People Online Praise Playground's Inclusive Design

All across the world, there are children who play on playgrounds for fun and recreation. Many times, kids like to play together and make new friends as they play. Kids are the type who don't have any inhibitions that keep them from making friends on the swings or on the monkey bars. Except, sometimes, when kids can't communicate with each other.

Recently, one playground went viral online for having the best type of inclusion for kids.

Facebook user Thyson Halley shared a photo of a playground that has put up sign language signs for children to use when they are playing on the playground and communicate with children who are deaf or non-verbal.

While it's not clear where the playground is located, a number of Facebook users confirmed that the signs represent American Sign Language.

They also have a part of the playground that has some common phrases and signs that kids would use.

The words used are things such as "play" or "friend" and even "help" just in case a child is in need of help but doesn't know how to tell an adult (or the adult doesn't know the help sign).

People online absolutely loved this concept.


One person pointed out that sign language isn't universal across all countries, but that more people should put this into playgrounds for all kids.

Another said that it was "about time" that someone implemented this.


Sign language has been around forever and it's truly remarkable that it has taken so long to include these children. Overall, the Facebook post of this playground has generated over 251,000 shares on the platform, with thousands of people praising this idea.

What do you think? Should all playgrounds have this feature?

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