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36 Pics That Went Viral Because Of A Tiny Detail

Although the biggest things in life are the most likely to catch our attention, we often find that the smallest details turn out to be the most important.

This fact of life goes without saying when you're a jeweler or computer chip developer, but we've all driven ourselves crazy trying to find out why something isn't working only to discover that a small piece is slightly out of place.

So it's high time that the little details in life found a way to attract our interest like the immediately eye-catching giants do. And the photos we're about to see are a great start to doing that.

If it weren't for that yellow eye, we'd have no way of knowing that this crocodile is even here.

Reddit | ShadowHarry234

It's scary to think about but the difference between this beast's eye opening and closing can be the difference between having no teeth around your leg and several.

If you look into your cat's eye and see a squiggly line like this surrounding it, there's no need to worry.

Reddit | Fernxtwo

While some might jump to the conclusion that this is some kind of parasite, it's actually one of the cat's circumference sphincters, a constricting muscle.

And yes, I know how that sounds.

When the uploader cut open this Spanish onion, they noticed a surprise that's very easy to miss.

Reddit | Pixelated_tentacle

While it's not unusual to see recognizable shapes in our produce, it took a pretty uncanny natural coincidence for a peace sign to appear so distinctly here.

This temple in Si Kaeo, Thailand looks very nice but becomes even more impressive when you learn what it's made of.

Reddit | sarveshak99

According to Atlas Obscura, a Buddhist monk and his followers were getting annoyed by how much the locals were littering back in 1984. So they decided that building a temple entirely out of beer bottles was a creative way to promote recycling.

Today, the resulting Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew temple has over 1.5 million bottles as building materials and the monks are adding more all the time.

Although this natural oddity might be easy to miss, the same really can't be said for its roots.

Reddit | lfpod

What we're seeing here is a tree growing on top of a completely different tree. Its roots extend all the way to the ground and coexist with those of the tree it's sitting on.

I'm guessing some animal left a very determined seed up here?

Anyone who's ever had a rat infestation knows there's apparently nothing they can't chew through but that doesn't always work out for them.

Reddit | julianmarket

In case it's not clear, the rats were relentless in their efforts to gnaw their way through this tub of rat poison.

I guess the label wasn't lying about the peanut butter flavoring here. As you can see, a lot of rodents love peanut butter even more than they love cheese.

I suppose it's a lot easier to notice a tiny detail when it's sitting in the middle of a big, empty space.

Reddit | Kdtst10

You may have seen single toy trucks on the back of an 18-wheeler before and wondered who keeps shipping them.

But apparently, this is something the truck drivers themselves do because they often consider an empty bed bad luck.

It's likely possible to own this model of microwave for years without ever realizing that it has a "child" setting.

Reddit | UncleLazer

While that sounds sinister, it's actually a safety feature that the uploader's toddler triggered by randomly mashing the buttons.

In addition to giving parents some peace of mind, it can probably embarrass adults who accidentally activate it.

If something seems oddly familiar about this man's tattoos, let me solve the mystery for you.

Reddit | fineapple25

From the looks of it, whenever he received a new stamp on his passport, he would get that stamp tattooed on him.

It's definitely an interesting way to let people know where you've been.

It's pretty hard to stand out as a jigsaw puzzle maker but one company called Appleone has found a way.

Reddit | MadForHatters

Each of their puzzles are designed to accommodate one apple-shaped piece alongside the ones we're used to.

Considering how odd the curvature of the pieces around it would have to be, I'm guessing that actually makes the puzzle easier.

This street light has a light switch at the base of it.

Reddit | MarineJAB

I suppose it's a good thing that I don't know where this is because I know I'd be tempted to go there at night and see if it actually turns the street light on and off.

And if doesn't, why is it there?

Something about this packaging will probably seem oddly familiar to you even if you've never seen it before.

Reddit | AaronWaldner

So before your search for the reason gets too maddening, I'll just come clean and tell you that "mini muffins" has the same font as the one they use for the Toy Story movies.

It's not too unusual for the displays in a fast food restaurant to run into an unfortunate error but it's particularly amusing at the British McDonald's.

Reddit | reecelyonssound

It's a little hard to see but the program their menus run on is apparently called CHIPS.exe. The only way it could be more weirdly appropriate is if the program was code named Big Mac.

Sometimes it's only by noticing the tiniest details that we can tell what we're really looking at.

Reddit | katana_kusanagi

For instance, it's only because of that slight rippling between the rock and the vegetation that we know that we're looking at a puddle and not catching a cliffside view of a forest.

Pretty trippy, right?

This shot of a giraffe eating may not be so unusual until you notice there isn't any meat on those bones.

Reddit | SergioFHAR

According to National Geographic, it's actually not uncommon for giraffes to gnaw on bones because that's how they get calcium and phosphorous in their bodies.

They don't swallow bones but rather chew and suck on them to let their saliva dissolve the nutrients inside.

When the uploader took a photo of Saturn, they likely wouldn't have expected it to turn out so well.

Reddit | navidj

For one thing, it's actually easier than usual to tell that this is, indeed, Saturn because you can actually see its rings.

Good luck seeing that with the naked eye.

This classic car was actually old enough to show us how the trunk got its name.

Reddit | RandallStevens_esq

As we can see here, there was a time when this compartment actually looked like the kind of standalone trunk that might have Grandma's old clothes in it.

I would have never noticed this if the uploader hadn't pointed it out.

Reddit | Olneyvillain4190

Their daughter's doll came with a tiny phone and it has both a cracked screen and a symbol indicating that its battery is low.

I guess those details are supposed to tell us what kind of person this doll is?

"My daughter's new goldfish has a moustache."

Reddit | pants_on_fire_fire

It's hard to tell how exactly this fish turned out this way but now it just needs a little hat and a monocle to complete its distinguished look.

I guarantee it has no idea why someone's paying this much attention to it.

"A bonsai apple tree growing a full-sized apple."

As someone in the comments pointed out, this is possible due to the fact that there are no genetic differences between a full-sized apple tree and a small version. Bonsai trees are the way they are due to maintenance, not genetic code.

"This dead plant looks like a broomstick."

I can so perfectly see a tiny fairy both sweeping her cottage with this and flying away on it like a witch.

"Someone hung up a sign telling their friend Ed where to turn."

This is the same as any other GPS, just without the digital aspect! Hopefully only one person named Ed drives by it that day though.

"Saddleback Golf Course, Colorado."

Does it really count as "winning" a dispute when it ends with your wife and the golf cart in the lake?

"The wings of the atlas moth look like snakes."

Whatever predator gets fooled by this must not see many snakes. Their bodies look nothing like that!

"The timing of this photo."

This reads so much like a cheesy tourist photo op spot, but it really just is a neat coincidence! The deer looks just as shocked as the photographer probably was!

All because of a piece of cheese.

In today’s reminder to be careful what you share online, a man was jailed after sharing a photo of cheese! The man was sentenced to prison for 13 years and six months for conspiracy to supply illegal drugs because a photo he posted of himself holding cheese included his fingerprints, helping authorities identify him.

"My puzzle came with a stand for the box."

I never considered this as a problem people would have, but I bet it's a blessing for frequent puzzle solvers!

"I went to 5 stores to find a can of pumpkin purée today just to bake this loaf. Totally worth it."

I know that it's entirely a placebo effect, but I think food that looks pretty like this just tastes better. Elevates the experience.

"Saudi desert abandoned site [by Ty Newcomb]."

Dubbed The Lonely Castle, this project was actually going to be a tomb, though it was obviously abandoned. Good to know that leaving things mid-project has been happening for centuries.

"The beautiful colors normally hidden in a plain brown duck."

I somehow knew there was color under there, probably seeing flashes of it before, but I had no idea it was so brilliant!

"Found this while cleaning some gutters today. Quit firing your guns in the air!"

If this had been a few feet off and someone had been standing outside, it could have ended far worse. I think the uploader's request is a good one to follow.

"My shopping cart had a phone holder."

Now this is the type of innovation I'm looking for. I write shopping lists on my phone and am tired of stopping in the middle of aisles to remember what I need to get!

"Maybe that’s a giant penny and not a teeny tiny frog?"

The more I think about it, the less I'm sure which I'd rather be true. Do I want a tiny frog or a big penny?

Although it was pretty faint, the uploader was able to catch a rainbow in the clouds that didn't follow any actual rain.

Reddit | rabisconegro

As the CBC reported, this is an iridescent cloud and it's more likely to occur when a cloud is both thin enough and close enough to the sun to allow the light through its scattered water particles.

"My brother scored a pumpkin while it was small so it grew with the name on it."

So those pale marks sometimes seen on produce are essentially plant scar tissue? How cool!

"There was a dollar behind the label of my beer."

A brand of beer that will pay you to drink it? Sign me up.

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