15+ People Taking Some Big Shortcuts

Life is too short to do everything the way that you're "meant to". There is nothing wrong with taking a shortcut or two every now and then! Well, unless you're doing something like building a plane or performing heart surgery, then you should probably do everything properly.

However, surgeons and engineers aside, shortcuts can be a godsend! So, here are 15+ people taking some big shortcuts.

"Bet he gets hammered on cloudy days."

Reddit | eljay87skt

Who needs to look at a clock to tell you when you can have a drink when you can use the sun!? This way you get some extra time at the pub if there is heavy cloud cover.

"I made some shortcuts in my fiancé's phone. Now she won't have to type these phrases out."

Reddit | blockergriffin

I like that they hit on a theme and ran with it. Which one is your favorite, I mean, "Fiddle dooken" has to be mine, it's just astounding work.

"Thought I was using the wet wipes in my bathroom, I was wrong."

Reddit | PacoDiez

Well, looking on the bright side, you'll have a very disinfected backside; however, I can imagine that is going come with quite a bit of stinging.

"Isn't the wheel at the bottom sort of cheating?"

Reddit | Dabstronaut

Actually, it does say in the bible that our lord and savior did indeed have a small set of wheels at the bottom of the cross which had been purchased by Pontius Pilate from Home Depot.

Let's Play A Game

Reddit | iammanic

You know what, I think I'll just knock instead, that seems much safer. Either that or I'll just text to say I' outside like a normal millennial.

"Of course I can paint you on a horse! I've totally seen one before."

Reddit | DaughterOfDevin

"You sure you know what you're doing? We can go out to the stables if you want and have a quick look for reference?"

"Nah, I'd have to put my boots on and everything, I'll be fine."

I'd Kill For A Dancing Sandwich

Reddit | Maddkap

No foodstuff is quite as entertaining as a dancing sandwich! Except for perhaps a dancing burrito, they're pretty good too.

"I think something is wrong with Amazon's subtitles."

Reddit | D-Rex475

No actually, I think that this is the gritty reboot of the Telly Tubbies that was directed by Quentin Tarantino.

"Rapping Paper."

Reddit | remoestmoi

Now it can be sued for all occasions, not just for wrapping Christmas presents! Genius!

"My college's anti-cheating pens are perfect for cheating."

Reddit | deathfaith

It feels like the people who designed this pen are just willing the students to try and cheat, as if they're saying, "Go on, just try it, take some answers in and see what happens..."

"A Rubik’s cube that can never be wrong."

Reddit | iAwesome404

Pfft, if you can't solve a Rubik's cube then I feel sorry for you! All you have to do is peel all the stickers off and put them back on again where they're meant to be.

"Sat having KFC and saw this guy who was trying to take a shortcut..."

Reddit | neolobers

How desperate for your popcorn chicken do you have to be to risk exposing yourself like this? I reckon this fell may be a little drunk.

"The best pre-owned game cover i have ever seen."

Reddit | dsx2

I wish that all second-hand games and DVDs had hand-drawn original covers from the staff like this!

"This guy runs a roadside produce stand near me in Texas. His signs have to be seen to be believed."

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

There are other signs by this fella where he calls turnips, turnups, and I love it so much.

"Volunteer subtitles are the best."

Reddit | seeringeyeball

Companies really need to keep a closer eye on what is going on in their content's subtitles!

"Nailed it! Tattoo artist fixed his uncle's amputated finger."

Reddit | Bizrat7

Call me crazy, but I would have probably just kept the amputated finger as it was. What about you?

Technically Accurate

Reddit | Deadlyninja53

It's great for your health, but terrible for your credit score!

"A friend sent me this. 'In some way I feel cheated. But at the same time they don't lie'."

Reddit | frystejp

Everything about this "pizza" hurts to look at. The amount of cheese is laughable alone, let alone the morose amount of salami.

"To fix the engine you must first become the engine."

Reddit | BourbonScotchWhiskey

This is probably the closest thing that we currently have to a real-life transformer, just one middle-aged man hiding in a Chevrolet pickup truck engine.

"How potholes are fixed in New Orleans."

Reddit | DiskoShit

Someone suggested that is they just actually poured some clear resin over that, that might make an actual decent way to solve the problem. However, I don't know how that would hold up?

"Microsoft should probably fix this..."

Reddit | ckoppula199

Anyone thinking of informing me that a 404 error is not actually a windows error needs to just hold their damn horses and get a life.

"My daughter fixed her cousin's barbie after the head popped off and would not reattach."

Reddit | TheJanks

"Barbie, the surgery was a complete success!"

"Really? Oh, thank goodness. Can I have a mirror?"

"Well... it might be a bit soon for that just yet."

"A choice was made today: a lazy one."

Reddit | It_Crawls

No one likes cutting up garlic. Sure, it might not make you cry like cutting up onions, but the smell is just awful and you can't get rid of it!

Desperate Times

Reddit | iammanic

I mean, the alternative is sitting on a chair that looks like it would destroy your spine, so I think that he actually did himself a favor here!

"My boss complained about my coworkers hair being too long. So she fixed the problem."

Reddit | billybobjoe4000

Modern problems require modern solutions! if your boss is being a pedantic git, try to find new and creative ways to appease them!

"I have an ugly tribal tattoo. But I think I fixed it."

Reddit | kvd

Everyone does some things when they're seventeen that they will live to regret. However, some mistakes are more.. prominent than others.

"When two wrongs make a right."

Reddit | Pyrotikz

I cannot think of two animals that would fit together less well than a turtle and a monkey, can you?

"How to draw attention to leaking pipes people will not fix."

Reddit | friendlypelican

Every office should have a little pet such as a fish, or some plants at least, so it's nice to see this office trying to boost the spirits of their staff by getting a pet.

"My husband Ian insisted that our new puppy Nala get her own stocking. I thought it was sweet until I realized he had ulterior motives."

Reddit | alymac95

Come Christmas day he'll be using this little twist to claim all the stockings. Don't let him.

"When it's 119° in Phoenix."

Reddit | bmo1234

Look me in the eye and tell me you wouldn't take them up on this.

"Lost the backboard to your goal? Just use the back of your TV!"

Reddit | bridoe

This sure seems like a more expensive option than just buying a new backboard.

"True marketing genius. From a night out at a club."

Reddit | druczhak

you have to advertise to your demographic, and when your demographic is 'anyone who drinks', a nightclub is a sure shot.

"Maybe the worst résumé I have received."

Reddit | FilecakeAbroad

It might be the worst you've ever received, but it's the best I've ever seen.

"My cat’s face before and after my wife told her that the high chair is not for her."

Reddit | healzman

But how could you say no to that face...surely the baby can eat on the floor for once.

"This building is like someone was making it up on the fly."

Reddit | JoshinMyCoins

"Okay...what's your name?" "John Smith."

"Maybe she'll remember now."

Reddit | kdanson

This is actually very smart. I need one that'll hang above my computer reminding me about the oven.

"The dad tax."

Reddit | lordumoh

It's a harsh reality of life, but I think parent taxes are fair.

"My friend has been practicing restoring and colorizing old photos."

Reddit | MrDiou

If anything this is an astounding improvement.

"Utah ski resort gets a 1 Star review from a guy in Los Angeles because the mountain was too difficult. They used the one star review to advertise what the mountain is best known for."

Reddit | rightcoastguy

I'm no skier, but even I'm being persuaded by this ad.

"This corn maze sign."

Reddit | shidanesayo

At least they try? It is a maze after all, it's on your to get out.

"My window cracked so I fixed it the only way I know how."

Reddit | ShmellySmitzel

Surely the other way you know how would be to take it to an auto shop but...I can't deny this is pretty cool in the meantime.

"My boss knows what's up."

Reddit | SnapTalk

Sure you've given them a career of stress and strife, but this is a surefire way to erase all of that.

"They see me rollin'..."

Reddit | RealManOfPower

I can't even see if they've attached the trolley to the car, or if they're just hoping that it will stay in place!

"My pitbull always thought he was the biggest dog at the dog park."

Reddit | warros

Is this pitbull being shown up by a bigger dog, or is it actually being chased by a small bear?

"Good old Scottish humour. Glad they see the funny side!"

Reddit | -citroenbrand-

I know that some people can get crazy about bagels ( I mean, I sure can) but this is ridiculous! Just wait for the shop to open you bagel fiends!