Quotes About What Life Is Really Like After Saying 'I Do'

I can't be the only one who let movies and TV shows convince me that marriage was going to be this fabulous experience of wedded bliss and happiness, right?

I was the kind of person who devoured romantic comedies, so trust me when I say I was sufficiently brainwashed at an early age, and spent most of my adolescence believing marriage was going to be the absolute best.

Of course, now that I'm older and maybe just a little bit wiser, I know that's all just so, so not true.


Before you ask, no. I'm not married. But I am in a serious relationship and living with my partner, so I feel at least somewhat qualified to give my opinion on the matter of spending the rest of your life with someone.

And if you disagree....well, too bad because I've already started my little rant here and there's no going back now.

One thing I've learned very quickly is that men are basically lost without their significant others, and that's just sad.


This morning my boyfriend told me he never sees me put away his belts, but they "always somehow" end up right in his drawer where they belong, "like magic."

Which is cute and all, but maybe he could just start putting his belts in there himself and it won't feel like such a damn mystery every day.

I've also learned that it's perfectly normal not to go around spouting sweet-nothings at your partner all day, because that's just unrealistic.

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Maybe at first, but now we're at this point where I feel perfectly comfortable telling him his feet smell like hot garbage at the end of the workday, and he can tell me my unshaven legs feel like 60-grit sandpaper.

No feelings are ever hurt, and sometimes we even share a laugh or two at ourselves. It's all good.

And of course, there's always the pranks.


I haven't tried this one myself yet, but I have noticed that if I say I thought I saw a spider in our bedroom, my boyfriend (who definitely has arachnophobia) will strip our bed and wash all the sheets himself.

So you can bet I've used that one a few times when I haven't really felt like doing it myself. Learn from me, ladies. You should be writing this down.