16+ Awkward Moments That We Can’t Look Away From

We all encounter moments in our life that make us want to curl up into a ball and be anywhere else, and yet we bizarrely love to watch cringe-worthy comedies.

From dressing up for un-fancy-dress parties to having a photoshoot after a divorce, here are 16+ awkward moments that we can't look away from.

"This guy's laptop on my flight."

How do you even let your laptop get to this state? I feel like my anxiety would skyrocket if I had to look at this every time I opened my laptop.

"Tbt to Halloween when I dressed as the Babadook but my friend's house had more of a grown ups drinking wine vibe..."

Well, that must have been one hell of a long evening! Although, on the positive side, I have seen much worse Babadook costumes in my time.

"This stovetop..."

Something this insignificant yet infuriating would drive me absolutely crazy. I'd just have to get a whole new kitchen fitted, screw it.

"Not Really Sure What's Going On Here..."

Look, when it comes to tattoos, each to their own! I really cannot work out what the inspiration was for this one though.

"Had a Friendsgiving last night. I forgot I'm friends with wild animals..."

How could someone do something so disrespectful to a pie? Pies are sacred things, and should be treated with care and respect!

"No one came to my loneliness seminar..."

This is surely the sign of a good loneliness seminar? I mean, you can't surely get any more of an expert on loneliness than the guy running this session!

"In 5th grade I was worried I would blink and mess up my year book photo."

Oh dear, it looks like this poor kid had stared right through the fabric of existence in this exact moment!

"Netflix and, dude chill..."

The first thing you do when you break up with someone is to change your streaming passwords, surely?

"Might have to take a detour and see what's going on..."

Yeah, I have absolutely no idea what this is an ad for, and I'm not sure that I want to know what it is an ad for if I'm honest.

"I think I'll pass..."

This guy is clearly too much for Tinder and so needs his own website to field the plethora of interest he garners. Right?

"He must've gotten wet and fed after midnight."

Now, I know that I am absolutely ghastly at baking in any form or style, but I think that even I could maybe do a little better than that one on the right.

"Asked my sister if my nephew was enjoying the wedding, this is the picture she sent back..."

I think that I would be keeping a close eye on that little guy for the duration of the wedding. Always a good idea to keep an eye on people who take hockey masks to weddings, as a general rule of thumb!

"Meanwhile, back in 1999..."

I hated this style of trouser regardless of the weather, and the bottom of the leg was always ruined anyway after treading on it every day.

"Mom is the manager [of] the golf course. She's still keeping tabs on me, I'm 35."

Actually, I can't lie, I actually find this one super endearing! Cherish these messages, my guy, cherish them!

"Poop with your friends..."

I can tell you right now, this is not a good way to make new friends. Also, if you do this with your already established friends, they probably won't be your friends for much longer.

"My mom's copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. I dare not look at what those bookmarks represent."

Yeah, I can only hope that the person who posted this photo didn't open this for their own sake. Also, that is some incredibly detailed research they had done within this text!

"For my 2nd grade photo I vouched for the Satan's-child-lawyer look."

If you want to stand out in your class photos, then one thing is for sure, dressing as a satanic lawyer will definitely make you noticeable!

"My friend is getting a divorce..."

I'm struggling to work out what I find more uncomfortable to look at, this tattoo or the previous image, two very...unique approaches to life after marriage.

"I married someone who does this..."

Why? Both why do they do this and why did you marry them?

Empty Calories.

I don't know if I'd consider this a monetary ripoff or a personal offense. Like they saw me and figured I could do with less carbs.

"No one showed up to the speeding dating event."

At least no one showing up is better than only one person showing up!

"Must’ve wanted a different game."

Maybe if anyone tries to pull something like this in the future, write your message on a card or a sticker. Makes for less shame when returning it.

"Father sits on the couch watching T.V. while his son sits alone, about to blow out the candles on his birthday cake."

Hey, the son isn't alone! There's whoever's taking the picture! That makes it better, right?

"My dad who takes bites out of butter... disgusting."

If he feels the need to do this, he should at least buy his own stick of butter.

Familial Differences.

Don't worry, kid, I'm also a guy who didn't turn out athletic, your parents will get over it.

"Move along, this does not concern you."

There's something about a cat's ability to look angry or annoyed that's too human for comfort. I truly believe this one had malicious intent here.

"Asked for 3” off she cut off 5”. Come home to find out it isn’t even straight or even."

With how many hours hairdressers need to put in before they can really work anywhere, I'm shocked any are able to be bad at their job.

"I had an awkward encounter with a squirrel at work the other day."

It's winter, the squirrel figured all the birds had gone south and it'd be safe to nab a few seeds.

"No smoking sign from my uni."

This looks like some sort of modern art installation. Born out of stubbornness, it'll surely only grow.

"In my student dormitory the kitchen was renovated and they forgot the faucet on the sink."

This is less awkward and more baffling. How do you forget the sole purpose of a sink? It's just a built-in bucket now!

"We adopted two obese rescue hamsters today. They've been informed they will be starting a diet and now one has turned into an angry meatball."

I'm sure that one less food pellet a day is going to take a real toll on him. When he's wasting away, then you'll see.

"Which was the bigger blunder: the bandana, the fake blood, or the fact that I thought this was a cool (or acceptable) look for Six Flags?"

The bandana is passable, I think, at least it is in comparison to wearing fake blood to Six Flags. Who exactly were you trying to intimidate?

"His face says it all..."

A part of me wants to know the context behind this picture, but then another part of me also wants to curl up into a ball and die before looking at this image any longer.

"Every year I send out a poorly photoshopped Christmas card that reminds people [I'm] single."

I don't care if it tells the world you're single, that Christmas cat skirt rocks.

Bad News For AK...

Who are the people who write this kind of graffiti in the first place? I'd be furious if someone did this for me somewhere...not that that is likely.

*"Sound Of Silence" starts playing.