Quotes From People Who Perfectly Summed Up Married Life

When I got to a certain age, I really began to notice some interesting things about my parents' marriage. Particularly, how unbelievably petty and passive aggressive it could be.

Don't get me wrong. My parents have a fantastic marriage and have been together for 30 years now, so clearly whatever they're doing works for them.

But now that I'm older, and just a little bit wiser, I find I'm really starting to catch on to those subtle things my mom and dad do to keep things working smoothly with each other.

For instance, I once caught my mom hiding her favorite flavor of Oreos inside a box of wheat crackers she knew my dad hated.


Which was clever, I admit. But then I noticed my dad had also hid his favorite flavor of Oreos inside a box of cereal he knew my mom hated.

The kicker? They were the same kind of Oreos.

Another time, my dad was trying to fix our deck and my mom was trying to help, but he snapped at her for offering up a "ridiculous" suggestion.


So naturally my mom went outside while my dad was eating lunch and hid his hammer somewhere in her garden so he had to wander around the backyard for a full hour, cussing and swearing while he looked for it.

Of course, my dad is no stranger to the petty game of marriage himself.

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On more than one occasion, I've witnessed him and my mom get into an argument and watched him storm into the living room to delete every episode of The Bachelor she had saved on the DVR to watch later.

But that usually results in his taped hockey games getting deleted as well, so no one really wins there.

But despite all their pointless arguments and silly acts of passive-aggression, I know my mom and dad still love each other.

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And even if they regularly do things to irritate the other person, at the end of the day I'm sure they can appreciate that they married someone who is equally as petty as they are.

A #MarriageGoal if I've ever seen one.

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