People Swear A Viral Hack On TikTok Makes Boxed Cake Mix Taste Gourmet

Are you a natural baker? I have to admit that I'm not. There's no shame in that, ha, ha! So whenever I stumble upon a great baking hack, I literally rejoice.

Why? Simply because whatever can make my cakes, muffins, or cupcakes taste better gets me all excited. If you're like me, you'll absolutely love this simple yet effective baking hack.

Karly Stoddard is a baker, so she knows a thing or two about making a great cake mix.

But she also admits that sometimes folks may not want to make one from scratch. So she posted a cake mix hack to help them out.

She used a Duncan Hines cake mix, but any of your favorite mixes will do for this hack.

However, here's what she did differently. She substituted a few ingredients, and apparently, this makes all the difference. So let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Shall we?

Instead of adding plain water to the mix, she used milk.

Then, instead of just three egg whites, she added five whole eggs. Finally, instead of vegetable oil, she substituted melted butter and doubled the amount. Why in the heck did she do all that? Let's find out.

Once you make the substitutions, then you just mix everything.

Make sure you wait for the melted butter to cool a bit. Pour it into the lined muffin tins and bake to the instructions on the page. She baked her cakes for 18 minutes.

When the cupcakes came out of the oven, they looked absolutely amazing.

And better yet, they tasted incredibly good. Why? It's all in the three ingredients that she substituted. They make the batter taste more rich, dense, and moist. Wow!

Don't forget the icing!

VoilĂ ! A perfect cupcake you now get to enjoy.

OMG, just looking at this cupcake makes me want to run to the store to get some cake mix and make them like ASAP!

It isn't some sort of trick, though.

As it turns out, all the folks who followed Karly's suggestions swear that their cupcakes came out so much better. Her TikTok post went viral that she had to make another video showing herself making the cakes according to her suggestions.

In her second video, you see Karly making the cupcakes from beginning to end using her custom recipe.

And, of course, she goes over the ingredient substitutions all over again. I think I love this video even more than her original one.

So, is this making you want to run out to the store and get cake mix as well?

Ha, ha! I've got to tell you I've never craved cupcakes more like I do crave them now. I need to try this out for myself.

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