Cameron Diaz Reveals She Doesn't 'Dumb Down' Her Daughter's Food: 'She's Had Garlic From Day One'

Taylor Sakellis

Cameron Diaz is a sophisticated lady. She is is an actress, a WINE owner, and a mom!

I know, right? I honestly keep forgetting that Cameron Diaz is a momma, but it's true!

It feels like it's been seven years since she and hubby Benji Madden welcomed their daughter, Raddix, but it hasn't even been 12 months!

Now, she's revealing what her daughter LOVES TO EAT!

If you follow Cameron on Instagram, you'd know she posts a lot of ICONIC cooking videos.

With the release of her vegan, sugar-free, organic wine, Avaline, the retired actress has been posting lots of videos showing off kitchen skills!

My personal favorite cooking video of Cameron's is this quick cucumber salad:

The passion she uses to speak about sesame oil and cucumbers is the level of passion I aspire to have about literally anything.

When she's not talking about her wine or her cooking, Cameron is being an amazing mom to 11-month-old daughter, Raddix.

Since stepping out of the spotlight a few years back, Cameron has kept much of her personal life off social media.

Last month, the new mom chatted with Naomi Campbell on her YouTube series, *No Filter.*

"A lot of people do it the other way around ... they get married [and] have a family in their youth," Cameron told the supermodel.

"I'm kind of doing it in the second half of my life," she continued, before joking, "The only pressure for me now is I have to live to be, like, 107, you know? No pressure!"

Knowing how healthy and focused on wellness Cameron is, I would be surprised if she outlived us all!

Recently, the 48-year-old sat down with chef, talk show host, and cookbook author Rachel Ray, to chat about her 11-month-old daughter's eating habits.


Both women enthusiastically spoke about not "dumbing down" children's tastebuds.

"The first four months, I cooked every single meal," Cameron revealed.

"And then we slowly started going, ‘Well, maybe we’ll order a lunch. Maybe we’ll order a dinner.’ But for the most part, I’m cooking all the meals," she explained.

If that sounds exhasuting to you, don't worry — Ms. Diaz LOVES IT!


"I love to cook. It’s my love language," she insisted.

"I love to cook for my husband, I love to cook for my child now. Being able to make the food for her has been incredible."

Rachel praised Cameron on her decision to cook for her baby. "You can really strengthen her palette."

"I hate it when people dumb down kids food," the chef remarked.

I agree! We need all babies to eat gourmet meals starting now! Everyone wave goodbye to chicken fingers and fries!

If you can believe it, Raddix has never had typical baby food either.


"No no no no no. She’s never had a puree," Cameron shared.

"She never got anything pureed. She’s had garlic from day one, you know?"

She revealed her daughter loves herbs and spices, too!

"I put herbs in everything. Thyme and dill, sage, everything. She just loves all of it," she concluded.

What an interesting take on a baby's diet! Sounds like a lot of work to me, but what do y'all think? Let us know in the comments below!

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