Man Accidentally Orders 35-Foot Tall Inflatable Grinch For His Home

Some people go all out when it comes to Christmas decorations. Do you remember the Griswolds from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation?

Well, I think they would be impressed if they saw what this father did for the holidays this season. Even though his Christmas decoration was an accident, he gave it a positive spin and turned it into something wonderful.

All Ray Liddell from Hartlepool, England, wanted to do was to surprise his daughter with a life-sized version of the Grinch.

She's a big fan of the green guy, so it was very fitting. But what he received wasn't something he expected.

The father didn't realize that he ordered a 35-foot inflatable version of the Grinch.

Unsplash | Wesley Tingey

Not only did it not fit inside of his house, but it was actually even larger than the house. Ha, ha! But, he blew it up anyway.

While someone else might've gotten mad at themselves for making such a 'huge' mistake, Liddell didn't make too much fuss about it.

His little daughter Jasmine loved the massive surprise. She even screamed with joy when she saw it.

When the dad put up the larger than life Grinch in front of his house, he didn't imagine it would create such a spectacle.

People from all over started to come over to see it for themselves. The whole neighborhood embraced it.

One of the neighbors even offered to pay to have their picture taken with the green giant.

It gave Liddell an idea — why not turn this into a fundraising opportunity? He picked the Alice House Hospice as the beneficiary.

Alice House Hospice was the last place his father stayed at before he died of COVID back in May.

Liddell always wanted to do something as a thank you for all their care of this father. Now he had the perfect opportunity.

The hospice set up a Just Giving page, and the donations started pouring in.

Not only is everyone loving this incredible Christmas decoration, but they're also donating generously to a great cause. So far, the hospice has raised around £20,633 of their £25,000 goal.

This accidental purchase has created such a positive buzz around this challenging holiday season.

And in turn, it has given a struggling hospice some much-needed support. This one man's idea has taken the neighborhood by storm in the best of ways.

What do you think of this story? Doesn't that make you feel great inside?

I'm happy this father didn't send the giant Grinch back but ended up using this opportunity to bring some much-needed holiday cheer to everyone who needs it.

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