthy, to stay on time, to do good hair, and to find a spare minute to use the restroom or eat some lunch," another stylist pleaded.

An important reminder to always be kind to your stylist!

"Do not move around like you just drank a bunch of caffeine."

"There is [a] risk of getting cut, poor cuts on the hair and much more," said one stylist who chimed in.

That makes perfect sense to me. If you can't sit still, don't come in, hee, hee.

"Look at a ruler to understand how units of measurement work."

Unsplash | William Warby

How many of you out there have asked to take off six inches, only to realize it was way more hair than you expected? This is definitely a good tip to keep in mind before a big chop.

This one is for anyone wanting to get a trendy "unicorn" color.

Unsplash | Florian Herzog

"People who are willing to spend 6 hours and $400+ on a fantasy color such as pink, blue, purple etc... only to not buy professional salon products," complained one stylist.

Well, as they say, "you get what you pay for," so hopefully those people aren't too upset when their color fades quickly.

Another complaint hairdressers have is when people have unrealistic expectations.

"You can't go from dark brown to platinum blonde in one session. That is just not going to happen. Getting your hair to where you want it is a process," one hairstylist said on Reddit.

"Lifting your head in the shampoo bowl! Don't do that."

Unsplash | Adam Winger

"That's how we end up soaking the back of your shirt!" added another.

Oh wow, good to know. I sometimes have lifted my head thinking I was helping the person washing my hair. Oops!

Are you surprised by a few of these hairdresser requests?

I have to admit that I am. I'm happy to know that from now on, I will try to be the best client that I can, ha, ha! How about you?