35 People Who Got Caught

We all get a little shock every now and again as we make our way through life, and there can be fewer more surprising things than being caught off guard by something.

So, to celebrate these moments, here are 15+ times people got caught with their pants down!

"A year ago I started sending my GF these photos whenever she asked if the baby was ok."

I saw the top left picture before I realized that this was a joke and nearly had a panic attack. I'm not good with heights as it is!

"My wife put these Halloween decorations behind a door in our basement, now I need new underwear."

These demonic spirits actually just look pretty miffed that you intruded on a quite intimate moment!

"Doggo found an ink cartridge!"

"Warning, it appears you are running low on Cyan ink!"

"You're a dog, not a printer, you don't need ink!"

"I said, I am running low on Cyan, bring me more!"

"Exactly mom, you guessed it right!"

Nothing like being at a party where people are passing around a Capri Sun, that's what the real cool kids are up to.

"He thought he'd make it to the end before the bridge fully opened!"

Yep, this actually happened. Fortunately, the guy was okay and walked off as though nothing was wrong, but it's a miracle that he wasn't hurt!

This Portrait By An Artist Who Had Clearly Never Seen A Horse Straight On Before...

"Steve, we have horses out back if you want to have a look for reference?"

"I know what a bloody horse looks like, Dave!"

"...You sure?"

"Walked in on my boyfriend and my cat hanging out..."

It is always so sad when someone finds their boyfriend in bed with their supposed best friend. Such betrayal.

"The kids blamed the footprints on the dog..."

Now that dog appears ready to take the blame, confident in the fact that it will come out on top in this situation!

"Girlfriend's hoovering onesie fail!"

I can't work out what this is meant to be on the onesie? Is it meant to be a tail? That's nuts if so!

Bad Dog!

That is a dog that looks like it knows that it has been incredibly naughty! Either that or it looks like it is planning its next nibble.

"Who wore it best?"

This is why you should always try to coordinate your outfits with your friend before leaving the house, then embarrassing situations like this can be avoided!

"Saw someone famous. I don't know who he is, but he's got a lot of fans."

Is this that "OnlyFans" thing that so many people are talking about nowadays? Seems pretty weird if you ask me.

"I don't think they thought this one through..."

Unless they actually put a lot of thought into it and this is exactly what they intended, in which case someone should probably keep an eye on these guys...

Don't Have An Emergency Here!

Call me crazy, but most emergencies aren't planned like this, hence why they are emergencies.

"There was an attempt to run from a flying predator..."

Looks like they weren't quick enough. The snow never lies...unless this was actually just a bird taking flight, in which case the snow may be lying?

"This was not a good idea!"

You can hear that bloodcurdling scream through this image. How did he think this could end in anything other than regret in the first place?

This Dog May Be Stuck, But It's Not Letting That Dampen Its Spirit!

I feel like this dog pretty accurately sums up how I feel my life is going most of the time. Just got to stay positive!

"Poop with your friends!"

I can pretty much guarantee that if you choose the "poop with friends" option, the people on the other side of that door will not be your "friends" for long.

"My puppy finally caught his Stub."

He can be a motivational speaker for other dogs with full tails. "If I can catch mine, you can catch yours too!"

"Reorganizing my cabinets. Something isn’t adding up."

Either someone has lost a lot of containers, or they have a serious lid kleptomania problem.

"Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving."

Every year, countless cheeseball lives are lost due to reckless toy car driving. Always make sure you're fit to drive before getting behind the wheel.

"My 6 year old son had his first school dance tonight. Got caught giving roses to different girls."

If anything it's good that he's getting his comeuppance now. Pulling this later in life would get him way worse consequences.

"Mess with my Mom and see what happens!"

He's the most stylish little bodyguard I've ever seen, what with the banana outfit and Spider-Man shoes.

"My cat had his eye surgically removed so I gave him a new one."

"Look at me. Look me in the eye. Do I look amused?"

"My niece and nephew passed out, added empty beer bottles, turned out great I think lol."

At least they're safe on the couch and not driving like that kid earlier.

"Reaching for the stars."

Reaching for the cheese, more like. So close yet so far.

"For Thanksgiving they asked my son what he was thankful for..."

Something about his expression makes it look like Godzilla is behind the camera, forcing him to say this.

"After weeks of mindless self-indulgence, his lifestyle caught up with him."

An important lesson in gluttony. He thinks he's learning it now, but he'll actually be learning it when the cat catches up to him.

"[Caught] my cat staring at me like this."

Well, yeah, if you had a giant, significantly less hairy monster in your house, you'd stare at it like this too.

"Sign at local restaurant. [...] How bad are your kids that they have to put up this sign."

Probably not that bad, it's just the sheer amount of parents that want to use restaurant staff like babysitters that make this necessary.

"I come home to this at least 4 times a week."

Important details are missing here. Is that your dog? Breaking in or breaking out? Who's driving the plane?

Force Of Nature.

I bet the grass is grateful, they're going to have a party tonight!

"My wife doesn't know I'm working from home today. This is my wife, working on her novel. Expected release date: 2052."

Her novel may be about someone who enjoys sunbathing and doing nothing all day for all you know! This could be crucial research she is doing!

"Just outside a pizza shop."

And on that site many years later, someone put that plaque down. That's eventful!

"If you see an opportunity, take it!"

I'd put any money on that bird ending up on the floor after this photo was taken. There's no way that a cat is going to just take one bite, they'll go for the whole thing!