31 TV Moments That Make No Sense Whatsoever

Television doesn't always have to make sense. In fact, it shouldn't - that's the whole point. But sometimes a show takes it too far, to where even the most understanding viewer can't look the other way.

In order to illustrate my point, here are 10+ TV moments that make no sense whatsoever.

They stick out like a sore thumb and shall remain forever cemented in our minds.

How come Ted's voice changes in *How I Met Your Mother*?

Ted Mosby is played by actor Josh Radnor and narrated by Bob Saget.

How does it make any sense that his voice changes so drastically as he ages?

How is Rick even alive in *The Walking Dead*?


In the very first scene of The Walking Dead, Rick awakens from his coma in the hospital, with his gurney intact and undisturbed.

That's pretty lucky, considering the rest of the hospital had gone dark and was filled with flesh-hungry zombies.

Why does Jerry never lock his door in *Seinfeld*?

What kind of New Yorker leaves their door unlocked?

I suppose it would have eliminated one of the show's best running gags, but still!

The Winslows on *Family Matters* don't do it either!

This is Chicago we're talking about here!

You don't leave your door unlocked, all the more reason if your neighbor is Steve Urkel!

Wait, so Dan is *Gossip Girl*?


If "Gossip Girl is no one. Gossip Girl is all of us." How does it make any sense whatsoever to have Dan be Gossip Girl?

Still trying to figure that one out.

Paris was robbed in *Gilmore Girls*.

Can someone please explain to me why Paris wasn't chosen to be the class valedictorian?

She had better grades than Rory and worked just as hard! If not, harder! It is unjust!

Doesn't anyone notice Screech's robot in *Saved By The Bell*?


Samuel "Screech" Powers unlocks the secrets to artificial intelligence in his own bedroom, using nothing but spare computer parts.

Literally no one comments on it.

Where are all the people in *Last Man On Earth*?


More specifically, where are all the dead people?

If this is a show about a post-apocalyptic world, shouldn't there be bodies strewn all over?

Why doesn't anyone recognize Clark in *Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman*?

Warner Bros. Television

The world's most recognizable superhero just throws on a pair of spectacles and becomes invisible to the world around him?

He works with a gang of reporters! How bad can you be at your job?

Why does Angelica understand the babies in *Rugrats*?

Angelica clearly isn't a baby. She's not a teen, but she's definitely above toddler stage.

She can speak to the adults herself, so why can she also understand the babies?

Does Sam Malone ever go home in *Cheers*?


Yes, Cheers is the place where everybody knows your name.

But does that mean the bartenders never get a break? Or do they just live there and sleep in 4-hour shifts?

Wouldn't the police department monitor a work computer in *Dexter*?


Dexter plays pretty fast and loose when it comes to his work computer. He frequently uses it to Google search his victims.

Wouldn't that raise a red flag with the IT department?

How can Monica and Rachel afford their apartment in *Friends*?

OK, so they at least try to explain away Monica's situation early on (apparently her rate was grandfathered from when her grandma owned it).

But she's out of a job for quite a bit, and Rachel is a waitress making minimum wage for a long time! Seems unrealistic.

Is Ross a deadbeat father in *Friends*?


Ben seems to kind of drift in and out of Ross's life. But as soon as Emma comes around, she's his entire world.

Tough break, kid...

Where is the attic in *Full House*?


When you look at the house from the street, it's fairly obvious that there couldn't be an attic apartment inside.

So where is Uncle Jesse actually sleeping?

How can Michael Scott and David Brent exist in the same universe in *The Office*?


Yes, this was meant to be a clever wink to the British version of The Office.

But if Michael Scott is technically David Brent, it doesn't make sense that they would ever meet.

Does Ross have two birthdays in *Friends*?


In season 4 of Friends, Ross tells Gunther that his birthday is in December.

Later in the series, he reveals to Joey that it's in October.

How did Norm not bankrupt *Cheers*?

Not once throughout the entire series of Cheers do we see Norm ever settle his bar tab.

How did they manage to stay open?

Did Nicky age 5 years over night on *The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air*?


The 3rd season of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ends with the birth of Nicky Banks.

When the 4th season begins, Nicky has somehow aged 4 years with no explanation at all.

The same thing happened to Andrew on *Family Ties*.


It looks like the Keaton family has some rapid growth programmed into their genes!

Baby Andrew aged 3 years in a single summer!

How did nobody call the police on Rose in *Two And A Half Men*?


There is literally a laundry list of reasons as to why or when they could have called the police, but even at Charlie's funeral, when she essentially admits to killing him, no one says a word.

Wait, how many Cosby kids are there on *The Cosby Show*?


In the first season of The Cosby Show, the Huxtables have four children.

Yet somehow Sondra shows up in season 2, after being away at college. I guess they just forgot about her.

Does anyone actually work at *NewsRadio*?


Whether the medium is television, film, or radio, we know that it takes a village to make it work.

How then does there seem to be only a small handful of employees working at the entire news station? All at the same time no less?

Why don't Chandler and Rachel recognize one another on *Friends*?

In the first episode of Friends, Monica introduces Rachel to the group for the first time, including Chandler.

This doesn't make much sense considering how we're shown in future episodes that they went to high school together.

Aren't they moving fast in *Game Of Thrones*?

In the first episode when Robert Baratheon and Cersei arrive in Winterfell, they mention they've been traveling for months.

But later on, when characters have to cross much greater distances, they seem to do so in no time at all.

How could Charlotte do all that in *Pretty Little Liars*?


Even with no formal training or internet access, Charlotte still managed to build an underground bunker and implant tracking devices on people.

Where did she even get the knowledge to do any of that?

Why didn't Joe check the camera in *YOU*?

We all know that Joe has a secret camera pointed at the cage.

So why wouldn't he just play back the footage to discover who it was that killed Delilah?

How does Looking Glass see in *Watchmen*?


Looking Glass is supposed to be a human lie detector. He can even notice minute changes like pupil dilation.

That would prove difficult, considering there are no eye holes for his mask.

Where was Ralph hiding in *The Sopranos*?


The fourth season of The Sopranos introduces the character Ralph, who is in Tony's crew. Yet somehow the storyline suggests that Ralph has played an integral part in Tony's operation for the past 3 years.

If that's true, why didn't we see him?

Why would Sheldon go to a sperm bank in *The Big Bang Theory*?

Fans of The Big Bang Theory will need no reminder of Sheldon's aversion to physical intimacy.

So why would he and Leonard go to a sperm bank for extra money during the pilot episode?

Did Niles and Martin come back from the dead on *Frasier*?


As many people know, Frasier is a spin-off of Cheers.

But on Cheers, Frasier makes it clear that his father is dead and there's no mention of him ever having a brother.