15+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘I Wish I’d Thought Of That’

Is there anything more disheartening than seeing something incredible only to be left wishing that you had come up with the idea beforehand? Or even, actually having the same idea but not going through with it only to see someone else succeed with it, perhaps?

Anyway, in this vein, enjoy these 15+ funny moments that made us go, "I wish I'd thought of that!"

"6 years ago today my great grandma celebrated her 100th birthday in true Irish Catholic fashion; piñata full of whisky followed by a basement church service."

Reddit | HiddenSquish

I mean, I could have done without the church service, but a piñata full of whiskey is one of the greatest ideas I've ever heard!

Can I Borrow A Light Mate?

Reddit | UNKNOWN1595

I don't think that anyone has ever managed to hold onto a lighter like that for more than a week before it is either stolen by someone or is just inexplicably eaten by your pockets.

"2020 professional attire!"

Reddit | beeranden

There were a lot of comments on this pic from people who were amazed that anyone was wearing pants of any variety when on Zoom. Put some peanut pants on at the very least, people!

"It's like Hypercolor, but gross."

Reddit | disconaldo

This is great, as I could just cry down my t-shirt and then people would think that I've been productive!

"She was not amused."

Reddit | Youcalled911forthat

I'd be so annoyed if I saw this on my kid's report card... I'd be furious that I had to punish them for this while also thinking that it was pretty damn funny.

"Damnit, [Vicks], where was this back in January?"

Reddit | TheWeetodd

Yeah, I mean, they're coming in a little late with the product of the year! There is still a lot of this year left though, so it might be worth taking one anyway.

"My neighbour put this above his doorbell."

Reddit | yarectln

I think I know that I will be doing to my doorbell tonight, if not just to hear a delivery driver yell "ding dong!" They'd need to get an extra big tip if they actually did it as well!

"My dad mails my dog $ and giftcards on the regular."

Reddit | ohappydea

Obviously the random gift cards are a great idea, but I cannot believe I never thought to name my dog "Taco"! That is a great name.

The Worst Alphabet Book!

Reddit | Triggercut72

This is an amazing idea! Kids have had it far too easy for too long! It's about time we made their childhood more difficult again!

"My therapist recommended I maintain a more positive body image."

Reddit | RudyWillingham

This is a great idea! It's good to see this guy is finally getting the recognition he deserves as the sexiest man alive, even if it is only from within the confines of his own bathroom!

"My son might be slacker, but he also might be a genius."

Reddit | devmikale

Wow, that kid absolutely nailed that answer, didn't he? I would have been over the moon if my kid had shown ingenuity like this!

"Asparagus flavored ice cream..."

Reddit | mekanikstik

Yep, that's right, I'm putting this on the list! You know what? I bloody love asparagus, and I want to try this more than any other flavor of ice cream! Don't hate me for this!


Reddit | SaintEnzo

Wow, this is truly terrible. However, the one thing that I am more annoyed about is the fact that I never thought of this joke before.

"Solid use of the double stroller."

Reddit | spenbay

I really hope that he bought a double stroller for extra storage space and didn't just trade the other kid for that crate of beer!

Chemistry Jokes!

Reddit | YeOldeLewis

I'm sure that there will be a lot of people who have incredibly specific science jokes to add to this, and please let me know your nerdiest joke in the comments. I can't promise I'll get them, but I'll try!

All Hail The Weather Stone!

Reddit | KKn_D

Although, the stone could still be wet after the rain has stopped? Dear God, the stone is a liar!

"Streamer hat!"

Reddit | Streamer hat

I particularly like how she has managed to maintain a completely neutral expression in both pictures despite wearing a streamer hat. What a great way to annoy everyone around you on public transport!

"People are selling these things on amazon..."

Reddit | Nessie8

I am pretty certain that there would be some people out there who would buy these! I mean, people like Coldplay, so anything is possible.

What A Way To Leave Your Job!

Reddit | LotusLizz

Anyone who has the gall to hand in their notice with a garish, custom-made, egotistical cake is my kind of person!

All Of The Other Nissan Jokes Were Taken...

Reddit | Catblud

"If you are looking for a nice car, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have is a Nissan, a Nissan I have acquired over a very long career. A Nissan that makes me a nightmare for people like you."