12+ Celeb Moms Who Got Refreshingly Honest About Their Postpartum Bodies

Sarah Kester
Instagram | @amyschumer

Female celebs are under a lot of pressure from Hollywood to look their best. So when you throw pregnancy in there, it can feel like they have to "bounce back" immediately.

Thankfully, there are a lot of celeb moms changing this trend. By embracing their postpartum bodies, they're helping pave the way for the rest of us.

Here are 12+ celeb moms who got refreshingly honest about their postpartum bodies.

Ashley Graham

The model has always preached self-love. But since having her first child, she's even stepped that up by sharing countless snaps of her postpartum body, stretch marks and all.

"nakie big girl," she captioned a naked selfie.

Tia Mowry

While some women parade their post-baby bods around soon after birth, the actress is perfectly fine not being one of them.

"To be honest, it had to take time for me to embrace my new body," she wrote on Instagram. "With this second pregnancy, I now have embraced that fact that I’ve housed a human being. A miracle. A life..."

Peta Murgatroyd

Like Tia, the dancer believes that all post-baby bodies are different.

"I left the hospital looking 5 months pregnant," she shared, adding that it's unfair to assume that a woman "should shrink right back to her pre-birth weight immediately."

Kate Hudson

Two months after her baby daughter Rani Rose was born, the actress wasn't shy to admit that she wanted to shed 25 pounds.

"I am on a mission right now to get back to my fighting weight ;)," she wrote, adding that she wanted her "strong body/mind back."

Kim Kardashian

Even the reality star who always looks put-together has gotten refreshingly honest about her postpartum body.

“I was so jealous of women who had these cute little baby bellies and would gain 25 pounds — and then, a few weeks after giving birth, somehow look exactly like they did before they were pregnant, lol. That's not me …" she wrote on her app.

Anne Hathaway

Giphy | The Hustle Movie

"There is no shame in gaining weight during pregnancy (or ever)," the actress shared on Instagram in 2016, alongside a picture of jeans that she had cut into shorts to fit her thighs.

"Bodies change. Bodies grow. Bodies shrink. It's all love (don't let anyone tell you otherwise," she added.

Mila Kunis


When the That '70s Show star found herself with a larger chest from pregnancy, she didn't know what to do with them!

"I always dress for a flat-chested girl and now all of a sudden I’m busty, and I’m like, ‘Wow, check it out!’" she told Conan O'Brien.


Three months after giving birth to her and Carey Hart's son, Jameson, the singer posted this gym selfie.

"Would you believe I'm 160 pounds and 5'3"? By 'regular standards' that makes me obese. I know I'm not at my goal or anywhere near it after Baby 2 but dammit I don't feel obese. The only thing I'm feeling is myself."

Serena Williams


While the tennis athlete is used to having a ripped body, she was perfectly fine with having a stomach from giving birth to her daughter, Alexis Olympia.

“After I came out [of the hospital], I had a stomach, but I thought, This is kind of cool," she told Allure. "I have a stomach because the baby was there.”

Olivia Wilde

Once the Booksmart director started having babies with her ex, Jason Sudeikis, she embraced the fact that her body would never be the same.

"I am not in perfect shape. In fact, I'm softer than I've ever been," she told Shape.

Hilary Duff

It took a moment for Hillary’s mind to adjust after reading articles titled, “Hilary Debuts Post Baby Body” just sixteen days after giving birth to her son, Luca.

“it was so hard to connect with my body again once I had a baby," she told Women’s Health.

Hilaria Baldwin

The Mom Brain co-host and author left herself completely vulnerable by sharing a brave postpartum picture on Instagram.

"A day and a half and a baby later," she captioned the photo of herself sporting blue lingerie.

Kenya Moore

"I was cut twice during my three-hour C-section, but I made it!" the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared on Instagram.

"I've always been healthy and worked out my entire life...whatever my body will do, I'm not rushing it..."

Sadia Slayy

The beauty influencer was vulnerable when she posted an unedited picture of her stomach nine months after giving birth.

"Some might scroll by and think 'ugh that’s so disgusting why would she post that' and that’s okay," she wrote. "But a lot of you will see it and feel a sense of relief."

Kate Winslet

Giphy | The Academy Awards

"I have a crumble baby belly, [and my] boobs are worse for wear after two kids,” the always-honest Titantic actress told the Daily Mail back in 2008.

Since she doesn't believe in perfection, she's been able to embrace her body.

Kylie Jenner

Soon after giving birth to Stormi in 2018, the reality star confided in older sister Kim about some of her body acceptance struggles she was facing at the time.

“I’m just feeling a little insecure,” she said on an episode of the family's reality TV show. Thankfully Kim brought her self-esteem right back up.

Blake Lively

The Gossip Girl star is one of the most recent celebs to get honest about their postpartum bodies.

In an Instagram post, she shared that she was feeling insecure about her body since she couldn't find an outfit for her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.


"Every mom bod is different—some are thin and some are round, some are wrinkly and some are hairy, some are light and some are brown," the always-honest Bachelor star shared on Instagram.

She was also honest in telling anyone who disagrees to "kindly [expletive] off or unfollow."

Amy Schumer

The comedian is never afraid to keep it real.

Five weeks after giving birth to her first son, she shared a photo of herself taking a walk with him in just her bra and hospital undies! "5 weeks. Hospital underwear for life!" she wrote.

Katy Perry

Before having her daughter, Daisy, with fiancé, Orlando Bloom, the singer slayed the red carpet of the MTV VMAs.

But since she gave birth just days before the 2020 event, her attire looked a little different. "Hair n makeup by exhaustion," she wrote.

Ashley James

After giving birth, Ashley said that pregnancy was one of the most liberating experiences of her entire life.

She said it also made her realize just how much women are made to hate their own bodies and how sad that is.

Jenna Dewan

Jenna feels that one of the most important things for young mothers to be able to embrace is the idea that perfection doesn't exist.

Jenna wrote via Instagram how she feels that it's important to be able to look at your "harried" self in the mirror and say "I love you."

Millie Mackintosh

Millie has said that although she loves her body post-pregnancy, that it was difficult for her to look in the mirror and not be able to recognize herself physically.

She was also the victim of body-shaming and cyberbullying, which worsened matters.

Gemma Atkinson

Gemma said in an Instagram post that she hopes that new mothers understand there's no pressure to immediately get their body back into shape.

As Gemma explains: growing a human life is no small feat and mothers need to grant themselves the time that they need.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy happily showed off her mom-body via social media.

In the video, Chrissy explains that her stretch marks aren't going away and that she's happy with her new body. The self-love Chrissy possesses is enviable and we could all learn from her example.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia joked that pregnancy left her softer than the year in which she simultaneously discovered her affinity for marijuana and Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

She thinks the idea that women should have to hide the fact that they just birthed a human being is laughable.

Cardi B

The dark line descending from Cardi's naval; that's called the linea nigra. It's a common physical trait that many women bear after giving birth.

"Ladies how do you guys get rid of the black line in the middle of your stomach after giving birth?? cause bitch😒😒😒😒," Cardi wrote via Instagram.

Bekah Martinez

Bekah summed up her feelings poetically via her Instagram account:

"some are thin and some are round, some are wrinkly and some are hairy, some are light and some are brown."

It has a nice rhythm and eloquently encapsulates Bekah's feelings on body positivity.

Keira Knightley

Giphy | A24

Keira talked about how the changes in her body, as well as her hormones, would often make her feel as if she was failing.

She says that you have to be able to ask for help when you need it and not see it as a weakness.

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey thinks that the expectation for a woman's body to immediately return to the shape it was in before she gave birth is odd — to say the least.

She stresses that women need to be given the time to allow their bodies to naturally progress back to their previous state.

Kerry Washington

Giphy | ABC Network

Kerry Washington was quick to dispel rumors that she'd immediately returned to working out after giving birth.

Normally, Kerry doesn't address the media. But in this circumstance, she felt it necessary to set the record straight.

Amy Adams

Amy has said that being pregnant allowed her to truly understand and appreciate her body; that women weren't put on this earth for the sole purpose of looking good in a swimsuit.

Health is Amy's number one priority, not her weight.

Drew Barrymore

Having gone through pregnancy multiple times, Drew understands all that the human body is capable of.

The actress admits that it can be difficult to love what you see in the mirror at all times, but that self-love and positivity are the keys to happiness.

Kristen Bell

Kristen has a beautiful way of looking at herself since giving birth. During an interview with Today Kristen said:

"And when I look down, even now, at the extra skin on my belly, it's a reminder that I've done something spectacular."

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer has had three children and says that her baby bump is now a permanent fixture to her body.

People often assume that Jen is pregnant yet again but she doesn't get offended. She's happy exactly the way she is.


Queen Bey said during her 2018 Netflix documentary Homecoming that rebuilding her body was grueling.

The iconic pop star candidly spoke about her fears and insecurities; the moments of doubt and the confidence that came with finally accepting herself.