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30 Tiny But Important Details That Could Have Been Overlooked

To a certain degree, we all have blinders on just like racehorses, and there's a good reason for that. We can only focus on so many things in our lives, and if we don't, important things get overlooked.

So, it's always nice when someone else points out the tiny details that disappear behind the blinders we're wearing just to get through the day. You never know what you're missing out on.

That's pretty smooth.

Reddit | Eleven_Xi

I mean, yes, that is a tiny shell, but that's not the detail most of us fail to notice here. The fingers holding the shell? No fingerprints.

That's not camera blur or anything. The uploader said that it's a genetic trait, passed down from their mother.

Seems like it might come in handy.

Reddit | crunchchute

This cricket is sporting a third eye. Not sure if that eye is blind or not, but either way, the cricket seems to be living a semi-charmed kind of life.

I know, that's a groaner, but really, you have to wonder how it sees the world, don't you?

This should probably be much more normal to see.

Reddit | caspii2

In Sweden, you can buy a brand of diapers that has a dad cuddling with his child on the packaging. That's really the kind of detail that hits home when you notice it.

She must look amazing in the spring.

Reddit | cotabas

It's hard to tell from a distance — and that's kind of the whole point — but the hair on this mural is actually plants.

What a beautiful way to incorporate some nice greenery into what would otherwise be a boring, gray wall.

I definitely wouldn't have noticed.

Reddit | amyloujay

I've never really checked where my contact lenses get made. This person's left eye lens is made in the U.S., but the right eye lens comes from Ireland. Sounds weird, right?

But apparently, some of Acuvue's lenses are made in Ireland, and when you have astigmatism, you do need two different lenses. The more you know, I guess.

Melts in your mouth, not in cream?

Reddit | stephen250

This person ordered an M&M sundae, and when the M&Ms sank as the ice cream melted, the little candy "m"s on top stayed on the ice cream's surface. Not exactly sure what sort of science/candy sorcery is at work here, but it's different!

Now here's something I hadn't considered before.

A comet's tail always points away from the sun, even when it's moving away. You'd expect the tail to be behind it, but that's because we live in an atmosphere.

In a vacuum, the energy emanating from the sun directs the tail, not the direction it's traveling in.

Never would have guessed.

Reddit | Langy75

If the owner of these books had never lined them up like this, they'd probably never know that they always handle them near the middle.

It's not exactly consequential knowledge, but at the same time, I also kind of want to check my own books to see if there's a pattern.

I guess with hamsters, all the details are small.

Reddit | Amysmadeofwax

But for this one about to undergo surgery, one detail is fascinating because of its smallness — the veterinarians can't use a stethoscope on it. It's too small.

It has to have a heart monitor taped onto to it.

Not sure this one would have registered with me.

Reddit | 3R0TH5IO

But Tesla's service fleet aren't Teslas - they're Fords.

Of course, Tesla doesn't manufacture a van — but who knows, maybe they'll convert some of their Cybertrucks over to service vehicles after they start rolling out of the Gigafactories.

They could have just cut this tree down when making the road here.

Reddit | casualEmu

Instead, the designers decided to save it and add a little curve to the road instead. It probably acts as a bit of a speed bump too, as drivers have to pay attention to go around it.

That could get annoying.

Reddit | ambiguous_user

The colors match a bit too well here, potentially fooling someone into thinking they need to replace a blade on their ceiling fan.

Good news: It's still there. It has simply faded into the background.

What an odd landscape.

Reddit | Hotandsaucy

But that's what happens when the color of the sky matches the color of a lake. If not for that narrow strip of land in the middle, you wouldn't even know where the water ended and the sky began.

Hmmm, that seems like an important detail.

Reddit | Spike-Ball

That sign warning of limited visibility has some visibility problems of its own. Putting another sign in front of it was not actually a great way to reinforce the lack of visibility.

These guys really want you enjoy their beer.

Reddit | JebSenrab

I mean, it's not uncommon to see recommendations for things like food pairings on beer and wine labels, but musical accompaniment? That's a new one for me.

I wonder if those tunes really do enhance the experience.

You don't think much about what's going on underneath your train seat, do you?

Reddit | examqL

It's not like a plane seat, where you have that stowaway spot for your carry-on, and your seat is a flotation device.

Under this train seat is a sandbox. It can be emptied onto the tracks below in a situation where the train might need some help with traction. Makes sense!

Did anyone expect this up close?

Reddit | polterabend

From afar, the Sydney Opera House looks like it's just a smooth, uniform building. Up close, you can see that the structure is covered in small white and cream tiles.

There are more than a million tiles on that roof.

So that's how Alex knows who selects next.

Reddit | matlockga

See that little white dot at the bottom of Zach's podium? That lets Alex know who had the last correct response, and thus has control of the board. It's not the sort of thing you really notice in a typical broadcast, is it?

Um, bonus?

Reddit | SensitivePassenger

This person discovered a tiny detail that could become a painful detail in their mouth — an extra tooth poking up from below despite already having a mouth full of adult teeth.

Things could get interesting there — and pricey.

Far away lands.

Reddit | SparksTheSouls

The way this ink stain spread across this receipt looks like a fantasy map illustration that could put Middle Earth and Westeros to shame.

Even the smallest things get well worn.

Reddit | cecikierk

On the left is a brand new needle, and on the left is a needle after months of sewing. No need to throw it out though. A quick sharpen will bring it back to life!

Healing up nicely.

Reddit | bigeffingd

This uploader's wife made a tiny set of crutches for their dinosaur planter after one of its legs broke during a storm. If this is how she supports the planters in her life, imagine how she supports her friends and family!

Daily commute.

Reddit | xerikappax

That semi-circle of lighter green you see is actually the result of a dog that's run the exact same pattern for years. I guess everyone likes to have a routine!

Perfect puzzle pieces.

Reddit | MarriedToSanta

This user's daughter has a dinosaur puzzle that features dinosaur pieces! Apparently, the "G" stands for the daughter's name, but I think it also stands for "great puzzle design."

These surveillance cameras made to look like birds.

Reddit | AsphaltsParakeet

These are cool, but I hope this was designed for decoration rather than disguise, because I don't think you'll be fooling anyone here.

Time worn.

Reddit | VersaceRabbit

These dips in the stone are due to over 700 years of rainfall dripping into those exact spots, wearing them down until they became mini craters!

Thanks, milk!

Reddit | PancakePie37

So nice of the dairy to add a positive message where people are generally going to check once in a while, right next to the expiry date. It's low-profile, but pretty clever placement.

One man's dinner is the same man's treasure!

Reddit | Jonnyboay

This user found a pearl in a mussel while eating some seafood. I think my biggest fear is this, but instead of finding it I accidentally swallow it, thus losing the coolest thing that would ever happen to me.

A helping hand.

Reddit | chickadichina

Robots are, strangely enough, slowly becoming more common in grocery stores and supermarkets. This Walmart in particular took to naming theirs Todd.

Piggyback ride.

Reddit | pareidae

When inspecting this shell, you can see the imprint of a tinier shell right on it! Like it got a little tattoo of itself.