35 Gift Engravings That Ruined It For Everyone

Sometimes, getting a gift engraved can make it even more special and turn a good gift into a perfect gift. However, sometimes, these engravings can have the opposite effect!

And so, with this idea in mind, please enjoy these 17+ game-changing gift engravings that ruined it for everyone!

"Personalised wine glass. It did not turn up on time."

The "nice one" at the end really adds to the tragedy of this message. Hopefully, the intended recipient will at least get a laugh out of it!

"Got my mom an iPad, had it engraved."

That depends on what they are using it for? Sure, for use as a tablet then this is the wrong side, but if they're using it as a chopping board then this side will be fine!

"For years, my dad put a pizza pan on his Christmas list, and I refused to get it because it was too boring. This year, I finally broke down and got him one."

I like the idea of this person having gotten their father truly incredible and extravagantly expensive gifts over the past few years, but each year their father was just silently crying, "Why can't I just have a pizza pan?"

"So my engraved spoon arrived today..."

I don't think that I would be able to use this without my brain bursting into flames. What animal would do such a thing? They can go fork themselves.

"When siblings give gifts."

Look, the classics never get old! And writing "fart" on something of your sibling's like this is just a classic.

"My sister bought me this ring with our birthstones for my birthday with a super sentimental message engraved on the inside."

I mean, why would you say that they are the "best" sibling? Then they will just get overly comfortable, and you definitely don't want that!

Found Buried In The Soil...

Well, these look like some very off-brand AirPod clones so this sort of thing is only to be expected really, isn't it?

"So I donated some money to my alma mater to personalize a brick. Success?"

I think that this is the best thing that they could have done with this brick personally, but I'm not sure that the school will agree! Also, this only cost them around $11 apparently. What a steal!

"Must've wanted a different game."

I don't know what is sadder: the fact that they traded this in or the fact that someone bought them this trash game in the first place.

"Free Laser engraving from Apple... why not!"

The fact that this picture was taken on a Samsung Galaxy just makes the whole thing even better!

"Engraving fail."

I think that this would be the perfect gift for anyone who is particularly persnickety about language, as watching them have to wear it out of politeness would be incredible!

Not Exactly What They Had In Mind...

I can just imagine the person who requested this trying to actually articulate this via email. This is some Mr. Peanutbutter material right here, and that's a reference that I'll be curious to see who gets!

"My new brother-in-law got us a wedding present, engraved with a personal touch."

And, if they do decide to resell it, then it will just look like the marriage ended...well, poorly, to say the least!

"A friend told me to post this here, my new birth control comes in a plain white container and I had to decorate it."

That's a pretty clear indicator of what is inside, to be fair! That's also some incredibly good drawing while I'm at it!

"I received this gift from my crush."

I cannot think of a gift that is more well-meaning yet simultaneously heartbreaking than this little trophy!

"Bought an iPod on eBay a while ago. Poor Joe..."

Christ, if the person who this was intended for treated their relationship the way they treated the back of this iPod, then it's no wonder that it ended in disaster!

"Engraved the iPod, boss!"

Something tells me that this may just be an automated system! The machines thought they were doing a good job, don't be so harsh on them. They're trying their best!

"First attempt at embroidering. Present for friends with young kids."

I'm sure that they will love this, and they will probably show their appreciation by ripping chunks of their own hair out!

"My girlfriend let me engrave our kitten's tag."

It gets the point across, that's for sure! I can only hope you also engraved your contact info.

"I asked for a nice razor for my birthday from my boyfriend, engraving was a free optional extra!"

For some reason, when I saw this I thought it was a straight razor, and had to admire the bravery needed to shave that with that type of razor.

"After being turned down by his dream school, my friend laser engraved the rejection letter."

A physical reminder that you can do better, they'll regret their rejection, and you'll show them all!

"This person's awesome solution to covering up a large dent on their car."

Well, I wouldn't call this "covering up," but it is a cute way to turn lemons into lemonade.

"Bought a watch for my girlfriend's birthday, Engraving it with her favorite phrase."

You had the chance to take the high road and engrave something sweet or loving, but no, you stoop to her level instead.

"This was engraved into a bench I found on one of my walks."

What...does this mean? Like, really, what does this mean? Who's "them"? Why would this help?

"The person who numbered the rooms in this building is a pro."

I'm confused about the numbering convention for this building? 800B would even make more sense to me, but now I wonder how this place is organized.

"[...] I asked my sister what she wanted engraved on her iPad for her birthday."

A classic "I technically did what you said" tale, executed pretty damn well too.

"I just engraved this name on an urn for a cat."

An urn and a conveniently labeled container! Also is it just me, or does this urn look like an Etch A Sketch?

"Someone paid $100 for me to engrave this for them."

I feel like I can guess what drink will go in here, but I don't want it to be true so I won't say it.

"My personality."

That's my personality, too, actually. I think all humans are food motivated, in a certain sense.

"My dad got me a 'personalized engraved bowl' for christmas."

Modern engravings look really weird... They look a lot like markers!

"You can get your glasses engraved for only $3."

At the cost of your friendship with Scott, which is priceless.

"I recently sold my iPod Classic for £150. Not bad considering what I had engraved on it."

I'm starting to think that dude's sister from earlier was right. If you put a case on it, it doesn't matter what's engraved.

"Got my dad a pocket watch for my wedding at the weekend. Asked for an engraved capital R at the top. They took the instruction a bit too literally..."

Someone asked if they took it back and got it replaced or just kept this one as a joke, to which they replied, "I did both! I got it replaced but they didn't ask for this one back."

"Why is the person on the back of the cinnamon toast crunch box eating cereal with a fork."

Okay, not an engraving, but a permanent fixture on a brand item that's still incredibly strange.

"My best friend's wife had this engraved into his ring."

This is the kind of humor that you want in your marriage. I mean, I hope that it was meant as a lighthearted joke...