Clever 'Food Cubby' Is A Perfect Solution For Picky Eaters

Do you have a child who is a picky eater? More specifically, do you have a child who hates it when their food "touches"? A lot of parents use those plates with a divider for this very reason, but sometimes those plates are expensive or just not convienent to carry around. That's where the Food Cubby comes in.

This game-changing invention comes in two styles.

The first is the "smile" model, named for the way it seems to grin at you while keeping your food safely apart. Never again will peas touch food they weren't meant to.

The second model has a pronged design.

This might be a bit easier for parents, since there's only one object to keep your kid from picking up and throwing on the ground. Score!

And yes, picky adults, this is for you, too.

If you're incredibly particular about which food touches which, then this product is definitely for you. I mean, sometimes you don't want gravy touching other food, you know?

You can get it on Amazon.

Both models are available on Amazon. The pronged model only comes in blue, while the smile-type cups come in clear, green, and orange. Get both for $14.99 right here.

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