13+ Moments That Prove We’re Getting Dumber By The Day

The world is full of genius intellects such as Bill Nye, Ruth Lawrence, and Matthew Healy ⏤ I mean, how Healy managed to convince the world that he is anything more than an irritating stain upon the musical landscape is truly impressive!

However, there are people out there who leave something to be desired in the brain game. So, without further ado, here are 13+ moments that prove we're getting dumber by the day!

"The moment you realize you married a psychopath."

Reddit | YetiConvention

Either a psychopath or a stone-cold idiot! Why would anyone want to do this anyway? The edge pieces are the best!

"No bubble tea? improvise!"

Reddit | thekuecker

What a wonderful idea? Now you can have the bubble tea experience without the infuriating bubbles involved!

"Instructions unclear. Had sex with Michelin tire man. Cosmo is dumb."

Reddit | kweitzel

Who in the history of the world has ever found a puffer coat to be a turn-on? Come on Cosmo, this is just getting sad now!

What Is Pope?

Reddit | notadutchboy

What is Pope? Bishop don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more!

"We recently rented a house and it came with this modern door design."

Reddit | thisisnacho

Ah yes, nothing screams privacy quite like a big hole at the bottom of the door to relax you when you're at your most vulnerable.

I Think It Might Be Out Of Order?

Reddit | Mostlybrowsing

Well, those bags are really more like guidelines than actual rules!

(Disclaimer: I can't believe I feel it necessary to say this... but don't try this!)

"My brother wanted to measure the trees in his yard. This is how did he did it."

Reddit | Shwnwllms

Someone in the comments rightly pointed out that this guy brings new meaning to someone being a "unit". Hopefully, this one guy will become a standard unit of measurement.

No Dumb Here

Reddit | Mirasdad

I'd like one of these for my local pub, to remind me not to be an idiot when I get too drunk. I think that this simplistic tone would really resonate with drunk me.

"So apparently this teacher wrote down all the stupid/awkward/funny stuff that he overheard in class."

Reddit | DjFlex

I was debating putting this on as it's quite blurry, but some of them are too good not to put on! I mean, every single one is gold!

"If it looks stupid but working, it ain't stupid."

Reddit | riashatrafat

But what is it working for, shaving or eating? I hope to God it is shaving!

"An American Classic."

Reddit | Namtful

There are rare sights in this world that never cease to amaze me, such as the Northern Lights, or a Denny's being closed.

"Who wants huggies??"

Reddit | Zeslartibartfast

It is a scathing indictment of humanity how funny people find putting googly eyes on things... I mean, it is pretty funny though!

"Sister-in-law showed me her professor with a much better solution than a stupid laser pointer."

Reddit | othebuh

Actually, I quite like this idea. I wonder if it folds down or if he has a nightmare getting it back to his office after every class?

"When you're just fed up with stupid."

Reddit | SadisticJokerTM

I can imagine that the person who put this up just got asked that one stupid question too many by a customer.

"Just sitting in KFC watching a dumb ass get stuck whilst climbing over a fence."

Reddit | VYJ

Dude, your popcorn chicken isn't going anywhere, just go the normal way around! Otherwise, your pants will indeed be going somewhere.

Mathematics 101

Reddit | jakx102

Creative thinking is one of the hallmarks of genius. However, this isn't an example of that, this kid is just an idiot.

That Should Work!

Reddit | hullobirdy

I can imagine that this will give a lot of people quite a bit of anxiety looking at this picture, and that's because it should!

"A whole new level of stupidity."

Reddit | Mystical_walrus

This is so that you can read it if you're in front of them, looking at them through your reverse mirror and reading their back windshield backwards... I think? I lost myself there.

"I was making homemade churros for the husband and the piping bag tip popped out. Too lazy to fix it. I present to you the turdo."

Reddit | girlfieri223

I mean, I guess this is more lazy than stupid; but, the two do go hand in hand quite a lot of the time!

"Last week I put tape on my bin lid to fix a crack. My 92 year old neighbor obviously thought we were labeling our bins with our unit numbers..."

Reddit | Your_Local_Engineer

This one is actually quite sweet! The person who posted this posted an update after this image blew up, writing:

"Wow, this blew up over night. Lots of you have asked for more info on my neighbour. He is the most lovely old man. Has a story for absolutely everything and his segways into another story are so smooth they put news reporters to shame. He is so overly positive about everything."

"My local news channel doesn't know how bar graphs work."

Reddit | 2ofSorts

"Can we make it seem like more people said, 'Not at all'?"

"But, more people said 'Very'?"

"I've got it, just make the 'Not at all' bar bigger!"


Foolproof Plan

Reddit | Yoogoy

You're not fooling anyone Lexus! This is the oldest trick in the book... I don't know what book that is, but this thing you're doing is in there!

"My local airport added a new display to mimic the inside of a plane. They chose an underwater scene as the background. How reassuring..."

Reddit | SucculentGravy

Who on earth was the person who greenlit this idea? Imagine how many people will be creeped out by this!

"I don't think my mom understands how her rice cooker works."

Reddit | Uedn

So close, yet so far! In fact, no, she's just miles away in reality isn't she?

"Walmart knows exactly how stupid majority of their customers really are."

Reddit | suspectlamb

This is truly unsettling. How many people do you think complained about how long they had been waiting for at the "One Hour" service before the employees had to put this up?

"DIY low profile tires."

Reddit | tillicum

Looking fly as hell my guy! (Did I use "fly" right then? I know it's already an incredibly old term but I still don't know how to appropriately use it in this context?)

"Stupid outdoor cat compared to nice indoor cat."

Reddit | Universal-Pimp

I love that they didn't have a photo of the evil cat, and so just had to put a photo of a "similar looking cat".

"Can this shopper really be THAT stupid??"

Reddit | KieranMark

If you think that your average shopper is not capable of this sort of thing, then here is the testimony from one worker: "Having worked in a local grocery store for several years when I was young, I can tell you without a doubt that YES! people really are that stupid. The things that some people do can absolutely boggle the mind."

"It's not like...used for the double digits or anything."

Reddit | AmazingTrashcan69

Is this guy managing to skip entire years of age? Did he go right from 19 to 21? What's his secret?

A New Way To Catfish.

Reddit | Aquagenie

Yeah this is dumb, but at least her heart was in the right place. Not sure if holding any fish above water is 'saving' it, though.

"UPS delivery guy screw up."

Reddit | GallowBoob

I'm guessing the delivery guy assumed they weren't home, but I'm still confused as to why he thought jamming it under the doorknob was the best place to put it?

"Imagine being less intelligent than a pigeon."

Reddit | Markuu6

Stuff like this doesn't really need an explanation either. There's a line where others are in circles, so you stand in a circle. Good on that pigeon for setting a good example.

"Mystery solved."

Reddit | GallowBoob

How? How do you not know you have a full avocado tree on your property? There's no way it looks like a normal tree with just leaves, and wouldn't the avocados be falling directly under it? I have so many questions.

"I trusted you all."

Reddit | TheGameGuy55

This is a basic life skill. Use, then post, or don't post at all!

"My school’s cookie sale."

Reddit | JudgeandJuri

Is this probably a fundraiser of some sort? Yes. Does that mean I'm fine with being ripped off? Not even a little bit.

"There are no words..."

Reddit | InSaInIsInSaN

No. No self-respecting person should ever be using a sink spout as a shower head. This has gone too far.

"Well that is ironic."

Reddit | jordanovvvvv

They said they'd be working together to reduce flood risk, they never said it was going to work.

"This is gold."

Reddit | nawaft

I don't think I have words for this. I can't even come up with anything witty, it's just sad.

"What is gray, anyway?"

Reddit | Tyler1492

Is dark white not just another term for gray? Is he really deserving of such shame?

"I bring you greetings from the planet of Lost and Found."

Reddit | Heliocentrist

Can we get a movie with an alien species that looks like this? I'd be terrified, there's something weirdly uncanny about it.

"My daughter's solution to keep her goat from escaping."

Reddit | power-cube

Easy, cheap, the goat probably doesn't even feel it, I'd say it's a job well done.

"My brother saw this at a yard sale today."

Reddit | KidCaker

I like that the math goes wrong in a bad way, then goes more wrong in a good way, this sign really is a rollercoaster.

"No job too small in this economy."

Reddit | Jinhuo

You won't be thinking this is stupid when you need some very small landscaping to be done and this little guy rocks up!

"You had one job..."

Reddit | ZinfoTheIdk

There really is something to be said for buying some things in person as opposed to online.

"She thought the personalised message was for the driver."

Reddit | Classicwales

I actually quite like this idea. I mean, if they ever get lost, the person who finds them will know to just leave them in a random garden for you to collect.