30 Inventions That Look Nice, But Are Completely Useless

While everyone likes for their inventions and products to looks nice, it is also very important for them to actually do what they are intended to do. However, sometimes people mistakenly value style over function.

For some of the most bizarre examples of this, please enjoy these 17+ inventions that look nice, but are completely useless.

"Artsy but impractical."


"It looks like DNA! Do you get it?"

"Yes, but how are people supposed to get their bikes in it?"

"I don't think you're getting it. It looks like DNA!"

"But where do the bikes go?!"

"Dave, DNA!"

"Talk about surf rock."

Reddit | Revolver1998

Can you imagine lugging this thing around to gigs? I dread to think how big the damn case is!

"Chandelier Headlights."

Reddit | lajosyext

It looks like they also have some jazzy break lights fitted as well at the back. I bet this thing handles like a steakhouse.

"Spider sheets, for when you need to stay up all night."

Reddit | jaimmster

There is no denying that these things look incredible and they're amazingly well done... They're just a bit, well, terrifying!

"I guess they'd rather mop than vacuum."

Reddit | Flablessguy

Okay, so we've managed to find a car that will be more of a lug than the chandelier headlights. Those tiles are gonna slow this car down like nobody's business.

"Heard you guys might appreciate this velvet Mercedes I saw..."

Reddit | comicbookbean

Okay, so I'm playing a bit fast and loose here with the "inventions that look nice" aspect, but I reckon there are some donuts out there who actually like this design. Just imagine driving in the rain though.

"Asked my friend visiting Japan to bring me back the most impractical iPhone case he could find and I would use it. Dear god he delivered."

Reddit | ImLyingToYouRightNow

Did they really need to put "BIG!" in large letters like that at the top? I think that we are all capable of working that out for ourselves!

"I received the most useless item ever at a golf tournament yesterday."

Reddit | Thedaveabides98

After the first shot, they'll never find it again. I have the same problem when I play golf, but that's because I suck.

"Somebody give the person who designed this a medal."

Reddit | readit_erla

Sure, at a glance it might look like an effective safety feature, but upon closer inspection you realize that it is the single most useless thing imaginable.

"Ferris Wheels."

Reddit | lajosyext

But, they don't spin? If the person who designed this was really serious, they should have built an entire rotating Ferris wheel on the back of this truck!

I Don't Think Your Shelves Have Finished Loading...

Reddit | CoastieMark

I love it when my shelves only hold half of the stuff that I want them to! Who really wants shelves that hold a lot of things anyway? Nerds, that's who!

"Who had the time for this?!"

Reddit | condomonsteroid

This has obviously taken a truly incredible amount of work, but it's going to be a little more difficult to use for its intended purpose now.

"At what point are stairs not stairs?"

Reddit | 4dspecs

It's making me quite anxious just thinking about trying to walk up these nightmarish stairs! God forbid that you would design a set of stairs that are, you know, easy to climb.

"Disco cement truck."

Reddit | GeneReddit123

Sure, it looks pretty impressive, but can you imagine the carnage you would cause by driving this around, blinding everyone on the roads?

"Doily Hubcaps."

Reddit | Azerate333

Ah yes, much like the velvet Mercedes. I can imagine these beauties being an absolute dream to use in the rain or snow!

"This Skin Cake..."

Reddit | invisiblepeep

Again, this has obviously taken an immense amount of time and skill, but is completely useless as no one would ever be able to bring themselves to eat the thing!

Great Idea, But Incredibly Dangerous...

Reddit | Giono_OOf_01

It would be terrifyingly annoying driving behind this van for any length of time. I can assure you of that. Although, it'd be a good way to stop people from tailgating.

"Toilet paper nails."

Reddit | Interlacedexodus

Ah yes, I hear these have been very "in" over recent months. I'm quite stunned that they actually rotate and such, but I can't say I'd be keen to use them for their intended purpose in a pinch.

"Three-legged table that my boss found and put in my office."

Reddit | MrMayonnaise76

Ah yes, the perfect decor piece: someone who looks like they got cut in half in a magician's table.

"Did a double take when I saw this rock in my friend’s yard. she said it came from the tenants before her, but I think it is the tenant."

Reddit | lainbrainbutt

If you're going to openly have this on your property, it's best to just own it. Become the weird neighbor. Let everyone think you're a gorgon who turns people to stone. Makes life fun.

Spice up your living room with a whole car.

Reddit | lajosyext

When you have an extra Porsche chassis laying around, as we tend to from time to time, now you have an easy DIY solution to put it to use!

"If you have a fear of clowns, this would be traumatic."

Reddit | ImTryingDammit

I think this is just traumatizing regardless. I don't have a fear of clowns but I'm still extremely upset now.

"Hand-made stucco wheels."

Reddit | sn0rk95

Similar to the doily wheels up above, these are...questionable. Not sure I'm into these overly-artsy hubcaps.

"Jet engine camping trailer."

Reddit | Xander395

I'll give it to this one: This actually looks pretty sick. Almost futuristic, like a space pod. I bed that window means you can wake up to some great views, too!

"I didn’t know there was a competition for this."

Reddit | kagamaru

There's not. That's the genius of it. If no one else does it, you're the automatic record holder!

"The bathtub buggy."

Reddit | lajosyext

This is bordering on the type of tacky I actually adore. I still wouldn't drive it, but I'd sit in a bathtub for a novelty picture.

"This, motorcar? Carcycle?"

Reddit | SonOfASmokySwan

Continuing on with bad bikes, there's...this. Is this a bike? I can't tell what it's trying to be, or if it's doing anything successfully.

"World's most impractical pen."

Reddit | DrCorneliusFunk

It is so close to being a useful item. Although, how often are you trying to write things in the dark? Also, we live in a time when everyone's phone has a flashlight on it.

"At this condo building, anybody walking by can stand directly underneath the pool and look up for a close view of whoever's swimming by."

Reddit | RaboKarabek

This is a surefire way to ensure I'll never swim at your facilities. I'm already self-conscious enough. I don't need to be looked at from below.

"The raised cutout of this ceiling doesn't allow the fan to suck in any air."

Reddit | Rexmatt

I'm not a big fan of this design, I can tell you that for nothing...

Get it? A big fan, like the thing that is in the picture itself. I impress myself sometimes.