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24 Clueless People Who Didn't Bother With Using The Drawing Board

There's something to be said for trusting your instincts...sometimes. If you're in a situation where nothing makes sense, learning quickly and thinking on your feet might be the only way out.

But if you're about to tackle something major, it usually helps to think about how you're gonna do that first. I apologize if this seems a little patronizing. Like I'm suggesting that you would approach every situation by swinging wildly until everyone else has a black eye.

And yes, I'm sure you're not the one I need to say this to. But if the pictures you're about to see are any indication, a lot more people need to hear it than you might think.

It's a sad fact that the more we drink, the more we miss details like why the alarm clock has a division symbol on it.

Reddit | justlike_dat

I'm not saying I'm not open to the idea, though. I'd definitely rather multiply my sleeping time than hit the snooze.

I've seen it a lot by now, but I'll never understand why someone has to mess with perfectly good bathroom door design.

Reddit | lish_porter

And whether it's making the door clear or whatever is happening here, they all seem designed to make people stare uncomfortably at us.

Well, I can see that an attempt was made, but I can't think of any way we can really call it successful.

Instagram | Instagram

I know they say that a poor carpenter blames their tools, but a butter knife probably wasn't the best choice for cutting this pizza.

I guess I can understand how a chef would get a little lost in the flavors they're throwing together.

Reddit | Rubylogy

Honestly, the real mistake was putting the toothpicks in this container. Even when they're not being mixed up with seasoning, it seems annoying to get them out.

Aw man, I've had some heartbreaking food losses too, but nothing that made me tear off my glasses in despair.

Reddit | SirValentine

Because unless that plate was really valuable, the pizza landed topping-side-up, dude! You're OK! The toppings slide over a bit, but it's still good.

OK, burning the shoes is one thing, but if this guy absolutely must do that, maybe try taking them off first?

Reddit | oknp_

Trust me, sir. I'm sure you're perfectly capable of expressing how mad you are without giving yourself third-degree burns.

Oh no, now two people are going to end up supremely disappointed here.

Reddit | NYR99

This will mean there won't be any fighting over the one that survived, but I don't think this is the price we're willing to pay for that kind of peace.

It actually got to the point where this guy could only leave himself a little island of regret.

Reddit | astulz

Painting is boring work, but I wouldn't think it should take until the literal last minute before he realizes he doesn't have an exit strategy.

Yup, that shopping cart definitely has a razor blade stuck to the handle.

Reddit | r00__

Now before anyone starts tripping like they do about Halloween candy, it seems like this was just an employee's cart that got shuffled into the others.

We don't have to fear the price slasher.

You know, after some of the horrific stuff we've seen, I'm actually kind of inclined to give this a pass.

Reddit | CJ74U2NV

This may not be the recommended way to transport a horse, but I can't really think of a better way to use the tools they've got.

Gah! Nope, nope, I don't even want to see the other entrants in the world's worst idea contest. This wins by a landslide.

Reddit | PHIL-yes-PLZ

And yes, I am basically ending the contest early so nobody has to see what happens next. You're welcome.

Ah, yes. There's nothing like going to the bathroom in a nice, breezy place with a lovely view.

Reddit | DogeCatBear

I mean, we can throw all that out the window if this person is planning to have anyone visit ever, but yeah!

Those plants better be really aromatic.

Well, I guess this lady can consider herself at least kind of lucky. Her tattoo could definitely say something a lot worse.

Reddit | bolthead88

If anything, I feel worse for the restaurant staff somewhere who have to explain what "inner peace" is supposed to taste like.

Whoa. Unless somebody lost control of the world's most powerful bowling ball, I have no idea what could have made all these holes.

Reddit | V8TITAN

But even though it's a massive blooper, I can't help but be weirdly mesmerized by the results. The world's most oddly satisfying mistake.

People in this city have been claiming the dangerous algae bloom to be a fisheries "conspiracy".

Reddit | kpdvr4lyfe

Wow, this is just natural selection in action. For those not aware, eating food that has been fished from a lake with algae bloom can kill you, or at least cause — amongst other things — nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

Make sure that you R.S.Fe.Ces to the invite!

Reddit | Mossyoldcrow

It really is a crying shame that the shape of an engagement ring doesn't already look like a letter in the word "popped", then it would have been perfect.

This man was caught trying to smuggle a kilo of cocaine under a wig at the Barcelona airport.

Reddit | CapitanHarkonnen

I wonder how he got caught? Maybe if he was someone who suited an Amy Winehouse-Esque beehive hairstyle he may have been even a little more conspicuous?

This one-year-old's picture shoot didn't go quite as planned...

Reddit | Dsclarke1989

This one-year-old looks like it's been slamming the tequilas a little too early! Also, can this family please make this a tradition where they get a picture of their daughter looking like she has just fallen off a chair for each birthday!

It's an easy mistake that anyone could make... I guess?

Reddit | JustImprovingReddit

I do love that the person from Eva auto insurance takes the time to compliment Susan before telling her how she has spectacularly messed up.

When your password is "Password".

Reddit | Urban_Commander

How many email scams has this person fallen for do you reckon? Here you can hear them thinking to themself, "But, it works with other mats? I've seen it on the TV!"

I wouldn't get too discouraged if I were this guy. I'm sure Indiana Jones went through this many times before he finally got the hang of it.

Twitter | @scixpmas

I might recommend practicing with a face mask or something, but I think he's figured that out by now.

Safety 101: ensuring your get a face full of cacti when your airbag deploys!

Reddit | GallowBoob

As a general rule of thumb, never add cacti to a safety precaution. I genuinely can't think of a single situation where a cactus makes anything safer, can you?

This kindergarten in Taiwan should probably have reconsidered using student's photos to mark their plants.

Reddit | mak-nil

Nothing says, "Leave your kids with us!" like seeing what looks like a child graveyard in the kindergarten's back yard.

So close, yet so far!

Reddit | iam_nobody

Now call me crazy, but I suspect that alcohol may have played a part in this man's downfall.

You know, it's surprisingly hard to see this as an honest mistake and not the work of a human-catching fisherman.

Reddit | kelseeannesumma

And I could only assume that would be some kind of humanoid sea monster out for revenge after we ate his friends.

This fake hundred dollar bill one Redditor's coworker accepted.

Reddit | Kaylie_kitten

Franklin's face on the fake bill looks like he's judging the person who accepted this fake money without questions.