You Can Buy An 'Office Tent' To Get Some Privacy While Working From Home

Working from home? Same. Surrounded by distractions, noise, or other people? Same.

Luckily, a Japanese company has our backs: they've invented a remote working tent. Yup, I said tent. Let's check it out.

Meet the tent, aka 200 Tent001

Sanwa Direct

Yes, it is exactly as anti-social as it sounds. But that's the point! This tent was designed to create a private work environment wherever you take it.

No more hiding in the bathroom to get some peace and quiet, y'all.

Who was this designed for?

Sanwa Direct

Well, it's hard to say. It says it's for those who work from home or on the go, as well as for those who want to game in peace.

It also may have been designed for people who enjoy sweating in small spaces.

It folds up for easy transport.

Sanwa Direct

Well, easy-ish! It folds down into a perfect little circle that you can take with you while traveling abroad, or from room to room.

The world is now your workspace.

You can get cozy in it, too.

Sanwa Direct

In case you're not much of an uncomfortable chair person, you can pop a comfy pillow in there and pretend to be working while you snack and watch Netflix in peace.

Roommate problems? Consider them solved.