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School Is Teaching Teen Girls Valuable Life Skills Like How To Change A Car Tire

While many education systems cover important lessons, life skills aren't usually on the curriculum.

However, the epic Sydney, Australia-based all-female group, Galmatic, is dedicated to fighting the stereotypes that girls don't know anything about cars.

They call themselves "car educators," and teach girls and women to be comfortable and confident when it comes to their cars. This includes driving, car maintenance, and overall feelings of limitless possibilities.

Galmatic is automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, and funky fresh.


Galmatic empowers women to feel bold behind the wheel through workshops and online classes.

Launched 13 years ago by owner Eleni Mitakos, the group teaches up to 100,000 girls each year.

This is true girl power to the max.


The girls at Stella Maris College found it very helpful to attend the workshops and learn about caring for their cars, especially for larger ones with specific upkeep requirements.

These phenomenal leaders are driving their cars right into our hearts.


About 40 girls from Stella Maris College attended on-campus training with Galmatic.

We're pretty sure our dreams of being greaser girls is finally coming true.

You got this, girl.

Galmatic is speedily making a statement that should have always been clear: Girls can be amazing drivers and car experts. With confident role models like these, there's nothing these ladies can't do.

Schools can team up with Galmatic for workshops. Just visit to learn more.

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