10+ Sad TV Moments No One Saw Coming

Emotion is an integral aspect of great TV. Creators have the ability to make us laugh, make us think, and, yes, at times, even make us cry.

Sometimes we see these events head-on, other times we're completely caught off guard.

With that in mind, here are 10+ sad TV moments that absolutely no one saw coming.

Maggie's baby pictures in *The Simpsons*.


When Homer learns that Marge is pregnant with Maggie, he has to quit his dream job at the bowling alley and return to the nuclear power plant.

As an added form of torture, Mr. Burns has fixed a sign that reads "Don't Forget, You're Here Forever."

Homer uses Maggie's pictures to make it say something heartwarming and motivational.

Will's father walks out for good in *The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air*.


When Will's father returns after being absent for several years, Uncle Phil is suspicious. At the end of the episode, Lou reveals that he has to once again leave town, without Will.

It's a heartbreaking scene that ends with Will in tears, begging Uncle Phil to tell him "how come he don't want me, man?"

Laura deals with racism on *Family Matters*.


In a particularly disturbing episode of Family Matters, Laura opens her locker to find a note that reads "If you want black history, go back to Africa."

They even spray paint the N-word on her locker.

Jessie's problems with addiction.


Jessie Spano was always the teacher's pet. But when the stress of exams begins weighing on her, she turns to caffeine pills.

In a heartbreaking turn of events, she breaks down and begins sobbing uncontrollably in Zack's arms.

Randy's cancer scare in *Home Improvement*.


During an episode titled "The Longest Day," Randy Taylor is facing a potential cancer diagnosis.

During a particularly memorable scene at the video arcade, he collapses into his father's arms sobbing "I don't want to die, Dad."

Cory Monteith's death in *Glee*.


The death of actor Cory Monteith sent shockwaves through the entertainment world. What was even sadder is that Glee wrote it into the show.

I defy you to watch this video and not tear up.

When T.J. met a pedophile on the internet in *Smart Guy*.


The internet was still in its infancy in the late '90s. However, as early as the technology was, creators understood the need to communicate the need for safety to kids and parents.

As is on display in this particularly chilling episode where T.J. meets a predator online.

The Red Wedding in *Game Of Thrones*.


There were so many sad deaths that took place over the years in Game of Thrones, but none more tragic than Rob Stark's during "The Red Wedding."

Shawn almost joins a cult in *Boy Meets World*.


Shawn Hunter did not have an easy life. He was abandoned by his father and never had any real semblance of a male role model in his life.

That's what made the episode where Shawn nearly joins a cult so eye-opening. They successfully showed how easy it is for anyone to become manipulated.

Miranda becomes anorexic in *Lizzie McGuire*.

Disney Channel

Once again, another episode that deals with the complicated subject of teen body image.

It was crushing to see the lengths Miranda was prepared to go through, just so that she could "look good enough" to appear in a music video.

Mr. Hyunh's estranged daughter in *Hey Arnold!*.


In this classic kids' cartoon, Mr. Hyunh describes how he became separated from his daughter during the peak of the Vietnam War.

He spent the last 21 years searching for her until the pair were finally reunited.

The racist store owner in *That's So Raven*.

Disney Channel

That's So Raven helped teach young children about the prevalence of racism in our society.

Fans will no doubt remember when Raven was told that the reason she didn't get hired was because the store owner "didn't hire black people."

Michael's goodbye song in *The Office*.


By the time the 7th season of The Office aired, everyone knew that Steve Carrell would be leaving.

But what audiences (and Steve himself) didn't expect, was to have the entire cast break into a parody version of RENT's "Seasons of Love."

D.J.'s eating disorder in *Full House*.


In one particularly harrowing episode of Full House appropriately titled "Shape Up," D.J. nearly starves herself trying to look like the models she sees in her magazines.

Monica and Chandler can't have kids in *Friends*.


Friends didn't dip their toes into the serious pond too often, but when they did, it hit hard.

No episode was more memorable than when it was revealed that Monica and Chandler couldn't conceive.

Mike's goodbye on *Spin City*.


Whenever a character is written out of a show, there's always an element of sadness that looms. But with Michael J. Fox, it was different.

The star received a real-life diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease and left the show to direct his efforts to fund and find a cure.

Opie's death in *Sons Of Anarchy*.


Everyone talks about main characters dying in Game of Thrones, but they tend to forget all about Sons of Anarchy.

When Jax has to watch as his best friend Opie is beaten to death in front of his eyes, that changed me.

How to save a life in *Scrubs*.


During a memorable and heartwrenching episode of Scrubs, a familiar hypochondriac dies due to Cox and JD's lack of attention.

They use her organs for transplants in 3 separate patients, all of whom die as a result of the operation. Later, it is revealed that the organs were infected.

Finn's real life passing on *Glee*.


If you thought reading about the passing of Corey Monteith was difficult, just wait until you see the episode commemorating his death. Non-stop waterworks.

Hotch's last call to his wife on *Criminals Minds*.


Criminal Minds brought everyone's worst fear to life. Watching Hotch listening on the phone as his wife is being murdered, knowing that he won't get there in time to save her, is devastating.

Henry's helicopter gets shot down on *M.A.S.H.*.


When Lt. Henry Blake was getting ready to finally leave Korea, he received all the well wishes and accolades from his friends and colleagues that you'd expect.

In the final moments after his helicopter takes off, Radar reveals that the chopper was shot down and that Blake didn't survive.

Saying goodbye to your *Friends*.


I hate goodbyes and I'm tearing up just at the thought of this one. But watching each member of the Central Perk gang place their keys on Monica's kitchen counter is one of my favorite television moments of all time.

Mr. Feeney loves his students on *Boy Meets World*.


The last lesson Mr. Feeney ever taught his students was arguably the most valuable.

After each says their goodbyes, he quietly whispers aloud "I love you all. Class dismissed."

Jim finally tells Pam he's in love on *The Office*.


I can still remember the rush I felt at finally hearing Jim utter those three beautiful words! The way it just came stumbling out of his mouth was perfect, almost as if he just couldn't keep it contained for a moment longer.

His name is ASAC Schrader on *Breaking Bad*.


Hank Schrader has without a doubt one of the most badass death scenes that has ever occurred on television. But what's hardest to swallow is seeing the tears in his eyes over his brother-in-law's betrayal.

Adriana gets whacked in *The Sopranos*.


We all knew it was coming sooner or later. But seeing Adriana take that slow drive out to the woods with Sil still broke my heart.

Michael's sudden death on *Jane The Virgin*.


This one came out of nowhere. But seeing the raw emotion as Jane sits screaming, unable to be contained, is a beautiful showcasing of acting ability and a somber reminder of how quickly a life can be extinguished.

The wrath of Negan in *The Walking Dead*.


I at least had the benefit of reading The Walking Dead comic book, so I was partly prepared.

But seeing Negan ruthlessly bashing Glenn over and over again with a baseball bat was one of the saddest character deaths I've ever seen.

Pam finally says goodbye on *The Office*.


I've seen The Office close to 15 times. I'm not exaggerating, either.

All except the episode, "Michael's Goodbye." Seeing Pam chase him down, take off her microphone, and have a private goodbye with was beautiful!

Solidarity for sexual assault victims in *Grey's Anatomy*.


When a patient becomes the victim of sexual assault, she requires surgery. As a sign of solidarity and support, all of the women in the hospital line the hallways as she makes her way to the operating room.

Jax kills Gemma on *Sons Of Anarchy*.


Sons of Anarchy is incredibly Shakespearean, right down to its core. But showing Jax killing his own mother by shooting her in the back of the head: that was like nothing else ever seen before.