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11+ Times Saying 'Yes' To The Dress Was A Huge Mistake

Picking your wedding dress is such a huge decision. There's so much to consider. From your own style preference to the type of wedding, you're having. You name it. Decisions are tough.

So it's even more imperative that you don't rush this decision and really take your time. Because you don't want your dress choice to end up like this.

1. China Knock-off

So you found a gorgeous designer wedding dress you've been eyeing only it's outside of your budget. So you go ahead and order a knockoff from China. Don't do this.

2. Tight Fit

Vintage dresses can be so beautiful and special. Just make sure you try on a dress in your size or you'll end up stuck like this bride-to-be.

3. Strapless Fail

Some brides love that strapless dress look. But unless the dress can fit well on you, you have got to keep looking at other options.

4. Not Like The Picture


Here's even more proof that buying a wedding dress online can be risky. Yikes! This looks nothing like the photo.

5. When The Dress Overcomes You

Wedding Clan

Some brides really want to make a statement with their wedding dress. I'm just not sure what this dress is saying. Do you?

6. Red, White, And Blue

Reddit | snow_in_snare

There's nothing wrong with being patriotic but this dress might be taking your patroitism a little too far.

7. Sea Legs

Wedding Clan

So I'm a huge fan of sea creatures like the octopus but even I can't understand why anyone would wear a dress that closely resembles one. Weird!

8. Don't Buy Online

Instagram | @smartpostja

Does it seem too good to be true? Then it probably is. Save yourself the disappointment and just don't buy online.

9. What Did I Just Say??

Instagram | @byninacherie

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. These online wedding dresses are just so, so bad.

10. Too Sexy

A lot of brides want to look sexy on their wedding day. But when you take things to the extreme you end up sending the wrong message.

11. Lace Lover

All-over lace wedding dresses can be so pretty. But sometimes that look you had in your head just doesn't translate in person. Thank you, next!

12. All Hanging Out

Instagram | @kyefrancismua

I think I saved the best for last when I show you this #WeddingDressFail. Nobody, I mean nobody needs to see this. Just burn it now!

Okay, so looking at these I think I'm not quite ready to start shopping for my wedding dress yet.

I think I need a big glass of wine first.