8+ Wedding Dresses That Looked Nothing Like Their Photos

Shopping for a wedding dress is hard enough. I know something about that having gone through it last year. But if you dare to shop online for such an important purchase you're even braver than me, ha, ha!

After all, you can't see it, touch it, or try it on to see how it will fit you. These brides took the chance and what they received in return is nothing like what they expected.

1. This Poor Imitation

This is what happens when you fall in love with a designer dress only you find a cheap knock-off online. You may as well get a pre-loved dress instead because this doesn't cut it for me.

2. This Basic Nightmare

If this isn't the most nightmarish wedding dress I've ever seen, I dunno what is. I can't even believe this online retailer tried to pass it as the dress pictured here. That's absolutely horrible, I gotta say.

3. This Cheap Gown Version

You can clearly see that the bust on this cheap version is already curling from the poor materials used. Not to mention, the original is made from crepe, which is what gives it its shape.

4. This Sad Attempt

It's pretty apparent to me that this dress is somebody's sad attempt at recreating the dress in the picture. However, the top doesn't look straight to me and the bottom leaves something to be desired, for sure.

5. This Ill-Fitting Dress

When it comes to your wedding dress it's all in the fit, I say. If it doesn't fit your body right you might as well forget it. I bet this lady wishes she could do that, lol.

6. This Sad Detail

It's all in the details — at least, that's what they say. I think they're right, though, because just look at the difference here. The first dress looks absolutely impeccable and the other one looks totally pitiful.

7. This Terrible Satin Gown

A satin gown isn't very forgiving, to say the least. If it wrinkles in the wrong spots it will look absolutely terrible. I feel so bad for this lady who's stuck wearing this badly done gown.

8. This Bad Knock-Off

If you're a fan of Pnina Tornai you know she's famous for her sexy bodices on wedding dresses. If that's what this lady was looking for, she definitely missed the mark with this wedding dress that's a total knock-off mess.

9. This Colorful Number

Oh my, talk about a unique dress that's not the typical white wedding gown. Sadly, the silhouette of this one doesn't quite look the same as the picture here. And where is the volume? That's what I'd like to know.

10. This Bait And Switch

Okay, what in the heck is going on here? What this lady received isn't even remotely close to what was pictured. I love the boho vibe of this wedding dress but what she got looks like a nightgown, ha, ha!

11. This Sad Vision

Every woman wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. She wants to show off all her best assets in her wedding dress. Sadly, this lady isn't going to be able to do that in this nightmare of a dress.

12. This See-Through Mess

Look at that bodice on the original dress. Isn't it absolutely fabulous? I can't get over the fact that the dress this lady received looks this horrendous. This would be one awkward dress to wear. Don't you think?

13. This Sad Knock-Off

Speaking of bad knock-offs I think this one qualifies as one, no? They seem to have gotten the bottom right but whatever happened to the top?

14. This Sad Recreation

I dunno about you but I don't think these two dresses have that much in common here. The one that's hanging clearly has no beautiful neckline definition. It's just totally straight. That won't cut it for me. No, sir!

15. This Shiny Mess

Just because a dress is shiny doesn't mean it's going to look great. This one would totally outshine the bride especially since it's pretty much see-through. It also doesn't do anything for this lady's figure either.

16. This See-Through Nightmare

Speaking of see-through, I don't think this is the look this bride was going for. Am I right? If the look on her face doesn't say it all I dunno what will he, he. Back to the drawing board, I'm afraid.

17. This Booby Mistake

Here's another one of those see-through nightmares. Ladies, be careful when you order dresses that put all the attention on your boobs like this. I don't think this is a good look on pretty much anybody.

18. This Total Fiasco

I feel bad for any bride who purchased a gown thinking it would look like this picture. And then when they received their dress they got the surprise of their life. This isn't even close to the original.

19. This Badly Done Knock-Off

How is this even the same dress? Well, it isn't. Obviously, whoever made this bad knock-off took some creative license here. And they didn't make it look any better. In fact, they mocked it up pretty bad here.

20. This Less Than Perfect Number

The lady who bought this dress clearly wanted lots of volume. What she got was nothing even resembling the original dress. And that's a real shame if you asked me. I don't think there's a prayer that can fix this mess.

21. This Dress Straight From China

Next time you order that dress online that comes straight from China take a moment to think about it. I bet this lady wishes she's done that ha, ha. At least she still has a smile on her face, right?

22. This Bait And Switch

Don't you just hate it when they bait you with a perfect online picture? And then when you buy the dress this is what actually arrives. This one looks so shapeless and more masculine than anything. That's so incredibly sad.

Oh my goodness, do you feel as awful as me for these unfortunate brides?

Shopping for a wedding gown should be one of the happiest things a bride gets to do before the actual wedding day. Sadly, these brides got robbed of that.

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