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20 Hidden Gems We Might Never Have Known About

There's goodness all around us, but unfortunately, it can be awfully hard to find. You either have to know where to look, or you have to be lucky.

Thankfully, some folks out there have already found some hidden gems in their neighborhoods and shared them with the world.

This lone strawberry sprouted up a gutter.

Reddit | DoinWhatIGottaDo

Even if you don't decide to buy into the metaphor here, it's still a tasty surprise strawberry, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Someone hid an Ewok in this puzzle.

Reddit | Baceballben

It's just to the right of this image, peering out from behind a tree. I guess the puzzle's designer was a Jedi fan, and just wanted to see who was paying attention?

This non-alcoholic beverage has a tongue-in-cheek "warning" on its label.

Reddit | doclsd

"Governmint warning," it reads. "(1)According to the Sturgeon General, this beverage is A-OK for operating light, medium, and heavy machinery, potable for preggos, and completely safe for driving, flying, or teleportation. (2) It's pretty much good wherever, whenever. Maybe even on the Moon..."

Someone put a chandelier in a tree for some reason.

Reddit | nemothorx

I mean, you'd probably expect to see just a bunch of branches, but no, there's a full-on fancy chandelier hanging there to surprise whoever decides to look up.

If you're ever flying into Phoenix, you might be able to find this sign pointing the way to the city.

Reddit | gingerlish

This was probably helpful to pilots back in the days before GPS satellites and the like, when open desert could be confusing. Now, it's just kind of a fun sight to look out for on your flight.

From afar, this building appears to have its street address in big metal numbers on the ground.

Reddit | synesthesiah

From up close, they serve another purpose: They're also a bike rack.

Somebody out for a walk in the woods found this unlikely scene.

Reddit | lieV_aapje

Someone else had set up a little gnome home in a hollowed-out tree. Judging by the sign, this is maybe in the Netherlands? Is this a Dutch thing? Even if not, it's terribly wholesome.

Meanwhile, somebody out for a walk in Yorkshire found this artwork.

Reddit | maddas782

Yes, it would appear that someone carved a log to look like a dragon chomping down on a would-be dragonslayer's leg, and then just left it there to gather moss.

This old relic reveals something unexpected about the past.

Reddit | toooldtostayuplate

It's a letter home from a soldier in the Soviet Red Army in WWII - the creases show their letters would folded into triangles, and to save on paper, they wouldn't use envelopes.

I want one of these for my house.

Reddit | darkjj11912

The side of this staircase can swing aside to help furniture be moved up and down with ease, and can lock into place otherwise. So, so handy.

This old alien-themed wallpaper was discovered behind a radiator.

Reddit | glasgowwelder

And it's fantastic - if it were my house, I would be hoping to find even more of it hidden away so I could open it all up.

You have to look closely at this dog blanket to find that it's wonderfully inclusive.

Reddit | Mecha_Osprey

And totally in keeping with dog love, too. All dogs are good boys and girls, period.

Bees apparently had quite the home for themselves inside this tree.

Reddit | ReasonableAmount

Can you imagine how much honey would have been in there? It's a pooh bear's dream.

Accidental art.

Reddit | LaBisquit

Surely nobody intended this wall hanging to cast the shadow of an alligator, right? Pretty amazing that it does, though.

The coloring on the underside of this cat's paw is split almost exactly evenly.

Reddit | WalkTheLine666

Note that it's not just the fur's coloring either, but the pads, too.

Lost among all the others, there is a monument to a single person for the Banana Wars conflicts.

Reddit | DonutPoweh

The Banana Wars refer to a period between 1898 and 1934 in which the U.S. took actions in many small Central American and Caribbean nations.

"My grandma just passed away short of her 90th birthday," wrote the uploader. "I found this photo while looking through her albums."

Reddit | aesop7

I think we would have really liked this person's grandmother.

This teacup reveals a hidden image when you hold it up to the light.

Reddit | ShartsBeforeFarts

Although this is obviously from Japan, China and many European nations also produced porcelain with similar designs - they're called lithopanes.

Not where you'd expect to find a basketball court, is it?

Reddit | ryan5648

But a cave is kind of an inspired spot - you get both fresh air and some protection from the elements.

The wood grain on this tree is something else.

Reddit | HumptyDooDah

And if you didn't look closely, you would never know it. I wonder how it feels, if it's actually smooth or ridged.

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