Clever Toddler Food Clamp Helps Little Kids Eat Independently

Any parents who have toddlers at home know that meal time can get pretty messy. Kids at that age are learning how to be independent and self-sufficient, which means we're trying to give them more freedom to do things solo. But, eating and learning how to feed themselves can leave quite a mess behind.

Luckily, one very smart person came up with a genius solution.

Created by the company Tot Tools, the Sandwich 'N More Toddler Utensil is perfect for kids who are transitioning to eating on their own.

It's easy to use and hold by all kids.

The "tool" works by allowing parents to put in whatever food they'd like (sandwiches, waffles, pizza, etc.) and the toddlers can use it at their leisure.

Some parents say it's excellent for children with disabilities, too.

Many parents online said it worked well for their children.

"I bought this for my 8-year-old son with special needs. He's actually able to feed himself a sandwich or hamburger. Were lovin this product. I want to order more for everywhere we visit," one person said.

The product is available on Amazon for all parents.

The toddler tool is available on Amazon and can be purchased for delivery. According to the reviews, kids love it and parents do, too!

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