These People Made Us Embarrassed To Be Human (44 Pics)

Sometimes you will see something out in the wild that will make your head fall into your hands and cause you to ponder how we have come so far as a species.

Well, strap in and prepare to be baffled by these 13+ real-life finds that made us lose faith in humanity!

"Parking a car in a van."

Reddit | muh4

I don't think that I'd be able to drive behind this van. The fear of this car falling out the back would be too great. And I think that's a perfectly reasonable fear!

"Do not park on the beach."

Reddit | kozynak

If they don't get that out soon, then some kid with a metal detector is going to have one hell of a find a few years down the line.

"Not one of my brightest moments."

Reddit | the_one_less_banned

This is the sort of thing that you should be doing after you've drunk the wine, not before!

"This woman was spray-painting her car black in a Walmart parking lot on a windy day."

Reddit | ForSucksFake

But...why? How urgently do you need to turn your car from yellow to black that you can't wait until you get home?

"This is my favourite item ever returned at Walmart. Happened at my store."

Reddit | LeoNickle

Another person shared, "I was once in a Wal-mart customer service line and a lady was returning a plug in air freshener because it had stopped smelling nice. It was day 29 of a 30 day cartridge. She got her $3 back and I lost 15 minutes of my life."

"Idiot of the week award goes to this person."

Reddit | lesstaller

"Dave, do you want me to clear off the snow?"

"Are you saying I can't drive with snow on the windshield?!"

"I'm just saying..."

"Get in! I'm gonna prove you wrong!"

"Worst. Delivery. Ever."

Reddit | AusFail

At this point they may as well have just been honest and written, "I launched this out my truck window but overcooked it. It's your problem now."

"Woman at station using gasoline to clean bumper."

Reddit | CanadianArtGirl

I'm actually quite curious to see if this works. However, I won't be trying it due to the fact that I don't want to die in a fiery explosion.

"I just got this snap chat from my brother."

Reddit | giraffaholic

I wonder if they informed her of her mistake, or just left her to figure it out for herself?

"You should always be aware of your surroundings. This lady was not and stepped into freshly poured cement at a Walgreens."

Reddit | brdraper

Even though you can't see her face, you can really feel how dejected this woman feels. It looks as though she is about to just sit down and fully accept her fate.

"My friend's husband thought he could microwave his shirt to dry it faster..."

Reddit | NotKay

I mean, it looks pretty dry to me! Sure, there are a few holes, but he achieved what he set out to do!

"This happened at my local restaurant."

Reddit | pmmeyourpeacesign

I hope that this kid's parents have a lot of change to spend on trying to win their son back!

"When you are from Arizona and think 70 degrees on the beach in Cali doesnt require sunscreen. I. Hurt."

Reddit | slviiier

I don't know how you wouldn't slap this person right on the stomach if you saw this! It'd be too tempting.

"I glanced at my boss' computer yesterday, and suddenly the shop's organization makes sense."

Reddit | Vladamir

Someone really needs to introduce this person's boss to folders! Good God, this is giving me anxiety!

"In Rare Incident, Suburban Man Claims He's Smaller Than He Actually Is!"

Reddit | Aaron_Purr

Jesus, what an absolute git. It blows me away that there are people out there who are such blatant asshats.

"Just what kids need ⏤ scented scissors."

Reddit | smelissy

Ah yes, just what parents and teachers across the globe need! Something to inspire children to shove scissors up their noses!

"Today someone decided to make an illegal u turn at the worst possible time."

Reddit | _zatoichi

The driver of this Audi has not only ruined their own day, but the days of all of the workers who had just finished this concrete.

"Someone in my office apparently tried to Xerox whatever was on their iPad screen."

Reddit | babyinthebathwater

Someone needs to teach this person how to screenshot, as I reckon they're going to waste a ton of ink before they realize why this isn't working!

"People in Oregon aren't allowed to pump their own gas. This is what it looks like when they travel."

Reddit | GhostalMedia

I can't imagine not pumping my own gas. It would make me feel like an extravagant lord sitting in my car while someone did it for me!

"Some people's stupidity is beyond me..."

Reddit | roomiccube

Yeah, but it's still a lot of effort to lift the bike up over that pole! How could any thief really be expected to lift a whole bike?

"This is what happens when your dumbass manager doesn't believe that dough will continue to rise."

Reddit | [Deleted]

"Hey, so remember when I told you that dough will continue to rise in the trashcan?"

"Why are you covered in dough?"

"Well, these things are related..."

"Wear a hair net they tell me... don't worry about the beard."

Reddit | Tanoshikatta

The top response to this person's post was the amazingly savage statement, "to be honest, it does look like your head hair is more likely to fall out than your beard hair"! Way to really kick this guy where it hurts!

"Great hangover!"

Reddit | Nic0487

Ooft, that looks like one hell of a rough morning. I can't really judge this person though. I can't count the number of times I've woken up in a bush.

"Really wanted pizza, fell asleep."

Reddit | snailfrymccloud

It baffles me that there are people out there who are able to mess up cooking frozen pizzas. They're the easiest thing to cook on the face of the earth! I suspect alcohol must have played a part here.

"Well... I think the image speaks for itself."

Reddit | S0Ldado_WC

Hopefully they'll drive through a big load of spilled rice which would fix this phone no problem!

"This sign literally reads 'Dumb art on square.' And look, it's some dumb art, on a square."

Reddit | Cribsby_critter

I love a good bit of dumb art on a square. There is loads of it at the Tate Modern Galleries!

"He forgot to put water in his cup o noodles."

Reddit | themagicpotato

Just look at his face. This boy will never get over this mistake. It will stay with him until the day he dies.

"This is what happens when you take the ice tray out of a freezer with an automatic ice maker."

Reddit | DabneyEatsIt

At least you'll have very cold drinks for a very long time!

"[...] The weather computer [failed] during my local news."

Reddit | TheBeerKnight

The fact that this works almost as well as a regular forecast really shows how extra all those green screens are.

"I live in a town where I have been waiting for this to happen for almost 24 years...Today, it finally happened!"

Reddit | kamehamehameow

There's a bridge in my city where the same thing happens, and it's always a glorious moment. Makes me feel better about my driving and navigation.

Some Staffing Issues.

Reddit | Mister_Johnson_

The snark and bitter sarcasm in this note is palpable. That's one angry manager.

"Should we go tell them?"

Reddit | RenoGuy76

If you tell them, the laughs end here. If you don't, so many more people will see it and smile. Not telling them would be for the greater good, actually.

"This is what happens when your 2,088 week old mother LOVES to push buttons in her new car."

Reddit | rizabove

She's 40, by the way. Not sure why he wrote it in weeks. In her defense, I love pushing buttons in my car, too. It happens at all ages.

"Got blackout drunk last girlfriend helped me remember what happened."

Reddit | chadneit

At least she didn't have to clean it up. She should be thanking that dog!

"What happens when my wife asks me to write the letter from Santa at 12:30am."

Reddit | SirSilksalot

This is suddenly making me very suspicious about things my parents showed me before I could read. It could have said anything!

"This is what happens when you park in a reserved spot at my company."

Reddit | GordyBombayy

With a car that fancy? Yeah, I'm not surprised this person thought they were entitled to a reserved spot.

"I'm colour blind and this is how I know what green is... This happens way too often."

Reddit | mbazdell

You need a dedicated banana spotter. Or, just buy them when they're definitely ripe and eat them all in one day.

The Pose Of Defeat.

Reddit | heyheyhiitsme

I've been trying to reverse engineer what happened here. Did the post go through his pant leg? Why? Was he trying to jump over it and missed? But again, why?

"This guy pissed off his neighbor, who happens to own the adjacent parking lot..."

Reddit | CircularJerkuler

This is revenge the likes of which I've never seen. So simple. So ingenious. So vicious.

"My SO is forever leaving the toilet roll in different places. I thought I'd repay the favour."


Here's hoping they have to use the bathroom before you do.

"My mom used the screen protector's throwaway film instead of the actual screen protector. She literally used trash as a screen protector."

Reddit | The_PwnShop

Christ alive, how would you look at that every day? It is setting off my anxiety just looking at this picture! I need to peel it off!

"Uhh, excuse me officer, but it looks like you forgot something."

Reddit | QuasarsRcool

They were supposed to serve and protect, not steal gas pumps and put everyone on the road in danger! Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

"My friend thought she was looking super badass in this knight helmet."

Reddit | Gordondel

Yeah, and she does. Badass and fancy! Who needs nice dresses when you have knight armor and wine?

You Can't Sit With Us!

Reddit | methanol2003

Which of the blunders and mistakes on this list was your favorite? Be sure to let me know in the comments below! I think mine has to be the woman cleaning her car with gasoline. Incredible stuff!