12+ People Who Didn’t Get What They Asked For

There is nothing quite like that feeling of getting a package and knowing that inside is something you've been waiting to get your hands on for ages, only to open it and realize that inside is a pair of "Mike" trainers and you've been had by the seller. Or, maybe you've spent ages assembling the perfect sandwich, only to realize that you made a mistake at step one which ruins the entire sandwich?

Well, prepare to revel in the delicious disappointment of others, as I present you with 12+ people who didn't get what they wanted.


Reddit | hufky_

Excuse me while I go and order one of these t-shirts immediately. Alan is my favourite franchise of all time!

"Well, that didn't go as planned..."

Reddit | l33jiyoung

Why would you ever think that something so flimsy would be a good idea with two furry wrecking balls in the house? You brought this upon yourself!

"Thomas the sleep paralysis demon?"

Reddit | SoftMixture

"And why is it you would like to return this Thomas The Tank Engine wagon?"

"Because it haunts my dreams every night, as well of the dreams of any child daft enough to ride on its cursed back."

"Mother knew I wanted a Roomba but didn't want to waste that much money on one. So she found one for a bargain! Note, it has zero vacuuming ability."

Reddit | edgeofruin

This person went on to say of the "Sweep:"

"It runs on AA batteries instead of a real battery with actual good power delivery. It mainly just drives into a corner and freaks out. Also unlike a Roomba it doesn't 'learn your room'. So it's dumb deaf and blind."

"Holy Grail of crappy off-brands!"

Reddit | enderdragonpig

This is the sort of thing that you would open on Christmas day from an obscure relative who you don't really talk to very often.

"No snapchat, that's not what I wanted..."

Reddit | Perrinho

Nope, that is exactly what they wanted. Sure, they may not think that this is what they wanted, but it is!

"At least they're honest."

Reddit | heathexer

There is something quite admirable in the way that they are just owning it. I don't know if that will help when they get a call from M&M's lawyers though.

"Classic Board Games."

Reddit | pobarjenkins

Ah, Wilko, you steaming dumpster of tat. Other games in this collection include, "I've killed and will kill again," and "I have all the money, now you're poor."

"Ah, Peculiar Occurrences, My Favorite Show!"

Reddit | JakeLambertOfficial

Now you can dress up as your favourite character, Twelve! You can also get a Captain Bopper costume in this range as well.

"We wanted him to be 'Clifford the Big Red Dog' for Halloween. It didn't work out like we planned."

Reddit | polarbearpuppy

I've got to say I wouldn't be trying to dye my dog's hair regardless, but the person who posted this went on to explain:

"I used professional dog hair dye. Unfortunately, we couldn't know until after that someone had switched the labels for 'wicked red' and 'hot pink.'"

"A birthday cake gone wrong."

Reddit | iSillyfishy

"Who wants to cut the cake?"

"No one..."

"Oh, for the last time, it will not fart on you, okay!"

"There's a nightmare in my boot!"

Reddit | BigCballer

Jesus Christ, what is wrong with the people designing these kids' attractions? How is it that they have managed to make Toy Story and Thomas The Tank Engine more terrifying than any horror movie I have ever seen?

"Coming to your nearest bookstore!"

Reddit | Palifaith

Adam Roberts is actually a prominent British sci-fi and fantasy writer who has written a plethora of novels, with this being an example of one of his many parody novels.

"Toys R Us is turning in its grave."

Reddit | Iron1Man

But...what is the "more?" Toys "R" Us literally just sold toys, so what is this weird hellish place offering as well?

You Had One Job...

Reddit | BlankTranquility

Time to get that door off its hinges and flip it around. I can imagine that the person who drew this was incredibly proud of themselves until someone actually opened the door.

"These Fake Jordans have an Ass Crack."

Reddit | zeekyboy

I mean, if you're in the nip, you actually have more mobility I guess? Although, the little figure is clearly wearing trainers, so they must just have no pants on.

"Are you sure?"

Reddit | cupcakebean

That doesn't sound very reassuring, does it? I'm not sure if I'd be confident to try this without more certainty from the package!

"Every year I get my boyfriend a cake for his birthday. This year I asked what type he wanted. He said 'I don’t care'."

Reddit | shesafireball

I suppose he technically did get what he wanted, but probably not in the way that he imagined! I'd quite like a cake like this actually. The bright pink color with an acerbic message really resonates with my lifestyle.

"All I wanted was a nice photo!"

Reddit | Yeah-RIght

But this is so much better than a "nice photo!" Now you have your dog's sneezing face immortalized for all of time!

"Spot the difference."

Reddit | joelxyloto

I wouldn't mind, but the actual Guardians Of The Galaxy DVD is cheaper than the knockoff! How does that work?

"Well. I guess he's not wrong."

Reddit | D0NW0N

As I have never been to Disneyland, I have no idea if it really is as expensive as people say it is, or if people are exaggerating. However, I can imagine it is pretty pricey!

All Of Your Favorites!

Reddit | JanSalceda

Mmmm, I sure love me some Sugar Flakes. Although, you really can't beat a good bowl of Cocoa Balls!


Reddit | braingerous

You know what, based on how good the Beats have been that I've owned, these look like they'd actually be a step up.

"Anyone up for a game of Umo."

Reddit | MerrickThurnau

And you thought that Uno was annoying enough as it is. Well, just you wait until you play Umo, the even more irritating knockoff!

"So my sis wanted a silly family photo."

Reddit | Gnillab

I'll tell you who didn't want a silly family photo, the guy who is staring at the camera as though he is begging for the sweet release of death!

"This Supposed 'Winnie the Pooh' blanket."

Reddit | yeramuggle

Yeah, you're going to need to go right ahead and burn that blanket. That bear looks like he has done some terrible, terrible things.

You're Not You When You're Hungry...

Reddit | Controversy_Creator

You're also not you when you're a cheap knockoff of someone else. Looking at you, Snipers bar!

"I'm not a smart man."

Reddit | tidni

I can feel this man's disappointment through the screen. I mean, you could try and reshape the bread with a few slices, but it wouldn't be the same.

"Panoramic of my friend gone wrong."

Reddit | 43percentburnt

Even he looks confused at the result before he even saw it! Maybe questioning why you'd take a panorama of one person.

"I'm not even sure what to make of this."

Reddit | Daiikun

I'll tell you exactly what to think of this - it's genius. This way you get no Doritos dust on your fingers, leaving clean hands. I'm totally on board with this.

"Not what my husband had in mind when I told him I made a sexy dress."

Reddit | iamlunasol

You weren't wrong, though! Apparently this user used to work at the fabric store she bought this from, and she was the only person to ever buy this fabric, which really is a shame.

"I was sorting through some old stuff in my attic when I came across this knockoff Nintendo Game Boy. The name made me laugh."

Reddit | Idodoodletoo

With classic games as the Super Maria Bros and Satchel Monsters.

"I don't think the wife understands what freezer bags are for."

Reddit | ievenreddittedthis

She knows that freezer bags' natural habitat is the cold arctic of the north, so she's just trying to help them feel more comfortable in your house!

"Face painting gone horribly wrong."

Reddit | jumpedoutoftheboat

I'm confused what the point of this is. Are they just supposed to keep their eyes closed all day? So they're blind and they look like a melting wax figure?

"Sent picture of my kids (left) to the wrong number and their (right) response was..."

Reddit | kamel_hump

This looks like one of those "recreating a family photo from our childhood" pictures. I was about to comment on how a lot seems to have changed before I read the title.

"Things are going downhill."

Reddit | Llobobr

Yeah, alright, the juxtaposition is funny, but can we talk about that dog's name? Brisa? And you gave her a massive name tag? I thought the stroller was already a level too far but she just keeps on elevating it.

"And the award for least original cereal goes to..."

Reddit | MuneBeevr

I can appreciate a knockoff brand that cuts to the chase, no funny business. No, this isn't Crispix, but it is Crispy Hexagons, which is really what you're looking for.

"I think my roommate’s shoes might be fake."

Reddit | nesfor

I didn't know Ikea went into the fashion game. Finally, a product of theirs that requires no assembly.

"The bathroom door says 'men' from the outside but from the inside says 'women' spelled backwards so you think you were in the wrong bathroom."

Reddit | prichardson154

This is an incredibly evil but also hilarious idea. I bet the employees there never get tired of seeing panicked men rushing out of the bathroom.

"I might need to have a talk with my daughter, but I'm not sure what I'd even say."

Reddit | SlightlyStable

With this kind of behavior, I'd say maybe confrontation isn't really the smartest move right now. Maybe contact a priest and see what they can do.

"Mom asked me to take some graduation pictures. She didn't appreciate what I had in mind."

Reddit | spartan0228

Your mom simply doesn't appreciate your creative genius. Bring that with you wherever you go, it'll take you far.

"That moment you realize you grabbed the wrong spray."

Reddit | TgaGuy

If anyone asks, you could totally pass this off as an art installation protesting modern lawn culture. At least there's still some grass left.

"This smart ass rock made me walk a whole 10 steps out of my way to read this."

Reddit | CautionLowSign

Pfft, stupid rock with its disappointing plaque! This is more of a letdown than the last Star Wars movie... That ought to needlessly annoy some people.

"When I planted a dwarf lemon tree, this wasn’t what I had in mind."

Reddit | Xavimoose

No see, you misunderstood - the tree isn't small, the lemons are! For when you need a tiny, tiny glass of lemonade.

"Found a hell of a deal on an Xbox!"

Reddit | sireskimobro

An Xbox One that also plays VHS! Wow, that's cutting edge technology!